2018 is imminent – for most of us!

While I write these lines, 2018 has already begun – at least in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and some other places “on the other side of the world” – Happy new year to all of you guys, I know I have many readers from these parts of the planet! And of course: Happy new year in slight advance to all of you! 2017 was our second year on the blog, and I can’t believe what we achieved so far: Nearly 8000 followers, 245 posts, many rolemodels, lessons, stylechecks, bimbo items and so on and so on… and we began our second multiple parts series “The Perfect Bimbo Tits” where we roughly have reached 30% of completeness! As I already said here, we will go on with those things, continue our series and there is so much more stuff to come in 2018: I’m still looking for goth girls who want to answer some questions concerning beauty ideals in the goth culture, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. Anyway, I have some other stuff upcoming you guys will love, just wait for it 😉

I want to use this opportunity to say “thank you” again to all of you. Especially to my supporters, who bought some of my stuff I keep offering in my PBA merch shop (which will be updated early 2018!!! – It might be unavailable past 01.01.2018 but It will be back soon!) and of course to my patrons who keep supporting me on Patreon! Thank you very, very much! I appreciate your donations very much! Thank you. Though I haven’t really made some money over the past years with this blog, I am proud to say, that I donated most of it to aspiring bimbo doll Candy Plastique, who is still in need of money for her big, silicone tits! So I think I spend that money in your sense and you all will be happy seeing her tits in the near future. This is for all of us! But as a I said, we are not done there – So please… if you can help her out… have a look at her Patreon – it’s amazing. Thank you.

So, what else is left to say? Thank you again, for following me, for liking and reblogging, for supporting me, for being around here with me, for your kind messages, for your interesting questions and thank you to all the bimbo dolls and trainees out there, who do anything to become what we all love so much! I wish everyone a happy new year, a glorious 2018, may all your wishes come true, hope you stay happy and healthy and I do hope many of you dolls have made some New Year’s resolutions regarding how you can become even better, more perfect bimbo dolls. Cya all in 2018!

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