Social media behaviour for trainers and bimbo lovers – interaction is training – always!

I promised you a special Easter post, and here it is: How bimbo trainers and lovers shoud deal with girls on social media – a manual:

Social media behaviour for trainers and bimbo lovers – interaction is training – always!

This goes out to all the bimbo trainers out there. And this time, I’m using the word “trainer” in a fairly broad sense – By saying that, in this special case, I’m addressing everyone, bimbos, bimbo trainees, bimbo trainers, bimbo lovers and fans, gimbos, gimbo trainees, followers and just everyone who is interested in this topic, just everyone. Why? Because in that very broad sense, everyone is a bimbo trainer to a certain degree. Let me explain:

Common private social media today is little more than showmanship in its most rudimental form. Everyone who posts pictures, videos and texts about him- or her-self online, no matter if its on Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, twitter, or whatnot, does that with the goal to project a certain, favored image of oneself, of how he or she would like to be, or at least would like to be seen by public audiences, followers, fans or friends, and ideally earn their approval, applause, confirmation and admiration. As I have said many times, there is absolutely nothing wrong or bad about that for bimbo dolls, who not only rightfully relish admiration and use that confirmation to become even better bimbos, because it is somewhat the nature of the beast for a bimbo doll to practice showmanship and image cultivation! Bimbo dolls do circle around their visual appeal and beauty, their sex appeal, their outfits and stylings, their body enhancements and their femininity, all things that are absolutely important for the doll in itself for her self-concept, and don’t need an outside observer to be necessary, but even gain a lot more importance when a judging, second entitiy appears. This entity has a certain degree of power and influence over the visible aspects at issue of the girl (or any person) in the spotlight, just by its evaluating nature. This power can be unrecognized by the girl and of faint nature (just a random opinion of a random person without any personal reference to the girl in question, for example), it can be very strong and cataclysmal for the attitude of the girl (The opinion of a closely affiliated person, a trainer or a partner, or the cumulative, vast amount of single opinions taken together, all aimed at the same aspect, good or bad, for example) or it can be very obvious to the girl, with her directly and well aware trying to correspond to certain aspects of the attitude of the judging entitiy (out of commercial reasons, for example, if she’s trying to meet expectations for money or to achieve economic goals). However, we don’t have to care or think about those three possibilities, because the kind of the impact we do make on bimbo dolls as “trainers” in this sense, simply doesn’t matter! What does matter on the other hand is -what- impact we make on the bimbo doll! Of course, these rules of interaction do also apply in real life, where judging entities always influence the bimbo doll, in positive and negative ways, but we are going to talk only about the virtual aspect today, where we are all trainers in the online bimbo community.

You are a trainer

As already stated, your opinion does matter! You are a judging second entity, and even if your judgement does make very little impact on its own, if you are just a random guy on the internet, giving thumbs up under the picture of a well known superstar of the bimbo community with 500k followers, the impact is still there and can absolutely grow in its effect, if, for example, many random guys follow the same attitude and act in the same way. So, in that way you are somewhat “training” the girl in certain ways, by interacting and judging her media propagated self-portayal in different gradations of power. This “training power” comes with great responsibility. NEVER use it in bad ways! Don’t try to force a girl to do or become something, never harass, insult, offend or shame a doll, don’t try to trick them, don’t lie and don’t molest or annoy them. I am absolutely sure this goes without saying, but having seen quite a shit myself in the online bimbo community, done by absolutely pathetic losers, I’m better safe than sorry. ONLY use your powers to encourage the doll to become an even better bimbo (in a non toxic way)! Use it to let her strive for further goals and to show her what real bimbofication is all about. This responsibility is likewise a duty to you: NEVER reward something that is flawed – ALWAYS reward something done right by the girl in question. How that is done the right way, I’m going to explain next.

Rewarding and punishing

This sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? But the system we’re going to use is a system that makes use of the basic carrot-and-stick mechanics in an acceptable way. If a bimbo doll does something right online, do reward this with attention, likes, retweets/reblogs, thumbsup, positive comments and by sharing her content to increase her reach. If she does something wrong – do NOT – punish that by posting mean comments, punish it by simply not paying any attention to it. A bimbo doll will notice the difference between a picture she posted with 500 likes and retweets, and a picture she posted with, ideally, zero retweets and likes. It won’t take much thinking for her to see the patterns in her evaluation, especially if she’s trying to correspond to her fans or a community that donates, should buy her videos or should support her. So, when she notices she didn’t get any likes on the last picture she posted, posing barefoot in front of her mirror, exactly like the time, when she posted a selfie in which she was on a shopping tour in flat shoes, but managed to gain 1000 likes for the picture in which she posed in her 16 cm plateau stripper heels on her bed, or the last picture in which she wore her new, pink stiletto overknee boots – again, and again, and again – she will recognize that and change her behaviour. Ideally, over time, this change in behaviour will make influence on her normal day to day life, effectively changing her attitude, style and persona towards being a more perfect bimbo, virtually “training her”. The very real effect can be summarized by saying “the public community did make use of its training capacities and did alter the trainee, bringing her one step closer to bimbo perfection”. By highlighting certain aspects she did especially well, in the comment you make (if her make up is way stronger than usual for example, her heels higher, her skirt shorter, or her look just more bimbo-suitable), sharing her picture or her video by mentioning those aspects in an elevated way, or by reblogging/retweeting her media as an example for other girls, with a special note that emphasizes those aspects, you are encouraging the girl to continue with her efforts and to go one step further. If you mention what she has done right, she will take notice and eventually assimilate in her day-to-day behaviour, if the impact reached a critical point over a certain amount of time. In addition, other girls will see those special aspects, and the attention they generate in the online community, supporting the agenda and showing the girl what she is expected to do and look like.

Always (!) use your social media training power purposely, deliberately and strategically! If you are interacting with bimbos and trainees online, you are automatically “training” them! Never, absolutely NEVER, just reblog, retweet, like or comment just by the seat of your pants, intuitively! ALWAYS be aware of the effect of your judgement! No matter how much you love the latest picture of your favorite bimbo doll, don’t just say “yeah, she may be wearing some jeans and chucks, but she’s so hot!”! Never be just that mindless fanboy that likes every single picture of your bimbo princess! Always participate in her training! On the long run, you are helping her out by doing that! That includes bimbos too: If you are interacting with other bimbo dolls online, be a proper BBF to her, and don’t make the mistake to think you are helping her by just mindlessly liking and reblogging everything she posts! Support her to become a perfect bimbo doll by supporting the things the does right in terms of bimbofication! There are many pictures or posts from bimbo dolls I follow every day, I would LOVE to like, retweet or mention – but I pull myself together and just don’t do it when she has done something wrong – no matter how much I love the post in other regards. Remind yourself of your duty as a trainer and your responsibility! You are affecting not only that girl, you are affecting the whole bimbo culture! BE RESPONSIBLE! Don’t be weak, even if the girl in question is a well known bimbo goddess, like Amy Anderssen or Candy Charms – even those perfect bimbo queens do make mistakes sometimes – and if you reward those mistakes, you’re going to support those mistakes and encourage them to grow and to become a thing! Just don’t do it! Support correct behaviour, disregard flawed content and punish it with neglect! (Exception: On reddit you may downvote – this is an acceptable punishment for flawed behaviour, visual appeal or content!)

Other cases and the benefit of the doubt

There are times when a bimbo doll or even a normal girl (of course all our rules apply here as well!), an instagram fitness model, a cosplayer-girl on twitter or just the common next-door-girl do ask questions about her performance in the media she posts. Like “What do you guys think – with make up or without?”, followed by a side-by-side comparison. Other examples are “Do you think I should go blonde?”, “Should I cut my hair?”, “What do you guys think of my new outfit?” (Answers of course: With make up, yes, go blonde, leave your hair long and let it grow – get extensions in addition, and if your outfit does please the basic bimbo rules it’s great!). These are the times in which you got a call to action even if the decision the girl in question made is wrong! As I said, never harass or insult – but in situations like these, you are invited to give your honest opinion, which should correspond the rules we talked about. Always reward everything done right and express your favour, while dismissing everything incompatible with the bimbo lifestyle! Another situation is, when certain aspects important to the bimbo lifestyle can’t clearly be perceived in the media the girl publishes. An example would be a picture of a doll, with just her upper body framed in the image and no chance to see if she is actually wearing high heels or not. In those situations, no matter how unlikely it is that she respected the bimbo rules, give her the benefit of the doubt! If her pose won’t let you distinguish if she wears heels or is barefoot – just expect her pleasing the proper bimbo rule and reward her. Only if her disregard of bimbo rules is undeniable and clear – do punish her in the ways we already talk about. In those cases: No rewards, no likes, no retweets, no compliments!

Things to punish and things to reward

In all my arrogance and high-handedness I would say: “Just keep all my lessons and definitions in mind and make them the principle of your actions!” And yes… that’s really all I can say here from my own perspective, though I always try to a argue why my point of view is correct in an objective manner in terms of bimbofication. BUT! There is something else I’m constantly stating: Don’t just take my word for it if you have a different point of view. There is no reason for you to obey my rules if they couldn’t convince you objectively! If you see something completely different, always feel free to follow your ideas of bimbofication! However, here are some aspects you should pay attention to, when browsing the online bimbo community, to which you should react in the above mentioned ways, based on my theses and bimbo rules, including, but not limited to:

Never reblog/retweet, like, give thumbs-up, upvote, comment on or share media when the doll in questions in it

– wears little or no make up at all

wears flat shoes, wedges or is barefoot (wears NO high heels – in terms of this basic rule)

wears pantyhoses, pants, trousers, shorts, hotpans or yoga-pants outside the gym (in terms of this rule)

doesn’t follow the basic creed “always dress to impress!”

gives bad excuses for not having to follow her duty to be a perfect example for other dolls

isn’t able to set the standard in the situation

doesn’t follow the basic rule regarding the height of heels and length of skirts (in a more or less loose manner)

wears her stockings in the wrong way

– expresses a bad attitude regarding bimbofication, femininity, plastic-positivism, etc.

– behaves, poses or dresses like a man or acts in a non-feminine way

– behaves, poses or acts in a non-feminine, vulgar, not elegant, girly, sexy way (like sitting like a dockside whore with her legs spread wide open or just the wrong way, for example)

– does something wrong what she did right before

Reward her with likes, reblogs/retweets, thumbs-up, upvotes, positive comments, and increase her reach by sharing her post or mentioning her, always by highlighting what she has done right, when the doll in her media

– wears heavy make up, or at least, more pronounced than usual

– wears high heels higher or more girly, sexy, elegant than usual

– respects the basic bimbo rules

sets the standard in her situation

obviously dressed to impress (for her standard)

– acts, behaves or poses way more sexy, feminine, girly, “bimboish” or elegant than usual

– expresses a positive attitude towards bimbofication, plastic-positivism, femininity, sex appeal, etc.

follows the duty to be a guiding light for other dolls

– appears to try to continue her bimbofication, goes one step beyond, tries new things in terms of bimbofication or gives her best to explore new facets of bimbofication

– does something right what she did wrong before

– appears to be playful, girly, sexy or just in a fitting, suitable bimbo spirit

Always remind yourself of these factors and act with the bimbo lifestyle and the rules in mind! Only if we all know our responsibilities and the consequences of even the smallest acts we commit when dealing with bimbos and trainees online, we can improve the bimbo community for everyone, improve the bimbos in it, support and strengthen the bimbo demands and the standards and benefit the overall progression of bimbofication in general. Don’t be lazy, don’t be indifferent or egoistic – know your duties and participate in creating more and better perfect bimbo dolls!

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