Introduction to gimbo girls – The different sub-styles for gimbos

It has been quite some time since I introduced you guys to my idea about gimbos – a mixture of perfect bimbos and goth girls – I strongly advise you to go back in time (or just follow this link) and read that broad introduction to what I call “gimbo girls” – and it is absolutely time to further dive into that special category, besides special items, like corsets and high heeled boots, or posts about gimbo rolemodels. So let’s have a further look at what we are dealing with: Today I’m going to write about special sub-styles for gimbos. The gothic culture in general consists of a multitude of different sub-styles and sub-cultures, each of those with special dresscodes, dos and don’ts, dance moves, music and bands, general world views and special “rules”, partially strictly separated from each other and sometimes even in open rejection among themselves. But I won’t write about these styles in the gothic community, because this blog is dedicated to big titted, perfect, feminine bimbos and gimbo girls, not about subcultures like the gothic scene, so I can reassure my fellow followers, who are here to read about perfect girls with big tits: You don’t have to sit through a series about boring “normal” girls dressed in black and a style-movement you are not interested in, I promise you. To everyone who is interested in these meticulous differences and those special movements in the dark scene, I would refer you to the wiki article about gothic in general. But, then, what is this so called “mini series” about, you might ask. Good question! Well, my intention is to mainly do three different things:

1. Help to raise awareness and make goth girls great again!

The idea of bimbofication is pretty well known, and many normal girls do know about it. There are constantly new girls appearing in the bimbo community, and many, many young girls do alter their understanding of beauty, follow the way of bimbofication and try to achieve bimbo perfection. Though there can never be enough propaganda to spread the idea of bimbofication, until EVERY girl understands what she has to look like and what she has to do (something I try to support with this blog, of course), the idea of goth-girls becoming their own version of bimbos still is pretty unknown. Sure, there are some girls who already make their first, careful steps towards a perfect body and attitude, but there are far too few to make an impact and still, some of the most important features like giant, silicone tits are still not accepted in the gothic culture – even if gimbo role models like Dani Divine and Starfucked already did enhance their tits (slightly). I want to encourage goth girls to fully accept this idea and try to become goddesses amongst their fellow, female sisters in the dark scene. Yes. This is pure propaganda work to spread the word of bimbo-goths, with big, silicone tits, sky high heels, big, puffy enhanced, lips, perfect bodies, sexy, revealing outfits and girly styles. Bimbo + Gothic = IT IS POSSIBLE!

2. Give trainers who are not familiar with the gothic culture a helping hand!

Yes. It is absolutely tempting to take a pale girl, with short black hair, black, boring clothes, small tits and a non-feminine-, non-girly- attitude, and transform her into a perfect, blonde barbie doll, with massive boobs, giggeling and craving for sex, with tanned skin and always dressed in pink, revealing outfits. I do understand that – and I absolutely respect that. This is a valid way of bimboficating a normal goth girl into a full blown bimbo doll. But there are alternatives: What about taking the same base-material, but transforming her into a slutty and elegant version, with pale, giant, silicone boobs, cocksucking lips, covered with black lipstick, elaborate victorian hairstyles with massive extensions, a tight corset, an ultra short black mini skirt with some sexy stockings underneath it and some sky high, black, latex boots? Think about the perfect mixture of everything that is positive about goth girls and bimbos. This series will help trainers, who never had a goth trainee and don’t understand the gothic culture, to achieve just that.

3. Encourage goth girls and gimbo trainees to go further in their bimbofication and to find ways to connect their style with bimbo ideals!

If you are a goth girl, and are interested in the ideas of bimbofication – welcome! It’s good to have you here! You are the kind of girl very, very strongly needed in the gothic culture, and you will be part of the future of perfect goth girls. I understand how difficult this must be for you: On the one hand, everybody in the bimbo community keeps talking about blonde hair, tanned skin, bright, pink clothes and certain aspects which seem absolutely incompatible with the way of life you have chosen. On the other hand, everyone in the gothic community, including your best friends, is in absolute and aggressive opposition to the culturally propagated beauty ideals, those bimbos and barbies out there! So – what to do? Is it even possible to have the best of both worlds? Yes it is. And though the way may be tricky – you can do it! This series should help you and encourage you to become the best gimbo doll you can be, by connecting your styles and the aspects of the gothic community to the ideals of bimbofication. Together – we can make it, and you will be a goddess amonst your fellow scene-sisters and a guiding light and rolemodel for all the other goth-girls out there!

In order to start with those special elements we will have to categorize the material we will be working with. Please bear in mind, that I am NOT writing about actual sub-styles in the actual gothic culture, but only about certain sub-styles for gimbos in particular! As I already said in the beginning, if you are looking for a fitting representation of those sub-styles, again, I refer you to the Wikipedia and their article about gothic sub-genres. Though I will give a brief and general introduction to each of these styles, I will solely write about aspects and elements which are important and essential for gimbos (not goths) and we will encapsulate many different genres into just 5 different categories, so it doesn’t get confusing for anyone who isn’t into this stuff, even if some of you real goths might scream in vain about those generalizations:

1. Classic / Dark Romantic / Vampire / Dark Wave / Victorian

2. Cyber / Industrial / EBM

3. Steampunk / Medieval / Fantasy

4. Fetish / BDSM-Goth / Leather&Latex

5. Emo / Gothic Lolita

The reason why you might miss one or two different sub-styles here, is because they aren’t compatible with gimbo ideals. As I said, we will only talk about things that can be considered useful or mandatory on the way to become a perfect gimbo doll. This means, everything that shares some similarities with “Punk styles” or other “not aesthetically pleasing” elements is considered incompatible and will only be mentioned in direct prohibitions! Never ever think about shredding your stockings again…. just a hint for the upcoming articles 😉

So much about introductions. Next time, we will dive right into it. And until then: There are many bimbo rules which are absolutely mandatory for gimbo girls too! I will remind you in every future article, but be assured: Having tits as big as your head, accepting the necessity of plastic, never wearing flat shoes (only high heels!), never wearing pants, always looking as feminine, sexy and girly as possible, striving for perfection, never wearing pantyhoses (only stockings) and setting the standard for all the other girls, are only just a few of the basic, imperative bimbo rules that very much DO apply for gimbos and gothic girls as well!

Please, let me know what you think of this project! If you are a bimbo girl, trainee, lover or trainer, a goth girl or a gimbo trainee… I really want to know what you think of this! If this does interest you guys, I will write even more about this, like special make up lessons for gimbo girls and other special articles!

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