Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should walk: Refining your walk and the stripper kick”


We are in a stage of training, where many lessons and rules get connected and conclude several basic techniques we talked about. One of the main goals of this training, is to provide you with all the needed  schematics to maintain the bimbo appeal in everything you do, in every situation, if continuously practiced and perfected. In this case, we are looking back to the second lesson paper ever released on the blog, dealing with “how a bimbo should walk”: By now, you should have mastered this technique, be able to flawlessly perform the crosswalk, in an elegant, feminine and classy way, while wearing appropriate high heels, like demanded in this related lesson paper. Not only do I assume you practiced hard and often to be able to perform the basic walk in a way that every catwalk model gets green with envy, I assume you use it as your default method of  going from point A to B in every situation, every day – always. This way of walking should have become your second nature by now, making it something you don’t even have to think about anymore. If that isn’t the case: Go back to the said lesson paper and practice! There is no use in moving onwards if you didn’t mastered this technique to a point where you can’t think of another way of walking, and if you didn’t perfect it to a point, where every man turns his head when you walk by. Practice makes perfect!

This lesson concludes the basics of walking and forms a finished unit in combination with the basic bimbo stance, the basics of walking and the rule about “always wearing high heels and never flat shoes”. If you mastered all of them, you should think about refining your movements even more, and maybe add a little “kick”. This lesson shows three different aspects you should still work on in order to complete the basics of walking for a bimbo:

1. The transition of the basic bimbo stance to the basic walk This part connects both of our very basic lessons to fuse them into one single, elegant, swift, soft and smooth movement. Make sure you absolutely perfected both techniques on their own before you work on the transition.

2. Refining your walk I already told you how important a perfect way of walking on high heels is for a bimbo. The way you do this, the level of perfection decides if you are perceived as an ungraceful and clumsy girl, stumbling in an unfeminine manner all over the place, without any clue of how to walk on high heels or as a super feminine, elegant, sexy goddess, combining the moves of a stripper, a poledancer and a catwalk model, floating on her sky high heels with ease, turning everybodies head. In addition to the paper from the lesson about how to perform the basic walk – here are some tips:

Make small steps! In the words of Christian Louboutin:

One moves more slowly in heels. Walking fast is neither sexy nor engaging. Nobody notices the people who race around. If you’re walking in heels, you’ve got time. It’s much more attractive.” – Christian Louboutin

Always pay attention to your posture! Remember the imaginary cloud tied to your head to keep the eye-level and keep your head up! In addition think about a second imaginary cloud, connected to your tits, pulling them up. This will open up your cheast area. Remain your hollow back, keep your shoulders relaxed, down and back, push your tits out, swing your hips and give them a little angle to push out your ass. Recall the imaginary tiara you should be wearing, like Paris Hilton said!

When you make a step – ALWAYS keep your foot tilted (roughly ~45°), and drag it close to the ground over the floor! The closer the better! Professional poledancers even slide the front part of their plateaus over the floor, creating a smooth and very silky movement. I don’t recommend that, because your heel might geht damaged and scratched, it creates unpleasant noise (in contradiction to the sound you want to create), a soil that isn’t absolutely flat and smooth will disturb the appeal of your movements, making them clumsy and inelegant and you might stumble and injure yourself. However you should use this poledance technique by draging your foot closely to the ground (a few milimeters!) in front of the other (crosswalk!) – never lift it up far from the soil! Make small steps and touch the ground again with your heel first! The resting foot has to be balanced on your toes and the front part of the sole!

3. The stripper kick Another technique borrowed from strippers and poledancers is “the stripper kick”. The stripper kick is a back-kick of the previously resting leg, before making its step. Before you take your step, kick back your leg in a swift and elegant (but not rushed) way, raising it depending on the amount of “drama” you want to create. Remember to keep your foot stretched and in the correct angle – this is directly connected to our lesson about the fundamental foot posture, and should have an equal appeal to the movement you make when raising your leg while kissing! This movement creates additional sexual tension, because it is known to be performed by strippers on the one hand (not without a reason!) and it draws attention to your legs and your heels, creating an elegant, swift, smooth, sexy and feminine movement, somewhat resembling a flamingo on the other hand. There will always be an additional feeling of rythm to this kind of movement – transforming a walk into something more like a dance.

However, in the fields of stripping and poledancing, this technique is to be performed with deliberation! Strippers do use this technique when they cross a small distance of about 5 – 10 steps towards their person of interest, or while creating a dance-like performance. This is because using the stripper kick, over long distances or as the default way of walking, loses its appeal very quickly and tends to look strange and  awkward. Poledancers usually use it as a pointed move before striking a pose or transition into a spin. A bimbo trainee should think about these limitations and use the stripper kick when it is appropriate:

When you start or end your walk, on the first or the last step you make – it will fuse with the transition from the basic stance into the basic walk perfectly and in an unobtrusive way. Usually the stripper kick demands an action afterwards (this is the reason why poledancers use it before striking a pose), so make sure you use it for your first step – beginning your walk in a dramatic way, or use it when you arrived at your destination starting another action, for example dealing with a person of interest, in which case the stripper kick can transition into the back-kick while kissing (for example). Always remember: The stripper kick is an absolute attention-drawer! Most likely everyone in your area will look at you and pay attention to what you do! This is a perfect way for a bimbo doll to generate looks and become the center of attention, but has not only to be performed absolutely flawlessly, elegantly, sexy and swiftly, but also should be used with a purpose! Use it as a key-move and transition smoothly to another movement or action! The only other acceptable situation in which you can use the stripper kick, is when you directly approach a man/person of interest in an obvious and clear-stated sexy way, over a short distance. This would be the beforementioned “stripper approach”! This approach demands a way of interaction in a sexy way with the man/person of interest at the end of your walk. Walking with the stripper kick on every step, generates certain expectations in the mind of the man/person of interest which should be met, otherwise your stripper approach is pointless and would be regarded as silly and strange.

This concludes the basics of walking. Practice these methods and techniques every day, in front of a mirror or let your performance be evaluated by your trainer or a BBF. It is essential that you master all these techniques and use them perpetually in every situation – all the time.

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