Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: A bimbo always showcases her nipples”

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

– Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Thought your most hated, cosmic, patriarchal, eldritch horror from the depths of olden times in which femininity actually meant something (yeah, talking about the 80s-90s again) was dead and burried, right? No, far from it, I just have very little time to spend on the PBA currently, but that is something you should have gotten used to by now. So, for now I am back with a new lesson article for all of you, and it is about perfect bimbo tits again…

Though we already completed the series about the perfect bimbo tits quite a while ago, there is a neverending stream of new content concerning the tits of bimbos, which is no wonder, because this topic is easily one of the most important factors in all of bimbofication. After the series was finished, we had a look at different shirt cuts suitable for bimbos and at different rolemodels with very… “noticeable” prime features, like, for example, the astounding, beautiful Maddison Fox, the angelic Andrea Christine or the amazing princess “InstaBarbie”. What we never tackled before, even though it SHOULD have been a part of the PBA perfect bimbo tits series – are the nipples of bimbos. Yes, we mentioned it here and there, like in the beforementioned shirt cut lesson, or the article about nipple piercings or pasties (and all of these will play a role in this post) – but there never was a series about “the perfect bimbo nipples” as a part of the perfect bimbo tits. We might not -really- create a full series about this – but over time, additional articles will complete this topic and add all important factors to it. Today, we are looking at one of the primary rules, regarding the nipples of a bimbo, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, at least not if you already read the beforementioned articles already. But as a start, we are going to postulate a basic rule, derived from already established lessons and articles:

A bimbo always presents her nipples – in (at least one of) three different ways.

So, this already is the basic rule. But why and how? First, let’s talk about the “why”:

We already talked about the fact, that the breast of a woman are a STRONGLY, sexually charged body part that most men don’t only associate directly with femininity, but also find extremely arousing and sexually interesting. This, of course, is one of the main reasons, why huge, enhanced tits play such a big role in bimbofication and are arguably, the most important feature of a bimbo. It shouldn’t surprise you, that the nipples, as parts of the breasts of a bimbo, also play a big role when it comes to the bimbo persona and are another cobblestone in the road to bimbo perfection.

Your nipples have thousands of nerve endings, many more sensitive than most other parts of your body, which make them highly responsive to even the slightest external or internal stimuli – physical or psychological. No matter, if we are talking about the fabric of your attire brushing against your skin, an arousing thought, or a change in temperature – all of these things, and many more, can cause your nipples to become hard and erect – and therefore very visible, even through your top. So, there are many reasons why your nipples erect, but the most important one (because, as sexual creatures, men will ALWAYS think of this as the one and only reason) is the reaction to sexual arousal:

So men perceive women with nipple erection as sexually aroused.” – Prof. Rebecca L. Burch, State University of New York (

For sure, this is a topic for another day (maybe we do need a series about bimbo nipples…), but just very briefly explained:

Oxytocin release is responsible for the nipple becoming erect with excitement and stimulation, caused by contraction of smooth muscle underneath the skin of the areola which pulls on the overlying skin creating a goosebump-like effect. As the breasts continue to receive stimulation, oxytocin continues to be released into the bloodstream, which has it’s most intense effects within the first five minutes after release, but can continue to increase contractions for up to an hour. But as breast stimulation continues, so does release of oxytocin. What this translates into is more intense uterine orgasms as well as the feeling of having your whole body involved in your orgasm. Also, about 1% of women can experience an orgasm just from having their breasts and nipples stimulated, which is called the oxytocin pathway to orgasm. Oxytocin is also responsible for that tingly feeling after sexual arousal and/or orgasm, as well as a sense of sexual satisfaction.” – MD Madeleine M. Castellanos (

Erected nipples are one of the first signs of sexual arousal in women – and there can be a swelling of the nipples up to 25%!

The sexual connotation is explained – and it DOES have a statistically significant effect on men and their behaviour towards women:

Following the first study, which found out that men do associate errected nipples with sexual arrousal, conducted by a team of psychologists from the State University of New York ar Oswego, a second study discovered, that men drastically change their behaviour and attitude if they are confronted with a female with visibly errected nipples: The participants were shown pictures of women with errected nipples and without – followed by questions like if the participant would lend the specific girl $100 or help her out if her car was broken down. The results were clear:

Men perceived women with nipple erection as more deserving of altruism, especially if that altruism involved greater interaction with the woman, and they expected these same women to behave more altruistically toward them. (…) They also believed the women with erect nipples should be included in their social groups.” – Research team (

This can easily be explained with the favorable condition of sexual arousal a woman might be in – which of course, makes this a no-brainer-rule for all bimbos, who are THE definitve feminine, sexual creatures. But there might be an additional incentive for bimbos to emphasize their nipples and show them off: Directing and controlling attention. We already discovered MANY different ways for a bimbo to grab, control and lead attention to different parts of your body or to you in general (for example, the lesson about applying lipstick) – but more than one time, we spoke about different possibilities to direct the gaze of observers directly to your most important assets: Your big, bulging tits. This can, of course, be done by catching the stare of your observer and leading him directly to your neckline with your own eyes, with different neckline cuts and with other little helpers – but also, your nipples are the natural, main attention grabbers overall. Of course, a true bimbo makes use of all these techniques combined all the time, but using your nipples as a focus point for men especially, is something we didn’t talk about before, even though, it is a VERY powerful tool in the arsenal of a bimbo doll.

Coming to the practical part, there are four different ways to show off your nipples, like a good bimbo:

1. The most obvious thing is to be “naked”, or to wear no top and bra at all. Of course, this is a valid method for a bimbo to showcase her tits, but on the one hand, lets not forget, that a true bimbo is never “completely naked” and that nice lingerie can support and enhance the appeal of your tits and sometimes let them appear even more sexy and beautiful than if they were just naked – and on the other hand, that, in most cases, a bimbo isn’t really able to walk around with bare breasts in public. So – valid – but a special case and often surpassed by the other three methods:

2. Second option is to make use of special shirt cuts and neckline styles, for example the “Impossibly low neckline” – that actually reveal a certain part of your nipples, most usually, partially, the areola. This is a VERY effective technique and enables a bimbo to immediately direct any attention to her tits, like it should be. Useful necklines for this technique are usually: The “Impossibly lock neckline”, the “side boobs”, the “inner sideboobs”, the “boob window” and the “under boobs” neckline styles.

3. Third option to showcase your nipples, is also related to another lesson paper we studied in the past: The one about “Wearing tops and bras one size smaller” – specifically, point “C”. The fabric of your top/dress/bra is thin enough, and the size of the piece is small enough to let your nipples visibly pierce through the fabric. This also, is a VERY effective technique and guarantees your tits the attention they deserve. This option can profit from nipple piercings, making your nipples even more obvious.

4. The last option is to make use of some “see-through fabric”, no matter if we are talking about semi-transparent fabrics or thin, white tops that lets your nipple shine through. Lately, many girls on Instagram have been using this technique to showcase their nipples, without being banned for nudity – but I wouldn’t advise anyone to jump on this bandwagon on IG, because at some point the platform will catch up and ban you for this work around. However – for a bimbo, outside, this IS a valid option to draw attention to her tits.

Every bimbo should make use of at least one of these techniques ALWAYS – at all times, under all circumstances!

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