Happy Eastern to all of you!

Wow, time flies by, and here we are again. As usual, I point you to my posts about bimbo bunnies, like everytime we reach this part of the year – although there weren’t any updates to the whole topic. As chance would have it, this is also the 300th post on this blog – so happy anniversary to me I guess. While I’m still working on the bimbo ebook (though work has slowed down recently… I have to get a break 🙂 ), this blog on its own has become something like a huge compendium dealing with bimbofication. If you think about 300 posts, which many of them having many sites of written texts and illustrations, you can imagine how much work I did put into this and I still hope many of you guys find it still useful and use it as an inspiration. This would not be possible without my supporters and patrons, so again many thanks to you guys – but of course many thanks to my followers and everyone who reblogs, likes and comments also. If you want to support me, have a look at my Patreon or at the PBA merch shop, where I just recently sold an official PBA bimbo trainee shirt and one for gimbo girls – thank you very much! I hope you love it and are satisfied once it arrives 🙂 – If you girls get one of my shirts, or one of the other items, I would love to get a pic with you wearing that: Seeing a trainee in the official PBA trainee shirt would make me kinda proud to be honest with you 😀

So, I’m preparing a special post for you, (because, Easter and 300-post-

and stuff) which will be next in line. After that I’m going to deal with the next pile of questions you guys sent me – so be prepared for another big Q&A. Hope you guys have some great days – and remember girls: This is the time of the year when you really should wear your bimbo bunny costume 😉

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