Gimbo Rolemodel – Sambalina Roselli / Samantha Chambers

Ever wondered how a perfect symbiosis between a bimbo and a goth girl would look like? A true gothic bimbo – a gimbo, so to say? Well, here you go: Sambalina Roselli is our new gimbo rolemodel. I called her a symbiosis, and it is quite funny to see her with partly blonde hair, the default hair color for true bimbo dolls, and partly black hair, the default hair color for goth girls, in a quite symbolic way. That doesn’t mean, all bimbos have to be blonde, or that a gimbo can’t be a true goth doll without having dark hair, but that 50% division she did in some pictures, strikes me as an emblematic, figurative, meta-level picture, leaving no other thought than that of the blending of two worlds with the best of both sides combined. And let me state here: I definetly prefer her all blonde, but the symbolic power of her other option had to be mentioned in the first place. Her doll like face puts most bimbos to shame, with that perfect bimbo gaze, some seductive lips and her insane make up skills, which don’t come from nowhere, because this beauty is a professional make up artist and stylist, as is right and proper for a true b/gimbo. As if I hadn’t already talked enough about her hair yet, just look at those princess and doll like hairstyles, pieces of art and very complementing to such a little cutie. Her tits are sadly not really competitive amongst true bimbos, but in the gothic culture, that rack can be considered as outstanding and surpassing. She already did enhance those boobs, but with the basic rule in mind, let’s hope she increases again and goes for much bigger tits! With some breasts comparable to some of our bimbo rolemodels, this babe would rock every club and draw some well earned attention from the bimbo community – making everyone aware of the possibilities goth girls have to offer. She favours a mashup of goth- and bimbo styles, expressing herself in cute black and pink dresses, stockings, high heels, litte-girl accessories, supporting the “daddys little princess”-look, which excuses for the little amount of baby-fat she has – but a little work out would do wonders here. The only real downside here, at least for me, are her tattoos. I’ve already mentioned in other posts, that I can’t stand that excessive amount of ink on the perfect skin of such a doll, ruining that pristine, pale appeal and distracting from her body features. Sadly, getting tattoos is even more common practice for gimbo dolls, than for normal bimbos – a procedure that should be stopped entirely in my honest opinion, with the money to be saved for far better and far more important procedures – like getting far bigger tits. Nevertheless, with Starfucked and Dani Divine being fantastic gimbo rolemodels but still more goth than bimbo, Sambalina covers new ground, as the first well balanced and real mashup between those two fantastic worlds, rendering her as a true gimbo doll and rolemodel for bimbo trainees and goth girls together.

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