Bimbo training – Bimbo postures and movements: “The bunny moves – The bunny dip”

<<< Practice the lesson “Bimbo training – How a bimbo should stand: “The bunny moves – The bunny stance”“ first!

Now, that you mastered the first technique of our little lesson special “the bunny moves” which started this years easter – the “bunny stance”, it is time to think about possible, practical applications and move on to the next lesson with these potential applications in mind. Dress in your bunny uniform and prepare yourself for “the bunny dip” – one of the most well known signature moves of the legendary playboy bunnies! Think about your trainer/master/partner, sitting together with his jaundice-eyed friends, having a drink or two, being engrossed in conversation. As a good bimbo housewife, you are encouraged to inquire about everyones well-being and maybe to serve some new drinks or something else for the good of the visitors, if your master/trainer/partner likes you to. This is not only an opportunity for your trainer to showcase the progress you already made as a bimbo doll (especially if his friends are bimbo trainers/lovers too!) but of course an occasion for him to brag about his hot bimbo in front of his friends. It is every bimbos duty to present herself in the best and most appealing, sexy way possible, for her idealism, her self-image and the male attention alone, but also in order to make her master/trainer/partner proud of her and to function as a real trophy doll and rolemodel to other girls. Of course, it would be a reasonable decision to do this while being dressed as a proper bimbo housewife, or if you want to create true sensation, as a bimbo maid – but dressing up as a playboy bunny and giving your guests the feeling of an exclusive and classy service is something that should always be taken in consideration. The bunny dip is the proper way for a bunny to serve drinks and a possibility for you to showcase your mastery of even the rarest bimbo techniques – something that will get lots of exposure! Make your trainer/partner/master proud, by serving as a truly perfect bimbo bunny!

Regarding the posture: As already mentioned, every bunny signature move is a fairly complicated technique, which has to be practiced again, again and again, even in bunny bootcamps, until it is completely mastered and perfected. You can see the appropriate perfectionism in this short clip, where a sexy and sweet bunny trainee is corrected in even the slightest error doing the bunny dip. That is dedication, and very suitable for a bimbo too – a lifestyle where nothing is of more importance than perfection! This perfection can only be achieved by hard work and that dedication. Once you mastered these techniques, you will be able to perform them forever.

You can see the whole procedure of performing the bunny dip here – under direction of Hugh Heffner himself!

If you want to lift the whole procedure to a professional level, here are some official bunny rules in addition to our lesson above:

– The bunny approaches the table with a warm, welcoming smile – she performs the bunny stance.

– After the bunny reached the table, she introduces herself and places down cocktail napkins, doing the bunny dip.

– The ladys cocktail order is taken first. If there are no ladies present – the gentleman to the right of the keyholder/trainer/master/partner. The keyholders/masters/partners/trainers order is taken last. She repeats each order as given.

– The drinks are served in the order that they were taken – ladies first, keyholder/master/trainer/partner last – again, repeating each drink as she places it down, doing her best bunny dip. The drink is placed on the napkin. She serves the entire table from one spot, simply pivoting to reach each guest.

– She makes sure to cap the ashtrays and checks to see that the table is clean and neat.

– Keep smiling! Be kind, cute and sweet!

A bunny NEVER:

– Places anything on, or removes anything from a table without doing her dip.

– Says or does anything that is not representative of the feminine beauty and grace that is “Bunny Image”!

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