Bimbo (cosplay) role model – Stephanie Michelle

Of course, after we talked about the special case of the “bimbo hucow”, part of the ongoing bimbo cosplay- and bimbo uniform series (and a topic I, personally, really do love!), there is absolutely a reason for me to introduce you to the bimbo-cosplay rolemodel that made me aware of the whole “hucow-bimbo-connection” in the first place: Stephanie Michelle! This girl propagates a strong and dedicated mindset when she wears her nearly perfect hucow-outfit, but there is much more we can talk about, especially regarding her transformation and her bimbofication – so let us start right away:

While Stephanies bimbofication is far from finished or perfect (at least, at the moment), the way she progressed and especially the point from which she started, is very remarkable. We already talked about girls who began their bimbofication journey under pretty suboptimal circumstances, talking about body shapes a.s.o., and of course, we already had many rolemodels that were already beautiful, feminine girls before they made their first steps in terms of bimbofication – all of them ending up as stunning, beautiful, extremely sexy, feminine and nearly perfect bimbo dolls – but Stephanie is an exception: The transformation from a quite cute, though unfeminine, alternative “geek-girl” into a sexy, big titted bimbo doll wearing a hucow outfit is literally the exact content most “bimbo fiction” comics/stories/artworks are made of! You know I am not a fan of this “fantasy stuff”, but most “bimbo transformation comics” deal exactly with this: A nerdy, average, cute girl gets zapped by some convenient plot-device (magic potion, bimbo-raygun, hightech-gadget, etc.) and morphs into a perfect bimbo doll with huge tits, stiletto heels and a short skirt over three to five panels. Okay, in the end, that doll is also often blond, has a nice tan and a PERFECT body shape, but we’ll get to that. The very real Stephanie has quite a transition behind her, a journey she likes to proudly showcase herself, often posting “before / after” pictures on her subreddit, or on r/bimbofication, which really is a true statement, having started as a Goth girl back in the days. Yes, I’m saying “goth girl” – sadly, I’m not speaking of what we would call “gimbo” here at the PBA – a phase she skipped in the process of becoming a bimbo directly, in favor of jumping from geek-girl to cosplaying bimbo without further ado. If you have a look at her bimbofication process above, you will agree that we are looking at a very remarkable transformation overall, especially if you keep the evolving mindset of these different stages in mind! Exactly about this change of mind, Stephanie talks on her very own Youtube channel (and on a “feminist podcast” I found, which is so cringeworthy, I won’t even link it here… although, that mostly isn’t Stephanies fault, more the one of the two hosts…), where she sheds some light on her history: After college, with an Art Major in 2D-Animation, Stephanie found it very difficult to find a job, so she made a virtue out of necessity when she took up the slack for a missing model in one of her drawing classes and modeled for the first time. Feeling quite comfortable, and enticed by a better paycheck, she agreed to perform as a nude model for drawing classes. This was one important step for her, and made it way easier to accept her own body and sexappeal. Much later, she started her own Youtube channel and began to work as a professional cosplayer – always with that confidence in her own femininity and the power of sexy costumes. It is hard to say when she discovered her fondness for bimbofication, but after getting her breast enlargement and some lipfillers (something you can support – for her wish to become “a complete Barbie doll”), she completely dived into the whole bimbo concept – a state of mind that hopefully remains and lets her progress even further in her own bimbofication.

Don’t get me wrong: Stephanie is one of THE cosplaying bimbos out there, maybe even THE queen of them all (maybe rivaled by Adriana Alencar…?)! Especially her cheerful nature, her girly, cute, bright mindset, her sweet and playful character and, of course, her sexy flagship costumes (Hucow and Super Sonico) are state of the art bimbo material, but we wouldn’t be at the Pink Bimbo Academy if we wouldn’t look in an overly meticulous manner at things, so yeah, there are some aspects I will nag about. But let us begin with the positive elements: There is one word for Stephanies face: Cute! She refers to herself as “the internet waifu” – and she surely speaks the truth, having such a sweet and cute face: Big, open eyes, some big, enhanced and puffy lips, combined with some pretty solid make up skills. Of course, fairly uncommon in the cosplay community, but not so much in the bimbo community, are her big, enhanced tits: Sexy and always proudly showcased – exactly how it should be! Could they be bigger? Yes, of course! Although her boobs are touching the lower part of the “basic bimbo rule regarding breast sizes“, I am very sure the whole bimbofication community would wish these beautiful tits to be even larger – and I’ll second that! As you might expect, Stephanie was always very proud of her waist to hip ratio – in fact, it were her wide hips which made her think about a breast augmentation in the first place, just to establish a balanced appeal between her upper- and lower body. Now, her hips are the area of her body she likes the most. But what do I have to nag about? Well – let’s begin: You might have already expected this, but her hair seems to be a bit “problematic” in terms of bimbofication. As you all know, THE primary haircolor for bimbos is blond! Platinum, glossy, blond! Yes, there are many bimbo rolemodels and queens with darker hair, like, for example, Aletta Ocean, Amy Anderssen and many more (and many of them did wear a blond wig at some point or had blond hair, which always looked much better!) – so we can’t really exclude those dolls. However, apart from looking “not really good”, more blatant colors (especially green!) are not only suboptimal in terms of bimbofication, they can even be disruptive, because of special, social connotations, that diametrically oppose the spirit of bimbofication. You can tell, I am not really a fan of Stephanies hair – in every sense – and would love to see her with extremely long, healthy, platinum blond hair, reaching down to her hips, supported by massive extensions. Of course, she makes heavy use of wigs (which is always a good idea for a playful (cosplaying) bimbo), but her natural hair is definitely a hurdle on the road to bimbo perfection. Next thing: Does she have a perfect body, like every bimbo should? No. Absolutely not. And she knows it. She told us in the beforementioned interview and on her Youtube channel, that she was always “wide”, and had that physique, since she was little, genetically conditioned – and that may be very true, but it’s not like you couldn’t do NOTHING about that… and let’s be honest, it doesn’t look like she tries to improve the situation. Hey, if she doesn’t care – that’s fine, more power to her – I’m just making observations and assess everything from the PBA point of view and in relation to the “go-to” bimbo ideals and the commonly accepted definition of bimbofication and how a perfect bimbo has to look like. And YOU shouldn’t forget one of THE MOST IMPORTANT bimbo rules, talking about deficiencies of bimbo rolemodels… okay? Anyway, is she a hot bimbo beauty? Yes – of course she is! But let’s have a look at her costumes and her style: I already mentioned this, but there are some cosplay-renditions of her, that became REALLY famous in the online bimbofication community, like for example, her bimbo hucow-outfit, her Super Sonico styling and maybe her Bowsette costume – but sadly, there are some problems to be found here too: Often, Stephanie likes to break some of the essential rules for cosplaying bimbos (we will talk about those within our ongoing bimbo cosplay series), by performing gender-swapping, wearing unsexy costumes or roleplaying bimbo-unsuitable characters – things that are all and sundry absolute NO-GOs for cosplaying bimbos. However, she truly is THE most lovely bimbo in the cosplay scene, with a WAY better attitude than, for example, Jessica Nigri, always spreading joy and the bimbofication spirit. So, let’s hope Stephanie progresses even further in her bimbofication, shows even more dedication – and maybe… commits herself a little more to the bimbofication ideals instead of… the “alternative, geek, cosplaying ideals” – Fingers crossed! And oh yeah… she is an absolute mistress of Ahegao…!

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