12. Appendix – BBF – Conclusion

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12. Appendix – Conclusion

That’s it – our first series of multiple parts is done and finished – after I posted the last bit some days ago, it’s time to draw a final conclusion: We looked at all the benefits of Best Bimbo Friends, mostly as an explanation for trainers, but I’m sure some bimbo trainees out there could learn a thing or two about the helpfulness of having a BBF and about the reasons why you should have at least one and ideally as many as you can get. For the trainers out there: Now you know why you should support your bimbo in getting to know girls who could become her BBF in the future! Always back her up in finding new female friends with the potential to become bimbos, and always give your best to strengthen the connection between the girls. This is not only benefitial for your girls, it is also very benefitial to you, as we learned in the past episodes of this series. We learned how BBFs support and help each other, how they push each other further in their progress of becoming a perfect bimbo doll, how they defend each other, how they make every party and every event better, how you can increase your sphere of influence over new bimbos, how you and your girls can go on special sexual adventures with BBFs and how you can recruit new dolls with them and how they can help you out with your duties as a trainer. Let’s summarize these lessons:

1. BBFs encourage and motivate each other

2. BBFs help each other 

3. BBFs develop girly group activities

4. BBFs can assimilate styles and outfits

5. BBFs generate more bimbo/party output

6. BBFs attract other bimbos

7. BBFs are likely to discover bisexual behaviour

8. BBFs could open the possibility for special sexual adventures

9. BBFs inspire other, normal girls

10. BBFs increase the defense power against harmful, external elements

11. BBFs can temporarily step in for the trainer

I feel I have said everything there is about Best Bimbo Friends (After all, over 15 pages of written text), so it’s time to complete this topic with the one simple rule we omitted to this point, a factor that is also another very good statement why BBFs are one of the best things you and your bimbo can get: “More bimbos are always better than one!”  – so I leave you with some pictures above, how BBFs might look like and what you can expect if you do your best. Hope you did like this series, and hopefully you could learn some things – cya in the next multiple parts series 😉

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3 thoughts on “12. Appendix – BBF – Conclusion

  1. Maybe this would be an opportunity to create a „looking for bffs“ board or something since I agree with your posts but there‘s just no bffs around.

    1. I think reddit is a pretty good choice for things like that… I dont have the possibilities to create such interactive community boards, sadly 🙁 However – it is always the best choice to go out there in RL and find some real BBFs.

  2. Sadly Wasteland was cancelled last weekend, with the Corona crisis. I think it would be prudent to consider establishing an active Pink Bimbo Academy campus section in the Amsterdam region. We can launch that as a launch point for adventures … my home there is literally 400 meters from Paradise swinger club, and I attend all the nasty parties – aforementioned Wasteland, Unleashed, Milkshake, Boudoir Bizarre, B.I.T.C.H., etc. If anyone is into visiting me there for shortstay, vacations, longstay, cohabitation, etc. I can help get you going in webcam work, parties, meeting likeminded fuckdolls, etc. Call me ♥

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