10. BBFs – BBFs increase the defense power against harmful, external elements

Against all public opinion, it takes courage, self-confidence, conviction, inner strength and resistivity against harmful, often nasty and even vicious blows from external elements, to be a bimbo. Bimbo dolls are not loved by everyone, in fact, they have to face hate, envy, jealousy, resentment, rejection and aggression on a daily basis. This is often expressed in insults, conspiracy, lies, disadvantage, defamation, slander and abuse. Who are those external elements, attacking perfect dolls who should be considered as rolemodels for each and every girl? Well, most often, it is these girls, who should look up to true bimbo dolls and try to emulate the way they are going, who try their best to dismantle and destroy said rolemodels on a social, emotional, psychic and financial level. Of course, there are many other elements, trying to attack a bimbo from every side possible, like disappointed, rejected contenders, ex partners and lovers, moral busybodies, ideological, intrusive preachers and demagogues, resentful underachiever, hateful or frightened beta males and many, many others. But first in line are definetly harmful and destructive (pseudo-)feminine elements, consistent of often boring, unfeminine, ugly or fat, underachieving, dowdly and ungainly, unsexy girls and women. Confronted with their own inadequacy, when faced with a true, feminine, elegant, sexy, big titted bimbo goddess, those hick girls do their best to take account for their visual unattractiveness by showing off their inner discontent with their own persona. These figures, eaten up with envy, will do anything to destroy the reputation of a bimbo girl! This gets more likely when they witness a bimbo, getting one hundered times more male attention, compliments, pick-up attempts, yearning looks or free drinks than themselves. These witches will start with slandering, and whispering, to assure each other “how ridiculous and cheap that slut looks like”. “Surely she is a hooker!”, “Those tits are fake!”, “That cheap and fake slut will do anything for a drink!”, “What did she do to herself… Doesn’t she has some kind of self respect?”, “I would never go out looking like that!” and so on, and so on… Those are the lines you would hear, if you would be a fly on the wall near those jealous hags. These bitches will continue to spread their propaganda, telling everyone who wants to hear it or not, how depraved and unbearable that cheap slut is, sticking at nothing, even by telling lies and untruths. These vicious actions can escalate into open insults and even fisticuffs, especially if the boyfriend of such a harmful witch dared to look at our bimbo princess for too long or said he actually likes her look. As we already covered, normal girls can be attracted, influenced and convinced by bimbo dolls, but sadly it is more common for them to react with aggression, fear and envy. The willingness to react in such ways increases dramatically when those girls stick together in a  pack, urging and inciting each other. The presence of other insufficient girls, encourages and confirms them in their believes and actions. Remember: Unity is strength! While this is true, it does work in the other direction too: It is very easy to pick on a single bimbo girl, being on her own, but this will change drastically with one or more BBFs at her side! Not only is the inhibition level a whole different story when our bimbo princess is accompanied by more, no less sexy, attractive, feminine and visual appealing girls (The reason for this lies in the pure and ancient instincts of us humans: Pick an unfair fight: If the enemy is alone, go for it – but if he is in a group – be careful at least!), but, as we already discovered, bimbos do shine when in company of other bimbos! The sensation of bimbos, and their feminine appeal does increase exponentially with the addition of every further bimbo – a group of dolls is actually more than the sum of its parts. A formation of elite bimbo dolls is nearly unassailable and well defended against hysteric witches green with envy and sick with jealousy. The power of the group is absolutely in favour of BBFs, equipping them with the same weapons as those boring brats try to use against them: Once the BBFs notice those hostile activities, they can react in the same, most fitting way: Pitying stares at those pathetic pseudo-girls, whispering, giggling and railing about those grudging jay girls and one of the most powerful weapons of all, only true bimbo dolls can wield: Arrogance! Remember: A bimbo is a princess – those other girls are plebs! Treat them as such! This is done much easier with at least one BBF at your side. Next thing can be called first aid: We talked about the support and the help BBFs offer each other, but this extends to hostile situations, where those harmful external elements try to injure a bimbo – either verbally or physically. I don’t have to explain to you why it is good for a doll to have a helping hand against a hysteric bitch, whose boyfriend stared at the tits of said bimbo. But even words can hurt, and every insult or lie is far better to endure with one or more good BBF, who share the burden and support each other and help each other to stand above it all. We do know, that unity is strength and a group is far more secure against its enemies with sworn battle- brothers/sisters – and bimbos are no exception. Give your bimbo allies and support her in gaining sisters in battle: BBFs! They will gain more self-assurance, courage and the will to express their bimbo persona even more. A doll that is attacked constantly without any help of like-minded girls will collapse at some point! Do not let that happen! The more good BBFs your bimbo has, the stonger is her defence against all sorts of harmful, external attacks, the stronger her conviction will be and the stronger her bimbo persona is going to be!

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