Bimbo role model – Tara Tabitha

Most of the times I’m posting a new role model for you guys, I’m quite sure nearly every single one of you does already know that particular girl I’m talking about. This is due to the fact that many of those girls are quite famous in the bimbo sub culture, that is why they are featured as rolemodels here, and because many of them are quite “international” – coming from the USA or the UK. However, the few times I posted bimbos from Germany (the few, the few that deserve a rolemodelpost, the very few), I had the vague hope I could present someone new to you guys, a proper bimbo you never heard of before. This time, I’m quite sure you don’t know the little bimbo princess we’re going to talk about. Even if she’s not really from Germany, but from a german-speaking region, namely Austria, I present you: Tara Tabitha! If I would have to compare her to someone you definetly know in terms of the reasons why she is “famous”, I think it would have to be Chloe Khan. Like Chloe, Tara had her first public appearance on TV – at the fairly young age of 14. The show she was starring in, was called “Saturday Night Fever” – a show that displayed “chav”, young teenagers from Vienna, going out to the clubs on saturday night, drinking way too much alcohol, partying, “dressing like whores” and trying to get laid – basically being teenagers. The show tried to trigger a certain “shock factor” under the Austrians, according to the motto “Look what spoiled, terrible, irresponsible and naughty kids we have in out country!”, a concept that’s quite comparable to some US and UK shows out there. Nedless to say it got a huge success and a big hit, due to the high trash value. Tara was noticeable from the very start: A 14 year old girl that states “I do know I’m dressing like a complete whore, but I like to show off! I think people should relax!”, being completely drunk at her young age and displaying a large dose of arrogance, exaggerated opinion of herself and a mixture of a “princess/diva/whore”-attitude – something perfectly fitting for a bimbo, and a small omen for the things that should follow. But one thing at a time – Another reason Tara became a talking point, was another element many people would consider as an essential part of being a bimbo: She is not the brightest bulb in the box. One scene in particular became notoriously famous and went viral in the german speaking parts of the internet, a moment in which Tara talks about the benefits of being rich (something she desperately tried to accomplish, this time in a follow-up-show called “How to Marry a Millionaire”) – like the possibility to buy a “rainbow-machine”, while pointing at a common lawn sprinkler. It is lines like these, she constantly delivers, lines you would expect to come from Kelly Bundy, communicated with a heavy Austrian/Viennese  dialect (Yes, kinda like the one you all know from Arnie), a method of speaking, every other german speaking human would describe as “arrogant and smug”, due to its cocky sound. The whole german part of the internet started hating Tara, she got molested and insulted on social media and suffered from a media witch-hunt, rendering her as sacrificial lamb for everythings that is wrong with our teenagers today. Tara retreated and vanished from the public screen. Some time passed – and she came back! And look how fantastic the progress is she made! This doll evolved from a chav, cheap teenage girl to an enhanced, blonde bimbo angel! A beautiful face, with a professional, perfect bimbo glance, some big enhanced lips, long blonde hair, some midly enhanced tits (She has to get way, waaaay bigger – yes! Let’s hope for the best!), a tight body, some amazing, long legs, and a fantastic taste in style and fashion. This doll wears stockings, high heels, tight and short dresses and skirts all the time! Tara works as a lingerie model today, is back on social media and we all should support and appreciate her for the progress she made (about 20k € for beauty enhancements), for the bimbo princess she already became and for the courage and strength she had to have to overcome the hatred she had to endure – something that still continues, like recent hate-comments on her facebook from some boring, unfeminine shitbags and some whiny beta males she went to school with. Let us show her some love and support her, maybe she continues in making progress and becomes Austrias number one bimbo queen. And for all bimbo trainees out there Tara has some advice for you regarding the hate you have to endure, being a bimbo: “Negative publicity, is the best publicity” – something you should think about, by reminding yourself that girls who drink alcohol, party hard, “dress like sluts” and change her partners from time to time are being hunted like witches from our societies…

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