Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: Bimbo perfection can’t be achieved – You can approach it asymptotically! Try to get there!

Lay back and enjoy the last major post this year!

“WHAT? A MATH CLASS IN BIMBOFICATION??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?” Calm down, calm down… get ready for some bimbo math… yes, it’s necessary, and yes… this will be part of the next test. Just kidding. If you are overwhelmed by the numbers and arithmetic operators… Just go and get your trainer/partner/master, he will patiently help you to understand what this is all about. In a certain manner, those equations are anyway way more interesting for your trainer than for you, because they can help him to document your bimbofication and the progress you already made. What you have to know and understand:

Absolute bimbo perfection is a state no bimbo on earth could ever hope to achieve. No matter if there are people, calling some bimbo “a perfect bimbo” or saying “this is bimbo perfection”. This phrase is a sheer idiom to express absolute esteem and deep respect of the level of mastery a certain bimbo goddess has reached. Bimbo dolls who advanced to a level of bimbo perfection which is far beyond most other girls do deserve praise like that, but even those are by no means “complete” or “done with their bimbofication”. There is always room to advance, always aspects that could be better, bigger, tighter, shorter… whatever. There are always things that can be improved, like bimbo movement, posing, walking, speaking, general behaviour, dancing, having sex, etc. etc. Your tits could be a little bit bigger? Your legs a little bit longer? The skirt a little bit shorter? You body a little bit tighter? Are your lips “cock sucking big” enough? Are your make up skills the best on earth? Do you dance in a way that lets pants explode? Is your nose, really, really, perfect? Can you have any more extensions? Do you wear high heels any given minute a day? Is your skin already smooth and flawless like the finest silk? You get the deal. Bimbofication is an ongoing process, that continues indefinitely, with the goal in mind to become the perfect bimbo goddess, but without the hope of ever reaching that goal. Bimbofication is NEVER DONE. You can always go one step beyond. You can always do better. Never stop to make progress! Use any given minute to come closer to the ideal bimbo goddess! You can always become MORE PERFECT. And you should. Just because you can’t reach that meta goal, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Quite the contrary! By trying to reach that goal, you become more perfect with every step you take – meaning you approach absolute bimbo perfection asymptotically. This is our “first mathematical bimbofication law” (A).

If you are a geeky bimbo, you might know this effect from some sources like reaching Warp speed 10 in Star Trek… Impossible, but there is a vast difference in moving at Warp 9 and Warp 9.975

As we already said, bimbofication is the sum of many different aspects. Perfect bimbo tits are one example of those aspects, but there are many, many more, like hair, posing, walking, sitting, way of dressing, way of styling, a “perfect” bimbo body, everything we talked about above and many, many more. This quantity of aspects is an indeterminate volume. The mathematical intersection of all these aspects aggregated, results in the perfection level of bimbofication of a trainee. Progress in every single aspect follows the same rule of infinite approach to absolute perfection – You can come close to perfection in walking in high heels, but you will not achieve absolut perfection, even if you mastered every technique there is and walk like Marylin Monroe (who certainly did master this aspect in every possible way). All these aspects together result in your current level of bimbo perfection. This is our second mathematical function, “the bimbofication perfection function” ©.

As I already said: Don’t be daunted by these claims! Try to get better in every single aspect and try to reach absolute bimbo perfection! This is what bimbofication is all about! Be the best bimbo goddess you can be – and always go one step further!

For the trainers & bimbo trainees who want to use these formulas:

You can actually use these equations to document the progress your trainee makes over time. What you have to do, is to determine the indeterminate volume

of aspects (y) first. Pick every aspect you can think of and define the status of your trainee at any given point in time regarding every single aspect. Or just ditch the aspects you are not interested in or those which don’t play a role in the bimbofication of your trainee. Calculate the intersected graph with the bimbofication perfection function ©. Draw the newly created bimbofication perfection level graph for you and your bimbo to see (would help if you actually define a timeframe for “t”). Now you and your trainee can see what progress she already made, and makes over time. Feel free to use the examples I have given to roughly categorize the different states a bimbo can be, or change those or the different aspects of those steps.

Hope you guys like this one, this is the last major post for this year! This one is again in high res for everyone, because it’s end of the year 😉 Party hard and I hope to see you all again next year!

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8 thoughts on “Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: Bimbo perfection can’t be achieved – You can approach it asymptotically! Try to get there!

  1. You’re a fucking idiot. The word “asymtomatically” (Which is the word I think you are trying to use above is: 1.) Not the right word to use in the place you are trying to use it. and,
    2.) Not even spelled correctly, which is why I only THINK it’s the word you are trying to use.

    1. I’m sorry. As you can propably tell, English is not my first language. Do you have any word in mind that better suits what I’m trying to say? Otherwise I would just use your correction there. Thanks in advance.

    2. as·ymp·tote
      noun: asymptote; plural noun: asymptotes
      a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance.

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