PBA Video lessons – 7. The bimbo mindset

jessys video lesson

The respective PBA lesson: Bimbo training – “The bimbo mindset: Accepting bimbofication”

Hey there guys, I am back, sorry for the long delay lately, but I have to deal with some private problems at the moment, so it took me some time to work on the new stuff, but there should be more content released very, very soon. I’m not the only one who is back – Jessy is at it again with a new PBA video lesson! Maybe this is not a bad start for some brand new articles in the near future. This time, Jessy talks about the bimbo mindset – a topic we already touched in one of our PBA lessons, so make sure you read that post beforehand! After that, follow her on her Youtube channel and visit her other social media sites – and stay tuned for the next releases!

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