6. BBF – BBFs generate more bimbo/party output

This time we have to dig deeper in the mechanics of social engineering, in order to explain the phenomena this lesson is all about and the direct consequences and benefits it can produce for the bimbo and the trainer. When you are out in the clubs, on parties or other events, you are very likely to make two very specific, empirical observations: 1. Pretty and sexy girls, especially bimbos, tend to stick together and form groups. Although, the well known “ugly friend effect” is something you can see in real life, where pretty girls surround themselves with only average or just ugly girls in order to stand out and appear even prettier, this pairing is usually an indicator for some malfunctioning social skills or damaged self-image, and doesn’t happen very often in the bimbo subculture (though sadly it does occur in the gimbo scene more frequently.). 2. You can see, apart from flocks of bimbos and separate groups of average girls, big groups of guys with no attractive women in sight. Imagine what some of the bimbos might think about those men belonging to those groups. Without digging to deep in the systematics of pick up techniques and tools, it is very easy to estimate the thoughts of those girls: Those guys are of very low social status and not a proper target for any private or sexual intercourse. These thoughts result from the fact, that groups of girls do practice a fairly complex and complicated system of social engagements, mechanics, rules and interactions. Groups of bimbos are no exception here! Though some aspects may be different to groups of “normal girls”, some are less and some are even more complex. We’ve already spoken about many of those social rules Bimbos tend to follow in groups, many of them are very benefitial to the BBFs and the trainer at the same time. These benefits alone are a motivator for bimbo girls to get together in groups (see here, here, here and here), but are not the only reasons for dolls to form flocks. There are factors like the cheerleader effect (we also briefly mentioned in one of the last posts) and rules like “birds of a feather flock together” (which is true!) and aspects we will approach in future lessons, but today’s article is not about “why bimbos attract other bimbos and why that is benefitial for both, the bimbo and the trainer” but about there mere fact that groups of bimbos attract even more bimbos. The social value of a bimbo is depending on her sex appeal, her beauty, her style and the people she interacts with. This concerns men and other girls too. I don’t have to mention, that enjoying high social status, is a major point for many bimbos and something she will care about by chosing her contemporaries. Being in a group of highly attractive other bimbos, lets her not only profit from the many benefits we already mentioned, but positions her in a highly frequented and demanded group of girls: Everybody wants to deal with them. Every guy would like to spend some time with those girls, even the best looking men want to take one of those girls home for at least one night. Everyone wants to have a party with those girls, even the boring, “normal girls” would like to hang out with them (although they often won’t admit it), or BE LIKE THEM. In order to prevent social status damage to the elite group of bimbos, members of those group won’t easily accept elements that could harm the high social value of the bunch. Birds of a feather however (other hot looking bimbos, that could raise the social value even more) can have a much easier time to get accepted by the group. The higher the social value of your group of bimbos is, the more it is in demand and the more dominant it appears in its cultural surroundings (you all know these kind of movies where an elite group of hot girls govern everything and everyone?). This means the ideal conception of those bimbos (which you partially control and influence) can become a guiding principle for others (establishing big silicone tits, sky high heels, short micro skirts, being a bimbo, a.s.o.). This dominance will strengthen the self-image of your bimbos, strengthen the effort they will do to take further steps in their bimbofication and will drive more high-value bimbos in the arms of your group, bringing all benefits we already talked about with them as new BBFs. As you can see we have a win-win situation for bimbos and other bimbos, trying to get together. But what about the guys, what about the trainer, what about YOU? What is your benefit from this, apart from enjoying the benefits your bimbo and her BBFs get? We already talked about those big groups of guys, hanging around together with no hot bimbo girls in sight. They do not profit from a large group of hot BBFs and most likely never will. With you, encouraging your bimbo to gather other hot girls, being in the company of many sexy bimbo dolls, this group of hot bimbos around you, is so called “social proof” and will get you even more of them. Outside of the pick up scene, this is often called “the Hugh Heffner syndrome”. The social proof communicates to other dolls, that you are a high status male and must have something about you, because of all these perfect girls swarming around you. This renders you intriguing and attractive to other girls, what will bring great advantages, which we will talk about in future articles (Chances to get more influence over more girls, chances to get some sexual adventures with your girls etc.). Apart from all those social rules, many pretty girls simply like other pretty girls. Especially if they are sexy, well dressed and seem to have fun and a hell of a party. And who doesn’t want to have some friends of the same kind? Some people you can hang out with, exchange some thoughts (about clothes, make up, heels, sex and so on) and have a good time with? You should encourage your bimbo(s) to embrace other bimbos, maybe its her next new BBF – and we already learned how important and benefitial these relationships are. Don’t forget: The bigger the group of your hot bimbos is, the more other bimbos it will attract. Win-win for everybody – so, even if there are many other ways to get to know more and other bimbos, always stand behind your doll and her BBFs to embrace new barbies to the group!

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