PBA Video lessons – 2. You set the standard! With Jessy Bunny

jessys video lesson

The respective PBA lesson: Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: YOU set the standards – With the duty to set them high!“ (There isn’t such a thing as “overdressed” for a bimbo!)

Our official PBA bimbo trainee Jessy produces content faster than I do, so we are already here with the second video of her amazing video tutorial series! Within the framework of establishing the basic bimbo rules first, this time Jessy explains one of the most fundamental things a bimbo has to pay attention to: Her self-image and the contained duty to represent femininity in the best way possible, by setting high standards according to the bimbo ideals and the PBA definition. This comes in time for the second anniversary of the PBA domain, so consider this an extra present for you guys! Again, she put A LOT of work, energy, time and creativity into this, so PLEASE follow her channel, give her a like and visit her social media channels. Jessy surely has a bright future ahead as one of the most dedicated, future bimbo dolls out there… don’t forget to support her!

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