Style Check

Done right:

Finally some leopard print! The call of the wild as perfect short dresses, skin tight and revealing. A bimbo can’t go wrong with leo print, no matter if its a natural style (right) or in black and pink, which a real bimbo should prefer (left). Often associated with big titted trophy wives (which a bimbo should become in the end), the exotic leopard print pattern, calls for the very basic instincts of every man and is regarded as trashy and slutty by many envious, boring girls who don’t have the courage or the type of body to dress and behave like a real bimbo doll. These two girls have no problems with that: Beautiful, long, blonde, curly hair, tanned skin and fairly big tits. The dresses show enough of their boobs, they are tight and have the perfect length. I love the transparent plateau stripper heels of the right bimbo, decorated with a pink strap, although they would be more fitting to the left doll, who seemingly only had some simple, black pumps.

Done wrong:

I think you would agree with me, when I say, both of them could use some bigger tits and longer hair. That’s a no-brainer. The bimbo on the left should lose some weight, not much, but a litte. Her shoes are simply to plain and modest. Get some nice pair of stripper heels, girl – maybe something in pink, matching the color of your short pink leopard print dress. The selection of the jewelry seems a little bit uninspired and could use some improvements, but isn’t a gamebreaker. I think these are two dedicated bimbo trainees on the right way – and I’m happy that leopard print is something that will never go away from the bimbo lifestyle.

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