Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you have some great days and make yourself a good time! I feel kinda bad for letting you guys down for the last couple of weeks, but the time I have to work very hard and nearly each and every hour of every day continues and I haven’t found much time to post new stuff for you guys. That doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything – it just means I haven’t finished most of the stuff I’m preparing for you! But please stick with me, I’m sure I can get some new articles out to you soon. So, enough of that, it’s easter! As I already said, I hope you have a great time, and all you bimbo bunnies and bunny trainees take your time to practice our lessons, even during your free days. Speaking of bunnies, isn’t this, what easter is all about in bimbo terms? Well yes, I know, I already wrote a post about bimbo playboy bunnies, which I would strongly recommend you to read – if you are a bimbo trainee without a proper bunny suit in your wardrobe, or a trainer who wants his bimbo to be dressed in a proper manner these days. So bimbo bunnies – dress in your bunny suits and keep it like that the next few days, every man will appreciate your efforts, and maybe that will conclude in some fun games to play 😉 Another fitting and fun game for you to play is this one: Can you find all the bunny heads on these playboy covers? Give it a try and tell me how you scored. So wish you guys the best, stick around, I will post some new stuff for you asap, until then: Happy easter, and keep celebrating the (bimbo) bunny!

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