Gimbo Rolemodel – Emily Åström

So now we shall have a look at one of the more well known scene-models, shall we? After we talked about some goth rolemodels flying under the radar of most people, like Sambalina Roselli / Samantha Chambers

and Lucifera / Bobbi.666, we’re going to visit Scandinavia again, where nowadays most goth princesses seem to originate from and have a look at Emily Åström! Two things should strike your eye immediately: Yes, again, like gimbo rolemodels Starfucked and Dani Divine, here we have again a goth girl who is mostly at home in the fetish-corner of the goth culture, something we will have a look at in detail in the near future, like I announced in my post about sub-genres in the dark scene, and the second thing: Her tits! Oh yes, finally we have found a goth girl with some big enhanced tits, and while she is still far from respecting the basic rule for bimbo and gimbo girls, regarding the size of tits, she is far beyond the rather mild enhancements the beforementioned Dani Divine and Starfucked have made. For a goth girl, these boobs are really impressive and should be a guiding light for all the other girls in this subculture – Just see how amazing she looks and how amazing her sexappeal is with this enhanced rack! Definitely something more goth girls should do! This is proof of the allegations I made in the ongoing series about “the perfect bimbo tits” and why those assertions also affect goth girls, and not just bimbos! It just upvalues her complete style and takes it to a whole new level. But there are some more really fantastic aspects about this beauty: Of course, a really tight and slim, sexy body, an overall beautiful and hot appearance, some really good make up skills (something she’s giving advice on, directly aimed at goth girls on her youtube channel – gimbo trainees – Definitely have a look there!) and an exquisite taste in style and outfits. One more thing about her is pretty suited to be mentioned in another part about goth sub-genres: Emily performs gothic bellydance & tribal fusion dances, the gothic equivalent of bimbos practicing pole dancing, so to speak. We will talk about that in the respective part of that mini-series and surely mention Emily there again – but you can already see a proper style for that niche in the fourth picture above – really sexy! So, goth girls and gimbo trainees – you see how fantasticaly some big, enhanced tits improve the visual appeal of goth girls, take Emily as your rolemodel and do like she did: Go for some big, augmented goth tits!

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