Bimbo role model – Aletta Ocean

The last time we had a bimbo rolemodel with dark hair lies waaaay back, in fact, the last 13 (!) rolemodels were blonde. And that’s not without a reason: Though being blonde is not an absolute necessity for a girl to be a true bimbo doll (and todays rolemodel is living proof!), but it is somewhat a big factor and supports the overall impression – and it is usually the way to go. Our new rolemodel would look even more fantastic if she would decide to go blonde, that’s for sure, but nevertheless she is one of the current princesses when it comes to fake and enhanced “fuckdolls”: Aletta Ocean, Hungaries top showpiece and flagship-girl! Aletta did come quite a long way. In 2006 she started her carrer by winning the “Miss Tourism Hungary”-title and becoming a Miss Hungary top 6 finalist, after she completed her A-levels and whilst attending at the Budapest Business School (so much about “bimbos have to be dumb”). Soon thereafter she started her career in the porn industry and did earn a lot of attention on the european market. Although great success did occur, Aletta always felt very dissatisfied with her body and her own appeal, a point where many great bimbofication stories begin and legends are born. And boy what efforts she made! From 2008 on, she had her lips plumped, as her first step towards becoming a perfect bimbo doll, and got her first breast augmentation. In 2009 her second breast augmentation followed and several other minor procedures. Down to the present day, she had 4 breast enhancements (last one just recently, on the 27th April 2018, third picture above, high profile silicone, 1010cc – scratching on the basic rule for bimbo breast sizes), 12 lip augmentations and permanent lip implants for a persistent effect, 7 nosejobs, eyelid surgeries, fat transfer to her buttock and other minor procedures! THAT is dedication! THIS should be your guiding light girls! THIS is the way to go! And look at the results. Before Aletta started her modelling career,  she was a fairly normal, plain looking girl and now she has become the living dream of men all over the world! An angel of beauty and sex appeal! Alettas face is a paragon of beauty and feminine grace, her body a benchmark for intended body proportions (especially with her new tits, let’s hope she gets even bigger soon to smash that basic bimbo rule). Her face exudes feminine majesty, nearly arrogant elegance and sex appeal, absolutely appropriate for a bimbo princess, with a mixture of a perfect girl, a pornstar and a queen. The shape of her enhanced body is a prime example of how girls should look, with a wasp waist, long, sexy legs, big tits and an ass to die for. Besides Alettas fantastic sense for style and fashion (very bimbo appropriate and often very fitting for gimbo girls too!), we didn’t even touch one of her most striking properties yet: Her lips! Every time someone asks me which bimbo has the most perfect lips, how the lips of a bimbo should look like or what my ideas of “perfect bimbo lips” are, I can only answer: Aletta Ocean! Her lips are by far the best bimbo lips I’ve ever seen, and this is what every other girl should strive for! Nearly perfect, but ahead, before all others on the road to bimbo perfection, when it comes to this aspect! Big, full, and “O-shaped”, like it is supposed to be! I have not much time for the, so called “duck face lips”, but think that the lips of a bimbo should be puffy, enhanced, full and more round than wide. Alettas “O-shaped” lips are exactly the right way to go (second picture or first picture above!) – lips which erase every other thought in a mans brain, except the ones dealing with kissing her or (more likely) getting a blow job from these amazing, perfect lips – like it should be.

Let’s hope Aletta does continue her triumphal march in the adult industry, becomes even more famous and successful and let us hope she continues her self-optimisation towards bimbo perfection as before. For all you girls out there, normal ones, bimbo and gimbo trainees – as always: Let Aletta be a guiding light for you! The dedication and the perfectionism, the sheer amount of procedures and surgeries, her strong sense for visual aesthetics and her style should be a prime example for you! Emulate this, go after her, let her be your rolemodel and do everything you can to become such a perfect bimbo doll. THIS is the way to go girls… preferably in blonde…

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