Bimbo training – “Basic bimbo rules: What is a bimbo? – Defining femininity”

I feel we are at a point where we should clarify some things. For years this project has been going on, without ever coming up with a concrete definition about what this is all about. Sure, this is all about girls becoming perfect bimbo dolls – but what IS a bimbo? What does that mean, what makes a girl a bimbo and what makes a bimbo a bimbo? You would think that this question is the very first thing I should have tackled when I started this project, but to be honest with you, I always struggled to come up with a definite answer. I know this would have been very helpful for many people who came here and had no idea about all this stuff and were lost in all these details and the sheer amount of information, it would have been a good thing for people to get to know the PBA and even for people who had to either explain the term bimbo or who stumbled over it and were looking for some explanations. In all honesty, I feel I, myself, needed this time, all those years to come up with MY idea of what a bimbo truly is. I needed all those discussions, that community input, the experience of creating this project – and with this massive amount of details, articles, posts and descriptions we came up with over the years, I feel we have now what it takes to make some statements. I know, it is late – but it was necessary, and now we have everything we need to clarify these things. There will be some more foundation giving articles in the next few days, in order to clarify things even more and to make clear what I am talking about and why, but we begin with a very basic defining article about the absolutely fundametal understanding we have at the Pink Bimbo Academy, when we say the word: “Bimbo”.

DISCLAIMER: Be advised! There are MANY different definitions of the word bimbo, some of which we will address here, some will vary greatly from my definition, but always remember: The statements, ideas, rules, restrictions, definitions and laws I post here are MINE. There are at least as many definitions of the term out there as this community has members, but you never have to follow these things and I don’t claim to have the interpretational sovereignty – But MY ideas do obtain and weigh undisputedly and uncompromisingly in every aspect of the Pink Bimbo Academy project! You can handle things your way – but here my rules and ideas do apply! If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine – you don’t have to. Take what you like and leave the rest.

What is a bimbo? – The journey begins

Hey you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right..?

Oh, hello there, I didn’t see you coming in, you must be new here, right? Well, well, well, Stumbling right into the wonderful world of bimbofication, this must be exciting! What? You don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? All right, I’m absolutely willing to explain you everything, how we handle bimbofication here at the Pink Bimbo Academy, but in order to get to that we first have to explain what a bimbo is. It is not a bad idea to start with the “textbook definition” of the term, even if we don’t use it here and disassociate from most parts of it (in terms of the perspective), but this is what most people have in mind – and I mean, most people (everybody who isn’t part of the bimbofication community, and even there are many who would see it like that…) when they hear or use the word bimbo:

Bimbo – noun [C] – slang, disapproving:

A young woman considered to be attractive but not intelligent” – Cambridge definition

While this does include the basic understanding most people have, we get a little bit more detail if we have a look at the urban dictionary:

A girl who is stupid, wears lots of make up and is obsessed with boys and clothes. Generally blonde but there are exceptions. Usually hang around with other bimbos. You can spot them because they will be the big group of girls that all look the same and are giggling hysterically.” – Urban dictionary, definition by “The Wolf”.

A stupid, egotistic blonde, usually with big breasts who wears shit loads of make up. she also has lots of friends that look exactly like her. soooo unoriginal.” – Urban dictionary, definition by “Sophie Burch”.

A slutty whore who blows everything that walks.” – Urban dictionary, definition by “Nico H.”.

A girl who usually cares too much about how she looks, her clothes, and guys. Bimbos think that they can look flawless by covering their face up in make-up. They spend most of their time looking at themselves in the mirror and fixing their hair/make-up. Most bimbos have pretty faces, yet they are oh so shallow.” – Urban dictionary, definition by “dianaispeachy”.

If we gather the information we can get from these definitions, we discover different aspects everybody seems to agree upon:

A bimbo can be identified via her visual appeal: Apparently, a bimbo is a feminine, most often blonde, with a strong priority for enhancing her visual appeal with artificial support like excessive makeup, big breast implants and striking clothes. Furthermore, the definition makes claims about the mental- and psychic abilities and preferences a bimbo has, which seem to be somehow connected to her physical appearance: A bimbo is “stupid”, “egoistic”, “shallow” and “not intelligent”. Last statements are concerned with the social behaviour of bimbos, explaining that bimbos seem to be focussed on males and sex, implying a promiscuous lifestyle as well as underlining the tendency of bimbos to form groups and sticking together, by maintaining a strict uniformity (which can be explained easily…). The judgmental and disparaging nature of these definitions is not only an undertone, but straight away the purpose of using the term for most people: As an insult, and a way to discredit someone who doesn’t conform to the ideals of the person who uses it. While the PBA definition DOES borrow some of the beforementioned aspects of these definitions (at least, those aspects led to the stereotype itself), it can not be stated enough, that this happens without the attached negativity and the moral judging – Instead, the term bimbo is reclaimed, and while sticking to the roots, expanded and provided with a positive, appreciating and preferable connotation. Before we come to the PBA definition itself, we should first determine what a “PBA bimbo” is not, and by that I have to tackle another definition of the word bimbo, this time, coming from the “bimbo positive” direction: Bimbo rolemodel Alicia Amira is undoubtably an absolute figurehead of the bimbo movement, both in terms of her own bimbofication and in terms of being a spokesperson and public relations specialist, but her idea of bimbofication (even if her own transformation DOES align with the established look and behaviour!) contains a perception MANY other people in the bimbofication culture share (especially girls). Just recently, Alicia took part in a short clip produced by Barcroft media, in which she tries to condense the meaning of the word bimbo, stating that being a bimbo is about “females reclaiming their sexuality from an oppressive society which made them ashamed of their femininity and sexuality.” While this is not wrong, Alicia fails to make any statements about other aspects of bimbofication – effectively the most visual ones and arguably the most important ones, even though she does comply with these things herself! Don’t get me wrong, she is doing gods work and I absolutely admire her for her courage and her endeavours, everything she does for the bimbofication movement and of course I love her for her look – but that is the real problem here: Trying to explain what a bimbo is by just saying that it is a “women who reclaimed her sexuality and who expresses her femininity” is not good enough. This description states NOTHING about what most people in the bimbo community have in mind, and it has NOTHING to do with the general usage of the word or its original meaning. I absolutely do understand her, avoiding any clear statements about big silicone implants, perfect bodies, heavy make up, long blond hair, sexy clothes, the color pink, and so on – anything we could use to describe the visual appeal of a bimbo, because I myself struggled so long with this. This behaviour continues with her brand “Be a Bimbo”, including everyone under the umbrella of the term bimbo, without ever making clear differentiations. The idea that a bimbo can basically be “whatever one likes” and that it can mean “whatever you want” is a catastrophic and desperate attempt of trying not to exclude some people – and by that, trying to include everyone. The problem is, that a term that describes and includes everything, describes NOTHING in the end, and is therefore redundant. In order to be explicit, we have to make clear statements and determinations, even if this excludes many people from our definition of the word bimbo – the PBA definition. Otherwise, the whole concept becomes pointless. Girls calling themselves “bimbos”, referring to this way of dealing with this term, often don’t look or behave in any way like one would suggest: Brown hair, fat, short hair, bald heads, subpar body shapes, small breasts, NO plastic, little to no makeup, no makeup skills, catastrophic skin appearance, ugly styles and dresses, masculine behaviour, and so on and so on – trust me, I’ve seen EVERYHING under the call to arms of Alicias “Be a Bimbo” self proclamation… However, even though I myself said multiple times “you can be the bimbo you want to be” I will establish the PBA definition of the word bimbo within the framework of this project. Everytime I speak of “bimbos” THIS definition is meant. Of course, you can continue to use this word in every way and fashion you desire – but this will not be covered by the Pink Bimbo Academy or me personally.

The PBA definition of the word “Bimbo”

A bimbo is a stylized, enhanced, idealized, ultra feminine girl or woman – explicit, female, who underwent the intense and comprehensive process of bimbofication, with special defining features in three different areas: 1. Visual appeal (separated in body appearance and styling), 2. Mindset and 3. Behaviour. Each of these areas contains some mandatory and crucial conditions, which have to be met, respectively approximated (if compensated by other factors), in order to fulfill the requirements of the bimbo definition. The inevitable base for a bimbo is an unmitigated female, complying to traditional, social perceptions regarding femininity, beauty, sexappeal and idealisation. A bimbo is dedicated to strive for perfection in these three areas in word, action and deed, going after defined goals in each of the involved aspects. Furthermore: A bimbo has to be a real, living female and can never be a fictional or roleplayed character. Lastly, a bimbo has the urge to strive for bimbo perfection, either knowingly, or unconsciously.

There you have it – the PBA definition of the word “bimbo”. Pretty theoretical, huh? Yes, there is no way around that, because the PBA definition includes a huge variety of different factors, aspects and properties, all of which are, of will be explained and defined in respective rules and laws. The sum of all these aspects do decide if a girl is a bimbo or not. You might have recognized, that I mentioned three different but vital areas for a bimbo: Visual appeal, mindset and behaviour. These three areas form “The three pillars of bimbofication” and contain everything you find in this project. In one of our next foundation articles, we will talk about these three pillars (will then be linked here). However, in the beginning of this article, I also mentioned, that by now, over the years, we have gathered enough material to outline the basic idea of the PBA bimbo definition. So, although we will gather even more aspects and talk about further details, we can make some statements about what a bimbo is and what a bimbo is not, within the PBA definition above:

1. A bimbo is a girl or woman – but female in every aspect.

For further information please have a look at the PBA FAQ 3.1.1. – 3.1.6.

2. A bimbo is a real living, female being, and can never be a fictional or roleplayed character.

The PBA deals with real life bimboficaion ONLY! In my honest opinion, wannabes, roleplayers, fakes and fantasy-stuff do harm the living bimbo community and provide no benefits. A bimbo is a physical being, an existing ideal female – Fantasies have no raison d’être!

3. A bimbo reclaimed and expresses her sexuality and her femininity.

The bimbo mindset consists of three different aspects. For further understanding, visit the article about the bimbo mindset:

Bimbo training – “The bimbo mindset: Accepting bimbofication”.

4. A bimbo strives for bimbo perfection and believes in the ideals of bimbofication.

The Church of Plastic – The bimbo religion

Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: Bimbo perfection can’t be achieved – You can approach it asymptotically! Try to get there!”

5. A bimbo doesn’t have to be dumb.

For further information, consult the PBA FAQ 2.3.

6. A bimbo is plastic positive.

The Church of Plastic – The bimbo religion

3. The PBA guide to the perfect bimbo tits – The necessity of plastic

7. A bimbo has a pristine, perfect and artificial enhanced body with certain, determining features and properties.

The basic elements, concerning the tits of a bimbo (the basic rule)

The PBA guide to the perfect bimbo tits

Bimbo hair: Do bimbos have to be blonde?

8. A bimbo expresses her femininity through her style and has high demands on herself.

Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: ALWAYS dress to impress!

Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: YOU set the standards – With the duty to set them high!“ (There isn’t such a thing as “overdressed” for a bimbo!)

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 2. The 5 basic rules for bimbo makeup

Bimbo training – “Basic rimbo rules: Deficiencies of rolemodels are no excuse – Identify strengths and weaknesses”

Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Never wear pantyhoses – always choose stockings”

Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: ALWAYS wear high heels – never wear flat shoes”

Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Never wear pants – always choose dresses and skirts”

We could continue like that ad infinitum, but these are only some examples of defining aspects of a PBA bimbo – and we will discover more and more of those in the future. However, in the end, let us come to something more… practical… The definition you actually wanted to read since you came here. Please, be aware, that the official definition is the one you can find above and that we will complete the definition of the PBA bimbo even more in the future, so don’t take everything literally or weigh my words now. The stuff I am stating now is somewhat more my… personal view:

“Have you never seen her? The goddess of the evening, the queen of the scene? A girl in a club, surrounded by admirers, a perfect, harmonious work of art. She rises above all others, the heavy make-up and the long, blond hair are a coordinated masterpiece – hours of work must have been necessary for it. The tanned skin is soft and smooth, like marble. Her giant, enhanced tits with those XXXL-silicone-implants draw all eyes on her, as well as her puffy, big dicksucking lips. The sexy, pink dress emphasizes her figure perfectly – it shows a lot, a lot of bust size and a lot of leg. Their legs, by the way, are stretched by elegant high heels and make them appear as out of this world. The jewelry and the accessories are handpicked and coordinated with much effort. Her movements are full of feminine grace, sexappeal and elegance. Her look could not be more dual. The puppet-like face radiates such innocence and naivety and such a lustful desire for sex at the same time, a message that conveys “If I like you I can blow you on the men’s toilet immediately … I like it”. She perfected these bedroom eyes… Of course, she does not need to buy a drink herself, of course all the other girls in the club HATE her, except for those who secretly admire her… She makes these other women look like pawns. Ugly duckling beside the white swan. None of them manages to walk in such sky high heels. None of them dares to wear such a short dress. They wear chucks, sneakers, jeans, pants, wide tops. Only a few have invested more than half an hour in their makeup. This goddess degrades these peasant girls, these tramps, to pale puppets that no man wants to perceive anymore. The guilty response of a guy to his pseudo-feminine girlfriend, as an answer to the question “Did you just look at THIS? Do you find the prettier than me? God, it’s so cheap!” Is always a dutiful “No honey, you are the most beautiful for me – yes, it looks so cheap … “. The very question she poses, burning with jealousy, is an admission of envy and awareness of her own female inadequacy. Of course he finds her hot. Of course, she looks hotter than you. Of course, everyone in the club wants her – She is a GODDESS amonst girls! A perfect enhanced, idealised mixture of an angel, a whore, a pornstar and a princess! The perfect girl! The perfect woman! She is a perfect bimbo! Female perfection and perfect femininity! Sex appeal and beauty! And you know what? She is not stupid, she is not dependent. She loves to be a woman, she enjoys it. She has outstanding sex whenever she wants, with whom she wants – and often. She is an icon of femininity and she likes it that way.”

And if you still don’t know what a bimbo is or looks like: Above, I posted 10 outstanding examples of leading bimbo dolls, following the PBA definition. THIS is what a bimbo is like! This is the embodiment of the term “bimbo”! If a girl doesn’t look/behave/dress/style/think like this – SHE IS NOT A BIMBO! These 10 examples showcase what the PBA definition is all about: The perfect bimbo doll in every aspect of the three pillars of bimbofication. Be a bimbo – be like those girls – be a PBA bimbo!

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