Bimbo training – How a bimbo should sit: “The bunny moves – The bunny perch”

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This is our last “real” contribution to the bunny-bimbo topic, by keeping in mind, that the last entry on our list “the bunny greeting” isn’t a certified, “real” playboy bunny signature move – but is intended as a small recap of this series with a little observation I made while researching this topic. After you learned how to serve your master/partner/trainer and his guests like a real bunny, you deserve a little rest, right? Yes, right, but even taking a break does follow some rules as a bimbo bunny! We do know, that a true bimbo has to sit in the most sexy, most feminine manner, always maintaining that classy and aesthetically appealing look, but this counts only for bimbo dolls who are not in a serving role at that moment. You have to always be ready to accommodate every request and you have to signal this readiness in a clear and unambiguous way. Sitting down in a chair isn’t the right way to do that! The bunny perch does allow you to take a break, but it gives you the possibility to react to every wish immediatly, and it visually communicates to your partner/master/trainer and his guests that you are on duty, even while taking that short rest. In addition it showcases your legs and the rest of your body in an appealing way – if done right. A doll should always follow the rules of “how a bimbo should sit” – but a bimbo in a submissive role, that is on duty, can’t just sit down – no matter if it is a bimbo bunny or a bimbo maid. The perch is a very handy way to recover from servicing, while signalling readiness for action.

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