Bimbo training – “Basic bimbo rules: What is bimbofication? – Shaping femininity”

Christmas comes early this year – yes this is my christmas present for the community (although my Patreon supporters will get another one), mostly because I do know you guys have better things to do than reading the PBA on Xmas eve… so here it is, the gigantic, multiple paper post about the definition of bimbofication – a keystone of the whole Pink Bimbo Academy, connecting multiple other articles and lessons! So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! Thank you for your ongoing support and thanks for being here! 🙂

ATTENTION: In order to understand this article, you should read the following additional articles, closely related to this post and absolutely crucial in order to understand bimbofication – especially if you are new to the subject and don’t know what this is all about!

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DISCLAIMER: Be advised! There are MANY different definitions of the word bimbofication, some will vary greatly from my definition, but always remember: The statements, ideas, rules, restrictions, definitions and laws I post here are MINE. There are at least as many definitions of the term out there as this community has members, but you never have to follow these things and I don’t claim to have the interpretational sovereignty – But MY ideas do obtain and weigh undisputedly and uncompromisingly in every aspect of the Pink Bimbo Academy project! You can handle things your way – but here my rules and ideas do apply! If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine – you don’t have to. Take what you like and leave the rest.

You have reached the core of this project – the keystone of the Pink Bimbo Academy. This is what it is all about: Bimbofication! But what does it mean? By now you already assume that it has something to do with changing the visual appeal of girls – but how and why – and – is that all there is? No, it is by far not that simple. Yes, bimbofication is a transformation, but it goes far beyond mere visual changes. The “final goal” of this process is a so called “bimbo” (read the definition of this term!), but in the beginning, there is almost always a “normal” girl. The long and onerous journey from this beginning to the sweet destination is what we call “bimbofication”, but let me give you the official, overall definition of this word we use here:

“Bimbofication” is the process of permanently transforming a female into a “bimbo“, according to the PBA definition of the word, thereby increasing her femininity from subpar levels to a status of ultra-femininity, via different acts of training, conditioning, converting, surgical enhancements, physical and mental alterations, procedures and changes, following all three different pillars of bimbofication, as well as different rules, laws and standards, with the goal of “bimbo perfection“.

So, it is about increasing the femininity of girls in three different aspects, towards the theoretical goal of perfection. Maybe we should talk about femininity?

Femininity – Girls should be girls

Why do women want to dress like men when they’re fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininity, which is one of our greatest charms? We get more accomplished by being charming than we would be flaunting around in pants and smoking. I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one. When women gave up their long skirts, they made a grave error…” – Tasha Tudor

It is a naive sort of feminism that insists that women prove their ability to do all the things that men do. This is a distortion and a travesty. Men have never sought to prove that they can do all the things women do. Why subject women to purely masculine criteria? Women can and ought to be judged by the criteria of femininity, for it is in their femininity that they participate in the human race. And femininity has its limitations. So has masculinity. That is what we’ve been talking about. To do this is not to do that. To be this is not to be that. To be a woman is not to be a man. To be married is not to be single – which may mean not to have a career. To marry this man is not to marry all the others. A choice is a limitation.” – Elisabeth Elliot, “Let Me be a Woman

It seems to be the fashion nowadays for a girl to behave as much like a man as possible. Well, I won’t! I’ll make the best of being a girl and be as nice a specimen as I can: sweet and modest, a dear, dainty thing with clothes smelling all sweet and violety, a soft voice, and pretty, womanly ways. Since I’m a girl, I prefer to be a real one!” – Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

Femininity (also called womanliness or girlishness) is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with women and girls. Although femininity is socially constructed, some research indicates that some behaviors considered feminine are biologically influenced. To what extent femininity is biologically or socially influenced is subject to debate. (…) Traits traditionally cited as feminine include gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity, though traits associated with femininity vary across societies and individuals, and are influenced by a variety of social and cultural factors.” – Wikipedia about “Femininity”

Whether femininity is a social construct or biologically based, is of no interest to us, because we don’t care from where it comes, but only what it means (although I have some very clear thoughts about this…). Before the mid 1970s, femininity was understood as one end of a bipolar dimension of which it’s counterpart on the other end was, of, course masculinity. In those times, women and girls were expected to be at the outmost side of the feminine spectrum ideally. However, since the late 1970s, this concept was abandoned in favor of a model, in which masculinity and femininity are two separate dimensions, following the ideas of Anne Constantinople, who assumed that men and women are able to possess different levels of both, femininity and masculinity in those independent dimensions, regardless of their biological sex. In combination with the “second wave women’s movement” after the Golden Age of Marriage in the 1950s and 1960s, these ideas gained traction and led to a fundamental shift regarding femininity and the connected attributes: Not only were women suddenly more or less “free” in being as feminine as they “wanted” to be, because the concept of it wasn’t tied to their biological sex anymore and social expectations began to accept that both men and women could possess attributes of both dimensions, but also due to the rather aggressive act of liberation by the feminist movements, which began a crusade of destruction against EVERYTHING that would have been deemed feminine before. In a furious, blind rage, flailing wildly, a process of throwing the baby out with the bathwater took place. Suddenly, everything that was attributed to females before was demonized and should have been abolished in the first place according to the will of activists, reaching from traditional roles, typical attributes, clothes (we talked about the act of “wearing pants” as an act of resistance and the possibility to send a message before…) and visual appearance to personality and behavior. Without a doubt, this revolution made a huge impact on the western world and continues to influence society nowadays more than ever, not only showing itself on the streets in shrieking, spoiled middle class children of an affluent society, but also in the general atmosphere and education of all members of society! Very rarely, one out of ten girls wears a skirt or a dress (if you go on the streets right now), nearly none of them wears high heels, all of them wear makeup on an only contained, “natural” level… and nearly every single girl will tell you, that “she prefers to hang out with the boys, instead of having female friends”, “she prefers to have a beer or whiskey instead of sparkling wine or champagne”, “she loves to headbang to loud rockmusik”, “she isn’t interested in fashion or “girly things”, but instead loves to be a “gamer girl” or to follow up extreme sports”. Nowadys society applauds every girl for that – and every men who pretends (or is brainwashed enough to feel that way) to prefer girls like that. Try to have an objective look at the circumstances: Everything “traditionally” feminine is “uncool”, “boring” and got to be rejected. Everything deemed “male” is cool, exciting and desirable for females, no matter if we are talking about hobbies, clothes, employments, interests, art, music or behavior! Nearly every girl would rather say that she “has no problems punching someone in the face” than saying that she “likes to deal with shopping, high heels, makeup and Barbie dolls (every girl that wants to be cool nowadays will tell you that she preferred to play with He-Man figures… what a twisted world…)”. If you think, that this is just the normal, expected effect of unfolding, unaffected personalities who were repressed before (and yes, in many attributes, females WERE repressed before, but we are just talking about a healthy attitude towards ones own sexuality), now able to become what they always wanted to be – a gender-free, objective entity, we should look at the development of satisfaction women did experience since this paradigm shift: Over the last 40 years (since this process has been started), womens happiness is on a steady, ongoing decline, rendering them now more unhappy than ever before. This is called the “paradox of declining female happiness”, subject to be investigated by many social scientist, who expectedly come up with outlandish, useless attempts to explain this “strange” phenomenon. However, one question should be asked: What was there first, the chicken or the egg? Isn’t it quite possible, that the ongoing process of brainwashing society and the relentless propaganda, telling girls that they should NEVER EVER BE (God forgive!), “typical” females, but instead be interested in everything we would consider “male”, that femininity is something bad, maybe even slutty, superficial, stupid and less worth than typical male attributes, is the true reason for this disturbing development? The truth is, girls and women don’t have a real choice nowadays! On paper, they might be free to select different attributes from both “gender connoted properties” as they please, but in reality, one side is represented as extremely preferable and the other side in a VERY bad light. There is no true, objective choice here in nowadays society, which increases pressure on both sexes. In every way shape or form, nowadays females are aggressively, actively and passively discouraged from identifying with their own femininity and kept from committing to and expressing it one way or the other. This works especially well, because every girl and women today following this agenda, plays along in delusion about her own role, thinking she expresses herself independently in an act of rebellion, individualism, self determination and independence. The truth is, that every girl doing this, is by far not “the one in a million”, that “different girl, who is cool compared to all the girly girls” – quite the contrary! Nowadays, a rebellious, self-determined and courageous act is the exact opposite: Accepting femininity, being a “true female”, expressing femininity and committing to it are the aspects of a mindset by which you can identify a true individual, level-headed female! However, what are these aspects and what does this have to do with bimbofication? Well, let me explain…

Femininity and bimbofication

We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” – Marilyn Monroe

We already established that the word “femininity” contains multiple different aspects, socially attributed properties and characteristics, as well as the image of very physical qualities. Generally, we can split all these aspects up into three different categories: Characteristics of the mind, the body and behavior. General criteria attributed to a “feminine” mindset are gentleness, empathy, humility, sensitivity, emotionalism – but also lightheartedness, insouciance, bonhomie, showmanship, craving for admiration and recognition, self-display and many more. Properties of feminine behavior are generally elegance, poshness, gracefulness, sweetness, beauty, style, charm and daintiness among others. Regarding the physical appeal of femininity, this is nothing new for readers who follow the PBA: We already talked about those things in past articles, but let us summarize: Of course, primary and secondary sexual characteristics are VERY important, as well as other things that are usually attributed to the female sex: Long hair, beauty, attractiveness, hourglass body shapes, long legs, petiteness, sex appeal, etc. I am very sure, regular visitors of this project have already recognized, that these three different categories do resemble the three pillars of bimbofication. And that is no wonder and not without a reason: It IS in fact essentially the same. Bimbofication is nothing more than all these three categories, and with those, ALL aspects of femininity, cranked up to 11 – with the goal of enhancing them towards perfection with the aid of all possible, supporting methods, including artificial procedures and items to reach levels of femininity far beyond what would naturally be possible. This femininity, increased far above natural levels, is called “hyper femininity” – and that is what bimbofication truly is. At the Pink Bimbo Academy, we DO think of femininity as one polar end of a single dimension with masculinity at the opposing end. A bimbo positions herself not only on the point farthest away possible from the opposing end, but does step beyond the boundaries of this theoretical scale (10 = maximum femininity, 0 = neutrality, -10 maximum masculinity) and establishes herself on a place even beyond these normal values we could call 11, with the help of artificial elements and support.

Bimbofication and the three pillars of bimbofication

So, now we know that bimbofication is about enhancing femininity in three different main aspects, about which you can learn more by reading the article about the three pillars of bimbofication and the article paper above, let us have a closer look at what this means:

Bimbo mindset

The pillar of the bimbo mindset contains everything regarding the mental state, the way of thinking and feeling and the ideology of a bimbo. Mainly, three sub aspects can be found here: Femininity-positivity, plastic-positivity and slut-positivity. Femininity positivity essentially is what we were talking about here so far: A general acceptance of the very own feminine nature of a girl. There is no need for a girl to adapt traits that are usually deemed masculine, like dominance, aggressiveness, pensiveness or typical, masculine social roles. A girl should embrace her own femininity, with everything that comes along with it! You can read more about this in our article about the bimbo mindset or, for example in the article about the color pink, because accepting stereotypical feminine aspects, this color plays a big role for a true feminine girl. Plastic positivity is exactly that – the understanding of her own imperfection in comparison to a sophisticated, idealized beauty-ideal, connected to the will to enhance and perfect herself in order to match said beauty-ideals. This should result in the inevitable verdict, that artificial aids are indispensable on the long run. Over time, the girl in question will be convinced by the undeniable benefits of “plastic enhancements” and the general superiority of “plastic perfection“. You can read more about this in the articles about “the Church of Plastic“, the article about “bimbo perfection” and of course the article about “the necessity of plastic“. Lastly, slut-positivity is about the acceptance of the own sexual desires, needs, pleasures, kinks and possibilities of a girl.

Bimbo appearance

Obviously, this is the most striking aspect of them all. The bimbo appearance contains all physical and visible aspects (that aren’t actions), within its three sub-categories: Enhancements, rituals and style. Enhancements contain all visible aspects of permanently, artificially enhanced body properties, like dyed, blond hair, long extensions, huge breast implants, rhirhinoplastiesip fillers, butt implants, liposuctions, etc. Articles like “do bimbos have to be blond” or “the necessity of plastic” deal with this category. Rituals contain all things that enhance the visual appeal by continuous application, for example, daily makeup routines, workouts, skin tanning, diet, beauty treatments, styling, corset-training and so on. Some articles of our ongoing “bimbo makeup series” deal with this, as well as some articles in the “perfect bimbo tits series“. Style is all about all visual enhancements of the body without actually changing the body itself: Makeup in general, clothes, style, fashion, high heels, outfits, corsets, mini dresses, hairstyling and things like that. This pillar is what most people think about when they are thinking about the term bimbo – and arguably this could be deemed as the most important pillar and in any case the one and true reason why most men love bimbo dolls or do roam around in the online bimbofication community.

Bimbo behavior

In many cases, this is the most neglected pillar of bimbofication – although it is of no less importance than the two other ones. Bimbo behavior contains the three sub-categories posing, sex and habitus. Posing is pretty self explanatory, and deals with the visual appearance of a girl by trying to let every movement, every posture, every act and every expression appeal as feminine, graceful, sexy and elegant as possible. Many lessons of the Pink Bimbo Academy deal with this pillar, like the lessons about walking, standing, sitting, etc. “Sex” is not about the attitude towards sex, this is a matter of the first pillar and the “slut positivity” aspect, but about the act itself. How das a girl perform, what does she do, does she give blow jobs or performs like a porn star? How far can she spread her legs, how good is she at pushing her ass out by maintaining a hollow back? The habitus of a girl deals with general femininity in her behavior. Does she express feminine, girly, elegant, lighthearted vibes? Is she more of a graceful, posh elite-escort? Does she have good manners? Things like this are tightly connected to the bimbo archetype to which a girl tends to be inclined.

An increase in femininity in all these three pillars is essentially the process of bimbofication itself. You can see above how a steady improvement in these aspects might look like, towards bimbo perfection.

The process of bimbofication

People talk about plastic surgery is like a bad thing.. Lol. I let them talk.” – Aletta Ocean

Bimbos aren’t born, they are made. It is very important for trainers and trainees to understand this simple premise. Every perfect bimbo doll, started as a more or less attractive, feminine girl sometime, and she managed to reach the heights of bimbo perfection by steadily improving her femininity in the three pillars of bimbofication. This fact gives us 2 very important conclusions:

1. EVERY girl can become a perfect bimbo doll! Above you can see some examples of very successful bimbofication processes, where the girls in question could pretty much be classified as “subpar” regarding their femininity, visual appeal or attractiveness. This means of course, that no girl is excluded from the possibilities of this transformation. No matter how fat, average, unfeminine or unattractive a girl might be – she still could become a perfect bimbo princess, if she just makes the decision to do so.

2. Bimbofication is a lengthy, costly, time-, energy- and money consuming process, that will result in amazing and fantastic alterations, if it is followed through stringently in all aspects.

Of course, girls who are already natural beauties, graceful, feminine, sexy dolls or sluts, will have it far easier than other girls and the process will be less expensive and less time consuming. In addition, girls who already maintain a fairly well shaped body, will have fewer problems in adapting to the changed rituals and processes of bimbofication, as well as having a far less harder time mustering up the needed dedication and discipline. However, even girls on the lower end of our scale of femininity and body perfection can become goddesses amongst normal females. Maybe we should exemplarily take a fictitious, generic “normal” girl as our starting point, because those are by far the most common girls out there: An average girl with an “average” body shape a general disinterest in her own femininity, apart from very few occasions. This girl might be a brunette, with shoulder-long hair, decent makeup skills, although she doesn’t wear “too much” makeup, who prefers the “natural look”. She has some natural D-cups (about 620cc), and tiny fatty deposits on an overall well shaped body. This girl is mostly pragmatic, always wearing clothes that are “comfortable” and practical, instead of overly feminine, attractive, sexy or girly, which is why she never wears high heels (except for VERY few, rare occasions), 99% of the time pants, pantyhoses and very rarely short skirts or dresses. Obviously she doesn’t want to give anyone the opportunity to call her a “slut” a “bimbo” or a “whore” which is why she rejects all these overly feminine possibilities and features. Furthermore, she doesn’t like one night stands or kinky adventures, but prefers to have a rather unoriginal, common sex life. She was brainwashed by society into thinking, that the only way to be taken seriously and as an independent, individual female, was to adapt as many “male properties” as possible, by dropping everything that would be deemed feminine in the classic sense. This expresses itself not only in her choice of styles and visual appeal, but also in her social behavior and her general habitus, as well as in her choice of hobbies and the way of talking. She “prefers to hang out with the boys” instead of “going shopping with the girls”, she doesn’t get tired of expressing that she prefers to drink beer and whiskey instead of champagne, she would never wear pink, but instead maintains a wardrobe that consists mostly of black and grey pieces. Drawing attention is never an option for her – she wants to be regarded as the “cool, matey dude-chick” – that is also pretty and sexy, but only in a very deep way. She talks about “deep” social problems, “deep” philosophy and hears music that consists of either “deep”, “meaningful” lyrics, or loud guitars and blast beats – to which she likes to throw herself into the next mosh pit. Overall, this girl is exemplary for nowadays average female – which makes me wanna throw up. NEVER deal with those girls, unless you see an opportunity to introduce her to bimbofication. However, this is where we start. Let’s say, this girl discovered the topic of bimbofication and understood the social rigging and manipulation that happened to her throughout her whole life, by simultaneously understanding the benefits of true femininity. This girl begins her bimbofication by making small steps. Always a good, first act is to sign up at the gym: She plans to work out in the gym every second day, at least three times a week (for at least 2 hours every time) and a light, casual workout every other day at home (yoga, fitness, etc.). In addition she creates a diet plan with the help of a professional nutritionist. She decides to pick out absolutely unsuitable pieces of her wardrobe and adds a little more colors to her everyday outfits. She knows that walking in high heels is something she has to practice, so she starts small and uses 5cm/2″ shoes everyday, as long as she can maintain it (she does have some flat shoes in her handbag in any case). Every other day she spares wearing pants and wears some sufficiently long skirt or dress. She practices her makeup skills and try to give it that “little extra punch” in her daily makeup routine… every week a little bit more. Instead of playing some Battle Royal type shooter with her male nerd friends, she gives it a try to go on a shopping haul with her slightly more feminine best female friend. Something a girl can always do is to practice general exercises of walking, standing, sitting and so on – which is something she does regularly. As the time passes by and she gets more comfortable with the small changes she steps up her game a bit. Instead of gaming, she prefers to go clubbing, because just recently, the change of her body shape, the increased amount of makeup and the improvement of her makeup skills, as well as her now more graceful and sweet movements did result in an increased amount of attention she seems to get from males. Compliments, more attentiveness, one or the other nice word are now far more common than ever before. This might also have something to do with the changes in her style: The regular practice of walking in small high heels did pay off. She is now able to wear those 5cm/s” heels for a whole day and out in the clubs, she wears some 10cm/4″ shoes which make her legs appear longer and tighten her overall stance. In combination with some mildly short dress and some jewelry, she becomes free drinks over a whole evening and never goes home without a new phone number from some fairly attractive guy who approached her. In one of these cases, she did take that guy home with her and had a fantastic, playful and fun night. Why not do that again next time? Time goes by again and our girl perfects her body shape and her abilities of posing and acting in a feminine way. She raises her beauty standards and her self-demands and concludes that she was never really satisfied with her small lips. She makes an appointment to get hyaluronic acid injections to finally get the puffy lips she ever wanted which would complement her face so much more. Since the beginning, she did let her hair grow and now it reaches far beyond her shoulders, but she always wondered how she would look as a blonde. From time to time, she wears a blond wig for one of her many toyboys, role playing a stereotypical blond bimbo, dressing up in cute and slutty, pink outfits. She does realize how amazing she looks with that blond hair and thinks about letting it dye. Her wardrobe has changed: She removed all pantyhoses and most pants from it, instead she wears stockings underneath her fairly short skirts (which always gives her a tingling feeling when she thinks about it) as well as 8cm/3″ heels every day, because she did realize how much better that looks instead of the 5cm/2″ heels. Our girl was never so popular before! Her long blonde hair, her big puffy lips and her heavy makeup draw attention wherever she goes. Her perfect body shape gets complemented by tight and short dresses and every evening she manages to draw all attention, dancing in her 12cm/5″ heels, which aren’t the highest she’s got – but her 16cm/6.2″ shoes are something she uses in the bedroom only at the moment, which happened last time, when she had her first sexual adventure with two guys at one, and the time before when she picked up that one dude at the club and went home with him and her best female friend. Her raised expectations do tell her, that her small, hanging, natural breast do not fit her generally pristine appeal anymore. She decides to talk with a doctor about getting a breast enlargement. Her behavior changed, and strengthened by the recent reception she got, she is now a self-opinionated, sexy, elegant, strong women who is used to have all eyes on her. Her movements and postures are full of feminine grace, sex appeal and elegance – a visual spectacle nobody can resists. Some month pass and our girl has now some fairly big 800-1050 silicone implants. She couldn’t be any more proud! Her long, platinum blond hair is supported by very long extensions, reaching down to her ass. By now she doesn’t have any flat shoes anymore, apart from the ones she uses for her regular workout – but every day, she walks perfectly in her 12cm/5″ high heels, in the club in her 16cm/6.2″ heels and in the bedroom, she poses like a porn star in 18cm/7″ heels. Recently she discovered a new hobby in addition to her workout: Pole dancing! It’s fun and does support her feminine mindset – and it even shapes her body! She began corset-training – wearing a waistshaper every second she is at home alone in order to achieve a perfect waist/hip-ratio. Her big, enhanced silicone tits are always the center of attention no matter where she is. The most attractive and affluent guys court her and she has never been happier in her life. She doesn’t possess any more pants – how could she ever wear unfeminine trash like that? Her wardrobe consists of feminine, sexy, colorful, bright short and tight dresses and miniskirts – tight tops and cute pieces. Time jump: Our girl had her second breast enlargement – 2000cc and she still wants to go bigger! A rhinoplasty resulted in a perfect, sweet barbie nose, which, in combination with her insane makeup skills, the heavy makeup and her big dick sucking lips, let her appear as a nearly perfect combination of an angel and a porn star. She had a rib removal to support her corset-training – which resulted in a perfect hourglass-shape, a liposuction dealt with the last remaining areas on her body that weren’t absolutely perfect before. Her skin is absolutely flawless, pristine and beautifully tanned. Her ass got enhanced with some small butt implants and is always barely covered with very short skirts and dresses. Wherever she goes, she is the star, the queen of the scene and the most wanted female in the whole area. All eyes are on her, always – and every man wants to be with her, while every girl wants to be her. Her angelic movements and poses, her feminine, lighthearted but posh mindset and way of behaving, talking and acting let her appear as something out of this world. She has fun – every night, giving blow jobs in a club or taking several men and/or women with her nearly every night. This girl has reached ultra femininity – but she will further improve and strive for bimbo perfection!

The facts

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”Vince Lombardi

I already presented you some facts about the benefits of bimbofication – supported by statements from many of our role models – but what about some other facts? Well, one thing you might ask is: “How expensive is a complete bimbofication?”. There is no clear answer to that question, because it depends on many different factors, like the starting condition of the girl, the area she lives in and her “problem zones”. However, it is fair to assume, that a “complete bimbofication” costs about 60.000$. Nothing trivial – but absolutely worthwhile! Every girl who committed herself to bimbofication will tell you that she has never been happier or more successful in her life ever before! The quality of living, her own wealth, her social life, her sex life and her emotional state benefit from this transformation in an undisputed quantity. There is no reason why any girl should continue to play along with the toxic war of extermination against everything that is feminine and by that get mentally ill and dissatisfied! Every girl can become a perfect bimbo goddess – just make the decision and start NOW! Have a look at the amazing transformations that happened before and are still happening, as well as at the amazing, perfect bimbo dolls to which you could belong. Have a look at our role models and learn more about their transformation and what they have to say about bimbofication. In addition, if you want to make your first, small steps, have a look at our bimbo training program, where you can find many lessons and articles about how to increase your femininity in all three different aspects. Do not hesitate! Embrace your femininity! Strive for more! Start your bimbofication and become a perfect bimbo doll – NOW!

So, that’s it guys. I wish you all the best, thank you very much for your ongoing support – I hope you have some wonderful holidays, Merry Christmas to all of you and happy holidays!

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