Bimbo Uniforms – Legwear: Knee High Tube Socks

When it comes to legwear, there is only a small variety of items a bimbo can pick from. Trousers, pants and pantyhose are an abolute no go for every bimbo doll – though many people would praise the benefits of yoga pants (which a bimbo should only wear to the gym, in my personal opinion). Apart from fine, sexy, classy stockings, there is a special item, which is highly regarded in the bimbo culture: The typical bimbo knee high tube socks. Usually made from cotton (~75%), polyester (~20%) and spandex (~5%), these items convey a totally different sense of sex appeal than stockings, which, however, is in no way inferior. While stockings provide a bimbo with a classy, posh and plush touch, which often renders them as adult bimbo women, these knee high tube socks furnish a bimbo with a more girly, young and playful type of sex appeal. This doesn’t mean, that every bimbo 25+ isn’t allowed to wear these socks or an 18 years old doll can’t wear stockings –  by no means! Frequently, exactly these contrasts make a bimbo really sexy. A 19 years old, little doll trying to appear a little bit more experienced by wearing stockings, or a 30 years old bimbo, in a way to small cheerleader outfit, wearing those knee high tube socks, letting her younger self take control? That’s what I’m talking about! As you can see, regardless of age, every bimbo should have and wear these knee high tube socks in order to increase her playful and girly appeal. This legwear serves the same feelings, as the knee high socks we talked about in our school girl lesson, and can be worn to any sexy, girly outfit and to any casual occasion (or in bed). The differences between the school girl socks and the “bimbo tube socks” are, that these items can come in any color, while the school girl ones are always pure white, and that these tube socks often have one to three horizontal stripes on the upper part, and/or some typo on them (saying “Bimbo” for example). In addition, these socks are often made from a much thicker material or consistence than the schoolgirl ones. Most common are color patterns of pink – white and black (don’t pick more than TWO different colors!). You can see many girls in the bimbo culture, wearing these socks with pride regularly, like Chloe Khan or Andrea Cohen, so you can get some inspirations from them easily. I suggest wearing peeptoe stripper heels with a matching color in combination with these sexy, girly socks (see first picture).

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