Bimbo training – “Bimbo postures and movements: Showcasing your tits – Squeezing and pushing up“

By now you have mastered our lessons about sitting, standing and walking – hopefully. We’re going to add another feature to all three of these lessons, which you have to learn, practice and master. Until now, all these lessons had in common, to mainly present your legs, your movements and to let your overall look shine. Although it was mentioned in each of these lessons, that you have to push your tits out and maintain a hollowback, we are now going to primarily talk about your tits and how you can present them in the best way possible, while standing, sitting or even walking. This “in detail look” is absolutely necessary, because of the special role big tits play in the world of sexual attraction and especially in the bimbo subculture. Big, enhanced tits are the absolute and definite pride of every bimbo doll and should be treated and shown in an appropriate way. If you already accommodated your body shape by one of the basic bimbo rules, you have every right and reason to proudly show your tits to the world and enjoy the attention and desire. All rules described in the lessons mentioned above remain in force, but are now extended by the technique you will learn in this lesson. Rolemodel KissApril, our first example, shows you how to perform this technique while sitting, while our second picture shows you a movement you can perform while walking or standing, as an excuse to execute the technique this lesson is about. Our third picture shows Rachel Aldana, performing this posture with her big natural boobs, which is nice to look at, but not as effective or sexy in the slightest as if she had silicone or saline enhanced tits.

Practice this in front of a mirror. Learn how much pressure upwards and sideways you have to apply to let your tits appear as big, round and voluminous as possible! Once you have mastered this, you may imagine many different reasons to squeeze your tits between your arms in public, no matter if you are sitting, standing or walking. You can perform this even while following our lesson on “how to pick things up”, if you use both hands to grab the item of interest. A posture like in our second picture is a perfect example for a sexy excuse to perform this technique and lets her arms frame her tits in addition – a definite eyecatcher. This will make it impossible for every counterpart to avoid only looking at your neckline and your big tits – or thinking of something else than having his dick between those squeezed tits – and that’s how it should be!

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