Bimbo Uniforms – Color theory: Shades of pink

Something I really wanted to start for a while now: We’re going to learn about bimbo color theory, and of course, we’re starting with the elementary “national color” of world-wide bimbohood: The color pink!

Pink is a pale red color, which it takes its name from the flower of the same name.
According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and the romantic. When combined with white, it is associated with innocence. When combined with violet or black, it is associated with eroticism and seduction.
” (– Wikipedia)

Many guys and girls in the bimbo culture are mesmerized by this color, but could only explain their fascination with statements like “pink is the color of girls!” or “Barbie has everything in pink!” – though these comments may be true, it is very preferable for every bimbo doll to know exactly why it is always a good idea to chose this color palette, and for every bimbo trainer why he should support his doll to indulge in the world of shades of pink. Many gender activists nowadays claim, that the well known color coding of newborn babies is a modern idea which doesn’t originate in the past, that the color pink used to be a color, that didn’t had any gender identity at all and was used by men on a regular basis. This is indeed true: Even in the 1920s pink wasn’t associated with femininity, but had a working-class connotation which for example is reflected by the famous novel “The Great Gatsby”, where Gatsby shows up in a pink suit and is criticized not for the feminine touch of it, but for his resemblance with the style of the “lesser class”. This changed radically during the 1950s when mothers began to color code the items they gave to their newborn babies, with the boys receiving blue gifts and the girls pink ones. This may have been supported by the fashion industry, when, for example, famous star designer Elsa Schiaparelli (greatest rival of Coco Chanel) invented the color “shocking pink” (example “E”), which became her trademark in 1937. Since modern times, pink is strongly connected to the conception of femininity, cuteness, sexual appeal and innocence. Many pictures of attractive women in pink dresses have become cultural icons, like Jacqueline Kennedy in her soft pink robe or bimbo rolemodel and precursor Marilyn Monroe in her fantastic, pink dress in her famous performance for the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953) forever to be associated with seduction and sex appeal. Today, fashion (f.e. Moschino), pop culture (f.e. Barbie) and media (f.e. Legally Blonde) have cemented the color pink as the definite color for girls and everything that is feminine.

As we already could abstract from the associations mentioned in the wikipedia article, pink is connected to thoughts like “femininity”, “sweetness”, “seduction”, “charm”, “innocence” and “politeness” – all terms you would use, describing a perfect bimbo girl. What makes this especially interesting, is the fact, that pink manages to connect opposing terms, like “innocence” and “seduction”. This is one of the main factors why bimbo girls are so intriguing and fascinating: They connect the sweet, kind innocence of a little, naive girl with the seduction and sex appeal of a slut! This feeling can be transported just by the color choice she uses, no matter if it’s realised by make up or clothes. Using pink, as the strongest feminine color, a bimbo doll does not only make use of these factors, but she signals a strong, deliberate affiliation with everything related: Being feminine, being sexy, being girly, being a little Barbie doll – A powerful message!

There are many different variants of pink, each of them transporting a slightly different message:

“Light pink” (example “A”) and “pink” (example “B”) are soft variations and appear a little shy and diffident. These variants are perfectly fine to support the look of a naive, young bimbo and can create the feeling of an innocent or romantic situation or girl. “Hot pink” (example “C”), “deep pink” (example “D”) and “shocking pink” (example “E”) however are where the fun begins! These colors can be used to signal the presence of a naughty, girly, feminine, sexy and brattish, young, little bimbo girl. Here is where the power of feminine seduction and girly playfulness combine! Of course, there are many different shades of pink and familiar colors like magenta (example “F”), full pink (example “G”) and bright shades of purple (example “H”), which can also be used to enhance the feminine charisma of a bimbo doll (fun fact: The german language does distinguish between soft pink colors like A & B (”rosa”) and “strong” pink colors like C, D, & E (”pink”) – making those two different colors in germany.). Because it is the duty of every bimbo to display femininity and sex appeal the best and effective way possible, and because of the mentioned benefits of this color, every bimbo should try to use the color pink as often and frequent as possible! It is recommended to get any part of your wardrobe in these colors, no matter if it’s about your lingerie, your high heels, your stockings, your panties, your bras, your skirts, your dresses or your accessories! Have a look at our style checks, where we already identified many pink pieces, and honorably mentioned every single one of them (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4). Pink wigs, pink highlights in your hair, pink nails, pink patent leather, pink high heeled boots, pink make up (especially lipstick!) and pink jewellery are also most welcomed!

For gimbo girls pink is also a very, very recommended color (two examples in our second picture above!)! Use bright, neon pink accents in your black outfits, maybe pink hair, maybe pink patent leather. This creates a very exciting contrast, and does feature your dedication towards the feminine and girly gimbo attitude within the gothic subculture!

Pink is an extraordinary color and has a special place in the bimbo and gimbo scene. In fact, many bimbo outfits do allow a special pink version of otherwise regulated color palettes. I already mentioned pink Playboy bunnies and pink schoolgirls. Whenever possible, get the items you want in pink, combine it with white or black, to achieve different looks – and try to wear at least one pink piece every day!

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