PBA Video lessons – 1. What is a bimbo? With Jessy Bunny

jessys video lesson

The respective PBA lesson: Bimbo training – “Basic bimbo rules: What is a bimbo? – Defining femininity”

Welcome to the first PBA video lesson, with your host, the official PBA bimbo trainee Jessy Bunny! For the first video, Jessy explains the very basics of bimbofication by reference to the defining PBA paper “What is a bimbo?” (make sure you read that in order to dive into the topic). So, this is the start for our new category, “PBA video lessons” – in which we will try to complement the various topics of the PBA, the lesson papers, the rules and styles with animated content. Be prepared for future content with Jessy, who has some HUGE plans to become a perfect bimbo herself (according to the PBA). If you like this stuff, please let us know, in addition, like and share the video – and give Jessy a follow, she surely put A LOT of effort, creativity and dedication into this. Furthermore you can and should follow her on her social media sites (maybe even support her in her ongoing bimbofication!).

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