A Real Life Pink Bimbo Academy? A broad concept

Since 2016, many people all around the world are reading the Pink Bimbo Academy. Trainers use the material, the lessons and the rules to train their girlfriends, subs and wives – females use the styleguides, the tutorials and the papers to become more feminine, more beautiful, more attractive and more sexy every day. We brought attention to some absolutely amazing bimbo dolls in the community and we helped bimbo trainees in every country to become better bimbos.

At this point, it is very safe to say that the Pink Bimbo Academy has become the most important, most respected and most influencial bimbofication ressource in the community – and I am very proud of that. Now, the PBA basically defines what bimbofication should achieve and what a bimbo truly is. I can state these things with great confidence, backed up by the amazing, friendly and encouraging messages I get from the community every day. From very well known, famous bimbos, from absolute beginner trainees, from normal girls – who are just curious, coming from all regions in the world and from all subcultures – gothic, cosplay, modeling, sexworkers, housewives, whatever you can think of, to many men sending messages, either asking me how they can bimboficate their significant other – how they can find a bimbo trainee or just to tell me how the bimbofication of their trainee comes along, guided by the PBA framework and guidelines.

Of course, we will continue with that – providing much more material, many more papers, lessons, rules, styleguides and everything else to spread the bimbofication spirit even further, to get many more people on board and to make the world a better place – there is still so much to learn. I have some plans for future projects related to the website, but I think the time has come to theorize about something else: A real life Pink Bimbo Academy Bimbofication Project.

Please be aware, that everything from here on, is nothing but theory, a very early stage of a concept I have been thinking about for quite some time. Basically, we are talking about a real life Pink Bimbo Academy – a “Hogwarts of bimbofication” – a “boarding school for bimbos”.

Recently, some interesting opportunities opened up, I was able to make some connections and some things changed, which, in combination, let this vision come much closer to reality – even though we are still in a speculative “what if” scenario here. In addition, I am in contact with a respectible number of girls and trainees from all over the world, who would be eager to participate in such an endeavour immediately. So, what does this concept look like? Well:

I was describing it as, basically, a boarding school for bimbos, and that is exactly what we are talking about here: Imagine a luxurious real estate, somewhere in central Europe, with enough rooms and space to continuously house a certain number of girls who would like to become perfect bimbos, a gym, wellness and beauty areas and classrooms. Because of how long a complete bimbofication takes (especially if the girls need to get into shape, getting a PERFECT bimbo body, etc.) and because of how much there is to learn for a PERFECT bimbo, following the standards of the PBA, it would be necessary for the students to stay for quite a while. This would be made as comfortable as possible for the trainees, with the possibility to leave at any point, or just to go on shopping trips, parties, vacations, etc.

Imagine, there is a “first batch” – the first class of PBA trainees at the Academy Campus, what could they expect? Of course, the ultimate goal would be to make PERFECT bimbos out of all students – but how would that be achieved?

Five days a week, there would be a timetable and a course plan (like in a real school), with different courses, training sessions, lessons, etc. These would contain, for example:

– Bimbo theory courses, following the PBA framework: Bimbo ideology, bimbo mindset studies and theoretical bimbofication concepts. This also includes: Etiquette and behaviour (a bimbo should be the perfect female accompaniment, no matter if a man is in a strip club, a 5 star restaurant or in a business meeting!)

– Practical courses, following the PBA framework: How to walk gracefully in high heels (supervised by professionals), how to sit, how to stand, etc., more “sexual” practical courses, etc. The main goal would be to provide the student with the toolset to always be the most graceful, most attractive, most sexy and most elegant woman in the room.

– Workout and gym training, supervised by professionals to achieve a perfect bimbo body. Every student would get an individual workout plan to get the best body shape possible for a bimbo – in combination with tailor-made diet/nutrition plans, for maximum health and a perfect body.

– Training courses for poledancing, stripping, dancing, etc. – done by professionals.

– Styling courses given by professionals: Hair styling, nail design, beauty procedures, skincare, make up, fashion, etc.

– Consultations with specialists in the areas of: Plastic surgeries, dermatology, beauty treatments, etc.

Five days of the week would be pretty much filled up with different courses and classes – the “bimbofication bootcamp” if you will. But this alone wouldn’t result in perfect bimbo dolls, so what else could the trainee expect?

– All necessary beauty treatments, cosmetic procedures and surgeries to achieve a perfect bimbo body. This would include: Breast enlargements, liposuctions, rhinoplasties, lip enhancements, extensions, bleachings, fake nails, botox & hyaluronic acid injections, tanning, etc. (depending on the student).

The trainees would be provided with everything they need and everything that makes their stay as comfortable and fun as possible, even though it would be hard work. In the end – every student should leave the Academy as a PERFECT bimbo doll, following the PBA definition and framework.

Of course, a trainee who is accepted at the PBA as a student would have to qualify in some aspects (f.e.):

– She must follow ALL the PBA rules at ALL times.

– She must have PBA suitable goals: F.e. A trainee aiming for anything LESS than 2000cc breast implants can not stay at the Academy. (General directions: Maddison Fox, Paulina J. Candy, KissApril, Candy Charms, Andrea Christine, Katy Ann, Lolo Ferrari, etc.)

– She must be absolutely dedicated, regarding her bimbofication.

Sounds good, right? Well… even though some opportunities opened up recently… the whole concept would need a lot of money to work. I mean A LOT of money. This is why I asked my followers on IG and twitter if they would donate money to such a cause, and many of you replied positively. However, because we are talking shittons on money here, there would have to be some sort of tier system. Currently I am thinking about something like this:

– Low level donors (~$100) would get text updates on how the Academy is running and maybe pictures every now and then.

– Mid level donors (~$1000) would get pictures of the girls, more detailed updates about the bimbofication stages, etc. maybe videos and/or camshows.

– High level donors (~$10.000) would get frequent updates, pictures, cam sessions with the girls, chat sessions with the girls – a guaranteed place at the Academy for a trainee (wife, SO, sub, etc.), maybe a party with the girls at a different location – having fun… “getting to know them”, etc…

– Master level donors (significant money) would get right of co- determination regarding which trainee is accepted at the Academy, possibility of personal patronage of girls and receive the physical location of the Academy with all time access…

Because you can imagine how expensive this whole project would be, it would be absolutely dependend on very wealthy donors who want to change the world and get as many perfect bimbo dolls as possible out there. This means that without these wealthy people, this project will never happen, which is the reason why I don’t ask for donations of my readers now, nor do I ask trainees to send me an application mail at this point. What I do instead, is ask a potential reader with a Ferrari as his third car in the backyard, who could imagine participating and shaping this project to write me an email. No donation – just an email. Let me know if you are out there, let me know if you could imagine supporting this concept. I am sure we can make something out, if you have your own ideas. It is important to mention that I would provide only a VERY limited number of “Master level donor” slots – so if you want to be on the list, write me an email now. If there are more than a few people who want to shape the project, only the ones who contacted me while there are places left on the list will be taken into account.

Your message and your contact information will be handled with maximum discretion!

And please, to everyone else: As long as you don’t hear anything new from this – it’s not going to happen! Don’t ask me for updates or “if some rich guy mailed me” – I won’t provide any information and I won’t update, unless there is something significant happening. So, don’t bother sending me questions about the state of the project. If there is something new – I’ll let you know.

And yes, of course all students would wear tailor-made, suitable PBA bimbo schoolgirl uniforms on campus while courses are taking place…

3 thoughts on “A Real Life Pink Bimbo Academy? A broad concept

  1. Would you ever consider training and transforming a male assigned at birth into a bimbo at yout academy?

    I would love to be trained and transformed.

  2. Would you ever consider training and transforming a male assigned at birth into a bimbo at yout academy?

    I would love to be trained and transformed.

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