The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 5. Fake tan with make up

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The topic of tanned skin is an essential and very important one, which is why we will have at least five different articles about it (including this one). There are three elements to bimbo tanning, ray-tanning (aka “real tan” – sun, solarium, etc.), spray-tanning (aka “fake” tan – mousse, spray, etc.) and – tanning with make up, which is what we are talking about today as a part of the ongoing bimbo make up series (the other two elements will be dealt with in two of the upcoming articles): A perfectly, evenly, substiantially and permanently tanned skin is mandatory for a bimbo. There are many reasons for this, apart from the visual message and the benefitial visual appeal – like the smoothing and concealing effects, but bimbo tan is only complete with all three elements applied. Tanning with make up is obviously the least durable method of all three, but nonetheless essential for bimbos. Please remember, that make up-tan is always only a supporting tan – never the “main deal” – although every bimbo has to support her dark complexion with make up, it is necessary to maintain a sun-kissed skin by visiting the tanning studio and by using tanning mousse/spray beforehand.

We will talk about all the benefits of bimbo tan in one of the beforementioned articles – namely the major introduction article to bimbo tan, as well as about the important things you have to pay attention to, like keeping you skin hydrated and limiting the amount of light your skin absorbs, in order to prevent dermatological diseases or burned skin. However, these drawbacks don’t exist here: Even though tanning with make up is not nearly as duarble as the other methods and can only act in a supporting role, there is no danger to you or your skin, it works instantly and is quickly applied. In addition, this method does not color your skin like the other two procedures – it is just a supporting layer of color on top of your skin, which can be washed off at the end of the day. So, follow the lesson paper above – and integrate this into your daily make up routine. In combination with the other bimbo tanning techniques, you will soon possess a perfect, bimbo-suitable, sun kissed, “fake”, smooth and pristine skin.

(By the way: That glorious, beautiful, sexy doll up there is the amazing Jade Lyne ;)!)

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