Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #12 – Fetischbarbie


Hello, hello dear readers of the Pink Bimbo Academy – we are back with a new spotlight and therefore, with an interview with one of the upcoming girls of the bimbo community. But before we come to our beautiful guest today, let me say how sorry I am for being late with new content – but I am working REALLY hard on the next part of the PBA “Bimbos and High Heels” series, which will get pretty huge, so, please forgive me and wait for that new article – it’s going to be worth it, I promise 🙂

Of course, there is much other stuff coming up, including new supporter content for my patrons – but also some interesting, additional content for all the readers of the PBA out there. Just give me a little more time and enjoy the interview with our guest for now! So, let’s begin:

Hi there FetischBarbie, after quite some time we finally came around to do this interview. Of course I have to mention, that it is me who is to blame for this delay, because of the rough times we are currently living in, I had to deal with some things and couldn’t come up with the interview questions in time. Speaking of rough times, how are you doing, is everything fine or are you also suffering from lock-down-syndrome?

Hey! No worries! Everyone of us is going through tough times at the moment. But I am really happy that we finally are doing the interview, I am a huge fan of the Bimbo-Academy!

Maybe, before we continue, you could introduce yourself to the community and our readers – just say a few words about yourself and I use this opportunity to express my joy and gratitude to do this interview with you. Thanks for having you!

So, My Name is FetischBarbie and I am located in the German Area. I’m in my Mid-Twenties and well I love to be a bimbo! Some would consider my style as unusual because I am dark-haired but I am a full on Bimbo-goddess! Being Hyper-Feminine and turning heads while making this planet a kinkier place is the best thing ever!Just to look like my barbie is too outdated to me, I am the special, one of a kind Fetisch- Edition, Collectible!

Okay, now we can dive into the details: Your name consists of the terms “fetish” and “Barbie” – what does this mean, why did you choose this combination of words, and what is “fetish” about you and what is “Barbie” about you?

Well, I think that everyone should live their dream. Whether it’s having kids, licking feet or riding dirt bike. Not doing the things we love makes us sick with time, I have seen it with my own eyes!

That is why I live my fantasy, take part in my fetishes, fulfill fetishes with/for others and look like a barbie. Just be honest with yourself, others. Plastic inside, real outside – That´s my Motto! And how I came across my name, haha, I was thinking about it for months! I wanted something that screams plastic and fetish. Then I woke up one morning and thought to myself: „How did I not think of this name before?“ And it wasn’t taken already either! Thank Bimbo-God!

If we take the “Barbie”-part as a hint, what do you think of bimbofication? When did you first come into contact with this word and what were your first thoughts?

I came across the term long after I just evolved into being a Bimbo. And I am the daughter of a Bimbo ! It was never a make-Over or a thought „Well, lets be a bimbo tomorrow“. I believe I was born with a Bimbo-Heart! If you look at my ChildHood-Pictures you see a little blonde girl with a full face of makeup, “Spice Girls” Shirt (which were so hyper feminine and provocative for that decade) and a Leopard-Print Fur coat, so if you didn’t know by now, now you do! Haha!

What is your definition of the term “bimbo”? Why do you associate with that? What do you like about being a bimbo?

The Definition is already written down but of course everyone can decide what they take out of that for themselves. I think a bimbo is someone who is hyperfeminine, hypersexual and open minded!

I love about it that I can embrace being a woman that knows she is a firecracker, haha! Just celebrate Sexiness everyday!

Did you already enhance yourself in terms of bimbofication? What did you actively do to “become a bimbo”?

Yes I did. At the cute age of 18 I got my first cc of fillers. I was sooo happy. Then One Year later, I finally got my Set of Ultra-High Profile Silicone Implants! And never Stopped getting Fillers until today. Recently I added Botox to the Monthly Routine! Everything else Outfit, Make Up and Hair Wise was already there, I went and finished MakeUp School. So yeah, I was A MakeUp-Artist !

What else is on your list? What else do you want to improve in the future, are there any upcoming surgeries or do you have some other things in mind?

I would really like to launch a Bimbo-MakeupLine. No dull colors, haha! So If someone steals my idea now, I will sue you haha! Surgery wise, not at the moment to be honest. Of course I would like a XXL Booty and Expanders but I must say I am so scared. If there was a Bimbo-Trainer that would pay for it, I would consider tho! Fillers, Botox and so on is always and will always be the monthly routine!

What are your goals? What can we imagine thinking about you, when you are done with the work of perfectioning yourself?

My goals are to stay healthy, stay successful and build an Empire! I imagine myself having Bimbo friends, having a daddy and we are all having a good time in my pink Heart Shaped palace. Just like Jayne Mansfield! I love her!

Were you always a girl that emphasized being feminine, attractive and sexy? How did that evolve?

I think I already said that without being asked. Bad Bimbo- I talk too much haha and I am a brat probably !

Regarding the “fetish”-part of your name – you also have connections to the fetish/BDSM culture and community, would you tell us about that? And how do these connections go together with bimbofication and being a bimbo?

I think for some bimbofication is a lifestyle, but I think every fetish can become one. My Connection to the BDSM-Community is really easy explained: Most Men think I have a very dominant appearance, which might be true but I am a sweetheart I swear! Haha!

You’re also creating a podcast together with a female friend of yours – would you tell us about that?

Oh yes, sure! Our Podcast is on hold right now sadly because we got into trouble regarding the name, I think. We searched if the name was taken before starting, found no-one with that name. Few months in we were messaged by someone who has rights to the name and we just deleted it. We will be back soon with a different name and slightly different content but still fetishthemed of course!

You already had an episode talking about bimbofication – can we expect more of that? What does your friend think about your bimbofication?

Hell Yes! I would love to invite someone again too. My friend, which remains anonymous, isn’t a bimbo herself but definitely loves the aesthetic and is very open minded! She’s the last person to be like „What the hell is that?“

Let us come to some personal things now: What are your favorite outfits and your favorite high heels? How many pairs of high heels do you possess in total?

My favorite outfit contains a white blouse with deeeeeep cleavage, or high I must say haha

A PVC-Skirt in Pink,red or black and on top of that a fur coat of course! Talking of Fur, Huge Shoutout to the Fur-Fetish Community! To top that off, leather Overknees and Leather Gloves.

Favorite Heels forever will be Pleasers! I got a huge thing for them. I own about 50 pair! „Normal“ Heels probably 30. Sneakers 3 haha So you know the deal 😛

Do you ever leave your house without makeup?


What is your daily routine to look like that? Do you work out? There have to be some secrets to maintain such an amazing bimbo body…

Oh thank you for that Compliment! I must say, NO! I used to hit to gym and I feel like I don’t need to. I am fit health wise but my body always stays the same. I am lucky to have a very healthy metabolism! Born Bimbo I would say !

Do you have any rolemodels in the bimbo community? What do you think about those other queens of the scene, like Candy Charms, Paulina J. Candy, Haley Layne and so on?

Besides my Bimbo-Girl Friends (BBFs) I must say, none that I can think of. I look up to the Bimbos from back in the day more like Lisa Lipps, Lolo Ferrari, Anna Nicole Smith and so on!

Maybe you already had some time to look through the archive and the blog of the Pink Bimbo Academy. What do you think of that? The lessons and the bimbo rules? Do you think this can help girls to become more advanced regarding bimbofication? What do you think of the Pink Bimbo Academy in general?

I think very highly of the academy. Here women and girls can really learn how to be a bimbo, if they are not like it by nature!

Do you think bimbofication is spreading and more girls will join the party?

Well I really hope so! I would love a more Pink, Plastic and Sparkly world !

Let us talk about the “bimbo situation” in central Europe, especially Austria and Germany, why do we have only so few bimbos here? Why has true femininity become such a rare thing? Most girls don’t like to wear dresses, skirts or even high heels – and most females would never think about getting a breast augmentation. What the hell is wrong with European girls and women?

Ohhhh shoot. I hope I won’t be hated for my answer but honestly couldn’t care less haha! True Femininity is dying because some people think being feminine is for men only, against feminism and so on. Those people don’t know what feminism means, but I like to say, let the dumb stay dumb ! Haha! I would suggest some women to wear heels, nylons and a skirt and walk outside and tell me it doesn’t feel great. Getting up in the morning and transforming into Super-Bimbo gives me a kick-start each and everyday! Why there are so few here, I really don’t know, but its sad!

Do you have any female friends who are interested in bimbofication?

Sadly No, the ones who are interested already are Bimbos and besides Jessy Bunny I only know them online! I think many women are to afraid to be in such a powerful place like being a Bimbo and have no guts regarding Looks. I must admit, you have to have thick skin here to walk around like this, a lot of middle aged women do not like the look at all! Haha believe me,I have my experiences with them!

Would you agree to the claim of many men, that western women have become “too lazy” regarding femininity, compared to eastern girls?

YES! Well, women should do what they want to but I don’t understand why not more women enjoy being more feminine!

No matter what – you are going for that bimbo look! Would you suggest other girls to go after you and give it a try? What would your advise be for them?

If they like it, they should and I am always open to train them!

Are there possibilities to support you? Can fans donate or support you otherwise in your striving for perfection? Do you have a wishlist for admirers to buy you gifts?

Sure, I started my OnlyFans two months ago, Subscribing me there is already a big support! I have PayPal too, I do CamShows and of course Custom Videos and Pictures! Additional to making my own Money, I really want a Sugardaddy to be honest! One that doesn’t turn out rude within a few days and knows how to treat a woman like a Gentleman, Im Oldschool. If I could have decided if were women were able to vote back in the day, I would have rather gone shopping with my hubbys money and cook for the whole family!

Where can we see more of you? Where can we follow your journey?

I am on IG, twitter and Onlyfans for now. Maybe I will make a SnapChat too!

What can we expect in the near future? Do you plan to publish more pictures, videos or something else? Can we expect to see some professional photoshoot? I would love to see some high quality pictures of you!

I will continue to make my online-base grow and do everything to stay in business. In summer there will be a very naughty Techno-Track releasing with my voice on it. Very Bimbo-Themed I must admit! Sure! I am in contact with a very skilled Photographer from Germany. We will work together soon and the pictures will be on my OF!

Thank you very much, it was a pleasure for me – is there anything else you want our readers to know?

Thank you so much for having me here. I dreamed of being Interviewed for my Looks and Opinion on these Topics one day. What could I add? I hope you babes stay Sexy, Plastic and of course Healthy! I hope we all win! Thank you again and greetings to everyone reading this! Good bye Babes!

Stay save and good bye, cya soon 🙂

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