Bimbo role model – Colt 45

It is the time between the years, and before our new series starts and the other new stuff comes up, we still have time for a classic bimbo rolemodel post, and this one won’t even be that long. I’ve often said, that the time of the early 90’s is a goldmine regarding fantastic bimbo dolls. Those times did propagate the blonde, big titted bimbo in high heels and feminine clothes as a true rolemodel – something to strive for (Just have a look at some of the Playboy covers from the 90s, like here, here and here – and compare it to the covers we get nowadays, like here, here and here – YUCK! (*Insert vomiting emote here*) – Like srsly, have you guys lost your fucking mind? What has this world come to? While it is good to see that, nevertheless, in the present, we got some amazing, aspiring bimbo dolls, and some even say a “rising trend towards bimbofication”, there are still those stunning dolls from those golden times, rolemodels we will never forget. These girls pleased all aspects of bimbofication, and did everything to become the best bimbo dolls they could be. As such, they still are rolemodels and leading examples for the girls today, in a time, when everything sexy, beautiful and feminine is deemed “oppressing” by major parts of society and those ugly beasts who like to see this beauty ideals perish. One of those classic bimbo rolemodels is Colt 45: A blonde bimbo goddess, with heavy, big, enhanced, fake tits, long, very bimbo suitable hair, an amazing bodyshape, some absolutely stunning, sexy legs and a hot ass. This beauty is not only a guiding light because of her very large, augmented tits, but also because of her on-spot bimbo style regarding clothes, fashion and high heels. Most likely you won’t find many pictures of videos of her, in which she doesn’t wear some white or red pumps (PERFECT for bimbo dolls), or other high heels, (like for example, stripper heels), stockings and some sexy pieces of clothing and jewelry. This is how it is done, girls! Colt 45 always maintained a fantastic body, over her whole career and even afterwards, something that lets her big tits stand out even more to this day, and something that is not so typical for many retired pornstars… However, girls, this is your way to go. Don’t take those toxic and ugly media puppets society tries to force upon you as your rolemodels, THESE are the true rolemodels – the girls you should be following! Girls like Colt 45, and all the other beautiful princesses I present to you on this site. So, maybe you should make some good New Year’s resolutions, and decide to have a look at all those classic and modern rolemodels, and make them your paragon in order to become a better bimbo in the next year.

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