Bimbo training – Bimbo hairstyling: “The slutty ponytail”

It’s time again for us to talk about bimbo hairstyles – to be really accurate, a very special hairstyle in particular: There are very, very few dedicated bimbo hairstyles, that do scream terms like “bimbo”, “slut”, “whore”, “tarty”, “sexy” and “hooker” on their own, except one, which even manages to maintain a certain classiness and poshness simultaneously. The “slutty ponytail” is a very special and outstanding way of styling your hair. Apart from being the only way a bimbo should wear a ponytail at all (or single pigtail, compared against the bimbo suitable way of wearing pigtails for bimbos), this style is absolutely undisputed and unmatched in its effect and its impact: No other hairstyle does create such a strong and mighty impression of special sexappeal and “sluttiness” – a virtually PERFECT way of hairstyling for every bimbo and for every occasion and event! No other hairdo is better suited for a real bimbo doll! As you guys know my articles, I always try to come up with objective reasoning about the reasons why “this or that” does create special efficiencies and why “this or that” does look sexy or why “this or that” is especially feminine or attractive, often arguing with sociopolitical, psychological, historic or evolutionary facts and backgrounds, but this time I can’t come up with a decent explanation for the undeniable benefits and effects of this style. But we can consider it a fact, that this ponytail does create an irresistible and compelling  emanation of a high class whore, a slutty dancer from a music video and/or a sexy goddess of seduction – vibes that force every man to solely think about fucking a girl the whole night when she wears her hair like that. I have never experienced something else, every time a girl was present with a ponytail like this, every man around was like “oh god, what a perfect slut, I would bang her instantly!” – an experience supported by statements like these (“(…) It tells me she wants to please me.“, “A high pony is the HOTTTEST kind of tied hair possible.“, “Thats personally my favorite hair style women wear.“). So, the reasons why bimbos should wear this hairstyle as often as possible are crystal clear, but there are some rules to pay attention to, in order to achieve the full effect of this styling:

  • This is the only way for a bimbo to wear a ponytail (single pigtail)!
  • Every streak of hair has to be combed back and integrated into the ponytail! An austere look is mandatory! No loose strands! The only exception are bangs, which are also compatible with this style and can look fantastic (see above, Alicia Amira as an example for this!)
  • The “slutty ponytail” is a “high ponytail”, meaning it has to sit on your “hair-crown”, very high up on your head. The higher up your ponytail stands – the better! It has to be visible from the front, above your head, when somebody is looking at your face, even if you are looking slightly upwards!
  • Your hair has to be long enough for it to reach BENEATH your tits, even better down to your ass, despite the fact, that it is high up on your head!
  • Even if your natural hair is long enough, you are very well advised to use extensions! The longer – the better, the more volume – the better!
  • The PERFECT accessories to complement this style are big, thin, golden hoop earrings! These are nearly obligatory to be worn when using the “slutty ponytail”! See the according article about the correct earrings, and notice Alicia Amira (picture above) as a prime example for this! The effect of your style will increase drastically, enhancing the “classy, slutty” impact even more!

Above, you can see some very well known bimbo rolemodels, using this style (for example, Alicia Amira, Katja Krasavice, Katy Perry – Aletta Ocean does this too very often!) in varying levels of perfection, as well as some other examples of pretty good renditions of the “slutty ponytail” worn by bimbos. The absolute main attraction however, is the undisputed GODDESS of this hairstyle: Melanie Lexxx, an amazing, unbelievably beautiful, sexy and sweet bimbo princess that leaves me speechless. This doll could be a rolemodel of so many bimbo aspects (fingernails, high heels, stockings, body shape, legs, posing, etc.), that I wouldn’t know what to focus on by talking about all the things she is doing in PERFECTION, which is why I will create an extensive rolemodel post about her soon! While I’ve fallen in love with her immediately, this time I will only talk about her way of wearing the “slutty ponytail” – a hairstyle she wears CONSTANTLY (like the perfect bimbo princess she is)! Not only does she wear this hairstyle all the time (above, you can see her wearing it on every picture!), but she does it absolutely flawlessly! She does respect ALL the rules, by having the ponytail high above her head, reaching her ass with her hair, and maintaining the special, austere look that is needed. If you were looking for a prime example of how this style should look, here you go. Do it like she does it all the time! And the best thing is, you can chat and cam with this bimbo princess and get pictures and videos of her!

She is performing regularly on camsoda (ABSOLUTELY worthwile!) – Her performances are absolutely worth seeing!!!

In addition, sometimes she is online on chaturbate (where you only need an email-address to register!)

EDIT: Of course, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande are no real bimbos. However, both girls do propagate a somewhat “bimboish” lifestyle sometimes and sometimes adapt certain aspects of importance for the bimbo culture. This is a very welcomed circumstance, because both girls are stars that do influence countless young girls and may lead some of them to bimbofication eventually. In this case, they are showcased, because of their fine rendition of the slutty ponytail (Ariana Grandes version is nearly perfect).


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