Bimbo rolemodel – DJ Lady Tribe

I know, I know… We should have a style check again, don’t we…? And yes, I really wanted to do that… but… yeah… Just have a look at those pictures! And yes, I do know, we are still in our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits and our rolemodels should reflect that… but… look at that style! We will come to a new style check very soon, and our next rolemodels will represent our series about the perfect bimbo tits again, but sometimes, there is some kind of inspiration that hits me when I see something particularly striking – and then I just have to post about that. So here we are with a very special bimbo rolemodel: DJ Lady Tribe! A bimbo girl that has been reprehensibly overlooked by the online bimbo community so far – although the first picture of her above is astonishingly wide-spread in the online bimbo communities (which is the reason why I chose it), and a very common sight here on tumblr and twitter. Let’s give that barbie doll a name! DJ Lady Tribe has quite an interesting background, being of Japanese, Indian and Hispanic descent, born in Hong Kong and raised in Los Angeles, she covers many different heritages simultaneously, giving an answer to many people who asked about Asian/Indian/Hispanic bimbo dolls and is living proof for the benefits of cultural collaboration. But the interesting facts don’t end there: DJ Lady Tribe gained first attention as a graffiti artist, making quite her mark in the street culture of Los Angeles and continued to expand her portfolio, by becoming a pretty respected musician and DJane (who would have thought by that name) and, of course, a model and actress. Very remarkable is the fact that, besides her background in the electronic-rap/RnB / graffiti sub-culture, she maintained a virtually -perfect- bimbo style regarding her visual appeal, styling and clothing – giving proof to my assertion, that it doesn’t matter what sub-culture you are into – the bimbo style is not only always the same, but always something worth striving for and always appropriate (with gimbo dolls being an exception!). And her style is what forced me to write about her: Just look at her styling, her appeal, her clothes, her make-up and her outfits! That is how bimbo dolls should look like! Dress like she does girls and trainees! She always pays attention to all the basic rules we established, by always wearing pink, girly clothes, heavy make up, sweet and girly accessories, very short skirts and dresses, stockings, stripper heels and cute underwear! This is how it should be done! Of course, she has some fairly small tits, I mentioned that already, but the rest of her body is really remarkable: Long, blonde hair, an absolutely beautiful face (covered with heavy make up, giving a perfect example for all bimbos and asian girls!), a well shaped body, tanned skin and a really nice shape. Sadly, her active time seemed to be between 2002 and 2006 (most of her channels seem abandoned), but there may be some new material, or at least some additional stuff around. In the end, again, I would like to advice you to see how perfectly she mastered all bimbo styles and take her as a guiding light! This is the way to style and dress girls and trainees!

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