The bimbo baptism – Bimbo names

Once a young trainee begins her bimbofication, and therefore slowly gets to know her own potential and her so far burried and suppressed bimbo persona, it is time for her to accept that up to now unknown facet of her own character and grant it a growing part in her whole life. It is not only a symbolic action (though a very strong symbolism is at work), but a move that actively helps the trainee to welcome her new bimbo persona, to be baptized and receive her new, special and very own bimbo name. Actually this procedure is something I already hinted to, when I answered to this question, regarding special problems which can arise in a long-term relationship. But this is not intended as a problem-solver primarily, it is the formal beginning of a new chapter of a girls life, so let’s have a look at the undeniable benefits of giving a bimbo her new name:

The split personality

Especially for a girl, who just started to accept femininity, her sexuality and her own bimbo persona, all aspect which are heavily suppressed in nowadays society, the separation of her newly discovered nature and her “normal” life can be deeply helpful. Many girls do feel shame and a feeling of inferiority when they make their first steps and try to use heavy make up, skimpy clothes, girly styles and sexy, revealing outfits – something they were  indoctrinated to hate, look down to and reject their whole life, even when they, somewhere deep down and unrecognized, had always a certain desire to give it a try. Many girls never wore high heels or stockings for sex (f.e.) – and they have a strong fear to just try it out – even in their own private bedroom with their partners (!), not speaking of daring to showcase themselves in public and benefit from and enjoy the attention they could get. Many girls never wore make up, because they don’t want to be regarded as a “dumb, attention-grabbing slut”! And it’s not only about styles: Many girls never dared to express their need for sex, or have ever said they love being fucked, let alone met their own desire by picking up a random guy or approached someone they would like to see in their bed. Often they suppress their own needs or the fun they want to have, just to get the possibility to shuffle off everything on their male partners: “HE always wants sex”, “HE made me do it”, instead of expressing their own needs and desires. And it doesn’t stop there: Many girls don’t even dare to express their pleasure in bed because they do feel shame of it! They never say what they want, they don’t make any noises when they’re getting fucked, they never shout something like “fuck me!” and have a deep fear of dirty talk. Awakening these long-supressed feelings and the nature of femininity is only one of the goals the process of bimbofication has. Splitting all these feelings and needs from their “normal” day-to-day personality and giving it a name CAN help a girl to learn to accept it during her first steps! It can make things easier for her to blame everything on “Cryztal, that slut, who loves to get fucked in her butt and screams in pleasure, while wearing pink stripper heels and stockings”, the character she “roleplays” for her boyfriend from time to time in the bedroom. During the first time, that strict separation, covers and protects the young trainee from shame and self-doubts – Cryztal is the one, who is a cheap bitch and needs to get her ass spanked – not herself! She could always argue, she just roleplayed or wasn’t accountable while she was playing her character. In addition, she can always switch from one part to the other, when she feels like it or isn’t comfortable at the moment. Over time, that strict separation should soften, when she learns to accept her needs and “everything Cryztal does” is just part of herself and part of a healthy, sexual desire, because we don’t want a real psychological split personality to emerge, but a healthy fusion of both characters. When there is no more shame to be felt, that division isn’t necessary anymore, for “she has become Cryztal” – just how it should be.

Give that thing a name

Names are powerful! Throughout the history of humanity names were a factor of power, could start or win wars and did shape history itself (Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Helena of Troy), by becoming greater then their bearer. There are even philosophical thoughts, that only the fact that things have a name decides over their true nature or even brings them into existence, or that the knowledge of the true name of something gives one total domination over it. Many people believe, that the name a newborn is given, decides over its character and its future – and of course, no one is save from generating a first impression of someone when they hear his or her name, based on the experiences they made and the social connotations a name is given (ask a German what he thinks about the name “Kevin”). I’m sure you are aware of that “don’t give that animal a name, I have to kill it!”-effect, where an animal suddenly gains personality just because a name was given to it, making it unkillable for many people, because they have the feeling they would commit a murder. Those special attributes we connect with certain names and the idea of summoning something into existence by mentioning its name, are additional reasons for a trainee to receive a new name: It becomes “real” then. Projecting everything she never would dare to say, wear, have or be into a new character and let it become a real part of her life, by giving it a name, is very powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated! “Trixie, the naive bimbo-schoolgirl” is now here, and she won’t leave any time soon!


I mentioned the social connotations names can have – and also this is very powerful and should be taken into consideration when a name is choosen. There is a reason why many people think about certain names the way they do. The symbolism of that name should be able to express everything our trainee projects into her bimbo persona end encourage it. This is something we will have a closer look at later in this article, but this is not the only symbolism we’re working with here: The “name-giving itself”, the “bimbo baptism” bears quite a lot of symbolism too. This is the point in time, were everything gets serious! From now on, the bimbo persona is a reality and bears a name, this is the start for a trainee to accept it and can refer to it with a certain designation! This has some very welcomed and interesting side-effects: By time, when the trainee learns to connect positive experiences, fantastic sex, sexual adventures and fulfillment with that name, she will not only get to love her new name, she will react physically and psychically to being addressed by that name. Hearing that name, which should work like a trigger- or code- word by time, let’s her immediatley think about sex and preparing her to get fucked. It is absolutely no rarity for a trainee to already get wet when she hears her name! Though that needs quite a lot of time, positive thoughts will be generated immediatly after the first positive sexual encounters. “She loved what her boyfriend did to her the whole night… and when he texted her the next morning “How is little Candy today? ;)” – she instantly recapitulated the last night in her head, already getting wet: “Little Candy is fine… and horny again ^^”“.

Roleplaying and the real deal – It’s the same

The bimbo name has many benefits for the trainee, and for the trainer also. Especially trainees who are not already familiar with the idea of bimbofication or are still in rejection of their own femininity and sexuality will find it much easier to see the whole “being Lola the bimbo stripper” only as a roleplay and nothing else, without realizing their bimbofication and her real life transformation has already begun. Roleplaying “Lola” can be used as a playful diversion in the bedroom, to give the normal sex-life a little kick, or maybe even as some kind of couples therapy, like I described in an answer to a question on the blog:

“[The idea is that] the stronger the emotional connection becomes between a couple of lovers, the more difficult it gets for them to… basically have dirty sex” – kinda like that. The idea behind that is, in order to have that “rough, dirty” sex, humans have to be able to reduce their partner in a certain manner and within bounds to a mere “sex object” or a “lesser subject and possibility for an increase in pleasure” (at least to a certain degree). While this means to “degrade” a partner in certain conditions, because the source for having the most wicked and lustful sex, for most humans, is to be found in their deepest and darkest inner abysses, due to the animal origin and primitive instincts our freudian “it”-self bears, progressing and evolving, “higher emotions” can suppress the “inner it” and its need to “degrade” the partner in order to just… fuck him or her in that special, dirty way. Simple said: Your partner simply respects and appreciates you “too much” in terms of those “high emotions”, to just reduce you to be his dirty, little slut again and vice versa. What you could try: Manifest your bimbo persona in a recognizably different way every now and then. When you want him to fuck you like you are his little whore again, establish “another yourself”, your bimbo persona so to speak for him to notice. Dress in a fitting way, behave in a certain way, give yourself a new name for those situations: The name of your bimbo persona! Names like, Candy, Sweetpie, Honey, Cryztal or babydoll are perfectly suitable for a bimbo persona. Let your partner know, that you are not any longer his girlfriend in those situations, but little, slutty “Ember” (f.e.), who does only want to be fucked like a whore… You can switch between your personas as you like – his respected and beloved girlfriend – and his little bimbo doll he can treat like he did before. This does work the other way around too! When you switch to your bimbo persona, try to be that “biggest slut you knew”, and let him treat you like you deserve it.

While these strategies do work, it is also a very strong tool to extend the idea of bimbofication into the real life of the trainee. As she learns to accept it through her character, she will adapt in her nomal life too! As you can see, using a bimbo name for roleplaying, can not only introduce great fun for both the trainer and the trainee in bed, but can also help to overcome some problems and even prepare a trainee for her real life bimbofication!

Hi! My name is…”

Being a bimbo has something to do with expressing her own body, femininity and identity. This is only natural, because bimbos not only tend to be the center of attention because of their stunning, sexy, beautiful and perfect visual appeal, which grants them well earned respect, attention, different benefits and worship – but also because it is part of their nature to be attention-grabbing and willing to be seen and adored. This is very welcomed and a productive part of the bimbofication! In modern times, this often means for a bimbo to create several social media profiles, in order to show the world her stunning sex appeal and to farm applause and admiration. This can also be necessary, when a trainee needs to gather willing donators and fans who help her gaining enough money for her next breast enlargement. Hence, this is the point for a trainee to come up with a name she will be famous under. And of course, it should be a fitting name for a bimbo. But also in the real world, when a trainee decides to have a job or maybe just a hobby with strong connotations and fitting for a bimbo, she has to come up with some sort of alias. So, no matter if “Sugar” is creating a profile on twitter to gather some fans, or if she starts a patreon channel to gain some donations for her new lips and her new tits, or if she starts an instagram page, just to show off, or if she is a stripper, a camgirl, an escort or a pornstar, or if she has an upcoming performance as a hobby- poledancer or stripper or model – she should use her bimbo name for that!

I now name you…”

The meaning of “the bimbo name” is very important to understand for both, the trainer and the trainee as well, and is best chosen by the trainer and has to be accepted by the trainee – but this is not a must. The trainee may very well choose her name for herself if she is on her own regarding her bimbofication. Regardless, there are some thoughts you should be aware of, no matter if you are  a trainee or a trainer:

1. First and foremost, the name should be fitting for the trainee! This is some sort of subjective feel and can’t be described objectively, but will express itself once the name is spoken or thought about. When either the trainer or the trainee says something like “that doesn’t feel right” or “I don’t like that name”, there is a great possibility the wrong name was chosen. Think about another one until it “feels right” and fits the trainee. This aspect can reflect itself in special, physical properties of the trainee: If the trainee is redheaded, it makes more sense to call her “Ruby” than “Blondie”.

2. The connection has to be right. If you ask a random pool of people “what is a stereotypical stripper name?”, most likely the same names will pop up all over: Trixie, Amber, Skye, Misty and so on… and this is a good thing. This means, that there is a strong connotation and a very strong connection between these names and certain activities like stripping, with a strong feminine and sexy feeling to it. This strong meta-feeling will sink into the trainee and strengthen all the effects we mentioned above. The stronger the stereotypical connection – the better.

3. The symbolism has to be right. While stripper names are a fantastic, general base to start from, not all of them possess something like a symbolic meaning to them. Of course “Trixie” is a perfectly fitting name for a bimbo, but “Candy” does have a meaning in the normal world with special thoughts, beyond the fact that it is a name often used by strippers: Candy – as sweets everyone likes to eat, sweet as sugar. These meta-meanings can generally be separated into four different categories:

a) Sweets and things that are sweet (how bimbos should be), for example: Honey, Sugar, Candy, Peach, etc.

b) Things that are regarded as beautiful, expensive, luxurious or pretty to look at (aspects perfectly fitting for a bimbo), for example: Cryztal, Diamond, Sapphire, etc.

c) Very feminine things or aspects that are considered girly or sexy (very fitting for bimbos), for example: Glitter, Princess, Angel, etc.

d) Names with a well-known pop cultural meaning (connected to sex appeal and femininity), for example: Babydoll & Sweet Pea (Sucker Punch), Glimmer & Perfuma (She-Ra, Princess of Power), Lolita (Lolita), Lola (Wet – The sexy empire), Barbie (Barbie), etc.

4. Avoid vulgar, primitive, degrading or disgusting names. It just doesn’t fit a bimbo. I never would have thought I would have to point that out, but many of you guys refer to some girls as, pig, slave, cunt or something like that. If the BDSM scene does find that appropriate, let it be – but bimbo girls deserve something better. When her name is spoken, it has to recall those aspects I wrote about above: Sweetness, femininity, sex appeal, elegance, “girlieness” and beauty.

5. Avoid harsh sounding names and such with a “non-feminine”-connotation. “Nikita”, for example is a name often chosen by strippers, but with a really bad taste to it. This name is not only very gritty and harsh in its pronunciation, in addition, it recalls memories of “tough, strong and very masculine power-women”, not afraid to pick up a machinegun and slaughter their way through masses of enemies. Though many men find that absolutely sexy, it is something absolutely NOT fitting for a bimbo girl and something we should get rid of at all! Avoid every name like that, names which are used by pop cultural characters that function as masculine power-heroines! In addition: Avoid edgy, gritty, harsh sounding names with a lot of consonants, especially “t’s” and “k’s” like “Kitty” or “Nikita” or “Trinity” (there are exceptions to this rule, when the name has a strong connection to one of the other aspects above, like “Cryztal” or “Babydoll”.).

6. The name should be smooth, easy, enjoyable, girly, feminine, sweet, sexy and harmonious. Think of pink, strawberry bubblegum!

Lastly, I want to give you a large list of well known, typical stripper names, collected by some caring guys online for inspiration:

Just for the sake of it and for fun, a stripper name generator:

And because it can function as a fun part and item for your bedroom-roleplaying, as symbolic gift of a trainer for the name-giving of his trainee or as a handy item when a group of bimbos is together, I endow you a template for a nameplate (standard ID-badge measurements: 3,375″x2,125″) you are free to use (last picture above. You can find a TIF (cant upload TIFs on Patreon 🙁 ) for my donators on my Patreon!). Just print it out, and write her bimbo name on the plate. You may want to buy a fitting badge online in order to clip the namecard on her uniform or dress. Have fun with it!

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  1. I find that as far as “realistic” names go, Italian names have the strongest natural bimbo essence. Like French names, Italian names have an elegant smoothness to them, but lack some of the somewhat arrogant overtones you get from French and have a very sultry quality.

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