Bimbo role model – Loredana Chivu

Often I use the words “elegant”, “classy” and “stylish”, mostly in my posts about certain styles, dresses or accessories regarding the bimbo culture – and the girl always coming to my mind is her: Loredana Chivu, our next bimbo rolemodel! Does she need bigger tits as a bimbo rolemodel? Well, of course she does! But that is not the only thing defining a bimbo rolemodel. Loredana represents a complete sub-style in the bimbo culture, of which there are many: There is the “sweet-girly-sexy-naive-cute bimbo style”, which is defined by the color pink, girly accessories (like Hello Kitty, Barbie and so on), there is the “porn-bimbo-look”, with giant tits and lips, slutty clothes, of course there is the “dark-sexy gimbo style” and many more, each of them having its own rolemodels and representatives. However, this doesn’t mean a bimbo can’t be part of many of these bimbo sub-styles, or that she couln’t shift between them (in fact, every good bimbo does that!) – but Loredana is somewhat defining the look of another bimbo sub-style: The classy, elegant, stylish bimbo! Have a look at this perfectly shaped body. Those endless legs, that waist, her precious and beautiful face, her long, blonde hair, that softly tanned skin, her amazing make up skills and her fantastic taste and sense for style and fashion! This girl knows how to dress with style! She seems to have something spare for stylish bodycon dresses, jewelry and long robes with big side vents – a perfect choice for such a doll! This is a bimbo that benefits more from the colors of gold and silver than from the color pink – and you can tell she is used to the luxury of having plenty of these styles to chose from! This is not a simple girl, this is a work of art and an expensive piece of luxury, like a shiny, new Ferrari! So, if I’m talking again of “elegant” or “classy” designs or outfits in upcoming posts, remind yourself of this fantastic and sexy bimbo doll – it is very likely I’m talking about her style!

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