Gimbo Rolemodel – Mademoiselle Karma

So, as announced, in our last general lesson post, here is our new “gimbo” rolemodel, and also as announced, she is an unbelievable beauty. To start of with, I strongly advise you to read our introduction to gimbos in general, the introduction to the Victorian gimbo style and said last general lesson, to get the correct idea of gimbos and understand by which standards rolemodes, especially gimbo rolemodels, are chosen here on the PBA. Madamoiselle Karma, the goth beauty we have chosen as the representative rolemodel today, is nothing less, than a dream gothic girl, with a virtually perfect, beautiful, noble cut face, simply stunning, long, black hair, eyes to die for and exactly the right level of aristocratic charisma, grace and elegance, and a superciliousness aura that is perfectly suited for a gimbo and the already mentioned Victorian goth style. Her bodyshape is amazing, with a pristine silhouette, slim and delicate, a waist and hips made for corsets (which is demanded by the Victorian goth style, and something she apparently complies with always!), long, flawless legs (which she likes to show off, like good goth girls do!) and a pretty neckline (needless to say, that, in order to resemble a real gimbo, she would need WAY bigger tits, lips, etc. – read the already mentioned posts (here and here) to understand the premise). But apart from her stunning body and her general beauty, the reason she is our current rolemodel, is that she perfected the Victorian goth style in the very definition of gimbo compatibility. Before I go over all the single aspects, let me summarize everything in one sentence: A real gimbo doll, that associates herself with the Victorian goth style (or congeneric substyles, mentioned in the article), can and SHOULD take her style, her way of dressing, her attention to detail, her clothes, her appeal and her idea of the topic as a guiding light and maybe even as a complete dresscode and code of conduct! Virtually EVERY single aspect, every single detail and every triviality conforms with the rules and styling guidelines we stated in our definition of the Victorian gimbo style! The way she creates absolutely stunning and impressive hairstyles, perfectly fitting the theme of a noble or aristocratic baroness or princess of the night, combined with rich and large hair accessories and hair jewelry alone, ensures her to be the queen of every location or event she pleases to go to. Of course, she could wear more make up (this is mandatory for gimbos!), but the style she applies, supports the slightly arrogant and conceited expression a true gimbo or gothic princess should have. Like we discussed in one of our posts about the perfect bimbo tits, this beauty does everything right and tends to draw attention to her neckline or bust with rich, sensational jewelry and necklaces. Besides crested and thematically fitting tops, there is always a nice, tightly laced corset, emphasizing her figure and her noble emanation – exactly like it should be. This beauty does everything correct – with honors! Like a true gimbo, she ALWAYS wears stockings, often elegant and classy versions (you won’t find ripped and torn apart ones here, or pantyhoses! This is the correct way for gimbos!) and she likes to show them off – exactly like a true gimbo is supposed to! The victorian dresses and skirts she wears, are jutting wide and ostentatious, but are either transparent or so short in the front, that she is able to present her legs, her stockings and her classy panties – exactly like we stated in the article about how Victorian gimbos should do it! Of course there is no space for flat shoes here. A gimbo doll has to wear high heels and even more so, black stilettos in different versions, with significantly high heels. What else is there left to say? This is textbook Victorian gimbo style perfection! MANY goth girls and gimbo trainees can take a leaf out of her book! This is how you style! Some of you might say: “Yeah, she does wear that for her photo shootings, there is no way she manages to maintain that appeal constantly!” (being lazy again, gimbo trainees? 😉 ) – so let me quote her, taken from an interview she did with

Most of the dresses you see in my photos are my own. I’m not only wearing them for photoshoots but also “in real life” while going out for a party or at festivals. I don’t have a personal favourite because I love all of them *giggles* and I cannot get enough of such beautiful dresses.” – Mademoiselle Karma in an interview

No more excuses girls! No more “yes – but”‘s! This does count especially for you, gimbo trainees! If she can do it, this beautiful goth princess, a dedicated gimbo trainee can do it too, and should be able to do it better! Don’t show any signs of laziness or temperance. No “fucked up” (punk-) styles, no carelessness or negligence! Her attitude should be your minimum yardstick! Strive for gimbo perfection and strike out!

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