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As some of you might know, I like to bring you a rolemodel article after we had a lesson or rule post about a certain aspect of bimbofication to point out what I tried to explain in the respective paper by means of showing you a doll that is outstanding in that precise aspect. This time we might even have a double-rolemodel-post for the element I want to bring your attention to, but first things first: What is the paper we need a rolemodel for and who is the first girl we are going to talk about?

Of course, the lesson I am speaking of is the last bimbo training paper “A bimbo always showcases her nipples”. I strongly recommend you to read that rule and the article first, otherwise you won’t understand why todays rolemodel does such an outstanding job and is so good at putting this basic bimbo rule into practice. And who is todays doll? Well, it is super cute and beautiful Amanda Breden – a face you might recognize even from the times before she had her breast augmentation, because one of her old pictures was used as a caption in the online bimbo community quite extensively, not talking about huge, enhanced tits for a change, but about the sweet, positive and kind nature of bimbos. So let’s get started.

The beautiful, Swedish princess we have here, is a fantastic example of the cute, girly babygirl bimbo, a blond, little princess that is as adorable as sexy. Amandas long, blond hair has not only the perfect, bimbo suitable tone, the length is also almost bimbo perfect – but of course: the longer – the better. Her hair frames a beautiful, sweet, rounded face shape, which creates the typical “babygirl bimbo vibes”, amazingly supported and countered with make up in the correct spots. Big, bright, green eyes and a sweet snub nose underline this emanation, together with midly puffy, enhanced lips. You might remember Amanda from another lesson post we recently had – the one about the mandatory bimbo smile, in which I used her as an example, which is no wonder, because her sweet, positive, heartwarming, feminine smile is exactly what I wanted to showcase (no wonder her picture was used in a captation about the positivity bimbos spread!).

Sadly, Amanda doesn’t show off her whole body that regularly these days (at least on her Instagram) – apart from her cleavage – even though she should totally do this, regarding the fact that we do have a very nicely shaped, bimbo suitable, smooth and toned body here to look at. Beautiful, long legs? Check! Flat belly? Check! Nice butt? Check! Attractive hip to waist ratio? Check! And…. no visible tattoos? DOUBLE CHECK! Yes, her smooth, pristine skin doesn’t seem to be covered with “ink”, which is a refreshing and almost unique view these days! A bimbo shouldn’t befoul her silky skin with smut and distracting bullshit – something most girls overall – and sadly many bimbos too don’t seem to understand nowadays. Though she did enhance her rack, obviously, Amanda wouldn’t pass the basic bimbo rule about bimbo suitable boobs. Barely? Difficult to say, but I guess that none of us would complain if this little angel would decide to go MUCH bigger, especially when 2000cc implants seem to be the new default standard for bimbos these days. This brings us to the reason why Amanda was chosen as todays rolemodel: Her amazing practice of showcasing her nipples in the exact right ways, exactly how a bimbo should and exactly in the way I described in the beforementioned, last lesson article:

Amanda makes use of ALL the different techniques for a bimbo to draw attention to her big boobs and showcases her nipple, more or less ALWAYS, precisely how a bimbo should do it. Either, different bimbo suitable shirtcuts and necklines are chosen by her, revealing a deep cleavage, just barely showcasing her areolas, with the help of dangerously scanty boobs windows, side boob cuts, underboob cuts or extremely low necklines – EXACTLY how I descirbed it and EXACTLY how every bimbo should do it, and/or she makes use of thin fabric and/or white see-hrough clothes that let her nipples pierce through the material in a very obvious way, clearly leading every gaze to her rack. THIS is the bimbo way and precisely what I was talking about in the beforementioned rule article. The fact that she uses at least one of these methods for nearly any picture she posts, makes her the perfect rolemodel to illustrate this basic bimbo rule – together with the other rolemodel we will talk about soon, as promised above. Nevertheless, this is what I would expect you bimbos and bimbo trainees to do each and every day – and what I would expect you bimbo trainers to enforce with your trainee(s). Take this sweet little angel as your go-to when it comes to showcasing nipples, to choosing a bimbo suitable dress/top/shirt-cut and to leading attention to your boobs. The power of these techniques becomes obvious, once you realize, that this cutie by no means draws level with the bimbo rolemodels with MUCH larger tits, but still manages to make her cleavage the center of attention and also manages to let the heart rate of any bimbo lover go up, even though those might be used to much larger implants. So any bimbo trainee who wants to take away something from this: This is what you should do – and if that’s still not enough, also take beautiful Amanda as your leading example for the bimbo suitable smile, as I mentioned above. Keep the three lesson articles in mind (one, two, three) Amanda is following so applaudably and try to go after her. This is how it is done!

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