Bimbo Uniforms – Color theory: “Innocent” white

Quite some time ago I announced an analysis of the color white within the scope of our bimbo color theory series in the last post about bimbo brides, where this color is the essential key factor of the whole style. But apart from the article about bimbo brides, we talked about this color already MANY other times. Remember the fable of the white ermine (once considered the most noble of animals), I told you in the post about bimbo winter-wear and fur:

It came to pass in those days, that a white ermine managed to escape the hunting party of duchess Anne de Bretagne, fleeing until it came to a swamp. The white ermine refused to enter and cross the swamp, for it would smudge and grime its perfect white fur. Even as the hunting party arrived and certain death was near, the ermine wasn’t willing to stain its pure fur in order to escape, but would rather die. The duchess was so impressed by that behaviour, that she returned the prideful animal to her stately home where it lived from that point on. Thenceforth the motto “Potius mori quam foedari“ (”Better to die than to be dishonored/besmirched“) adorns the armorial of the Bretagne.

And of course it got mentioned in our posts about bimbo schoolgirls and bimbo nurses. You can already see how these things are connected and why the color white plays such an important role in these topics. It’s about purity, innocence, virginity, chastity, immaculateness, cleanliness and virtue. So, these might be terms you wouldn’t automatically connect to bimbos at first glance, but not only does this color has some benefits in regards to be worn by bimbos, its symbolic meaning, and by that, its subjective perception, does offer some interesting perspectives, possibilities of influence and playing opportunities. In addition there may be connections you didn’t notice on that first glance, but let me hear out on that, after we talked about some basic theory and history.

Theory and history

Lastly, when we talked about the color black, I told you about its physical properties and why things that appear black to the human eye do appear black at all. This is, of course, because black objects don’t reflect little to any visible light to be perceived by the human eye, only absorbing and converting hitting light into heat (which is why everybody tells you to not wear any black clothes on a really sunny, hot day), with the result that said objects appear black to humans in the end. Objects that do appear white, however, do the exact opposite, as you might already have guessed. Surfaces that appear white to an observer, have the physical ability to reflect near to the complete spectrum of visible light equally and in a diffuse way, without absorbing specific wavelenghts and therefore without letting that surface appear with a saturated color. This is because light in reality does work a little bit like the screen you are reading this on, and not like your deskjet printer or the paintbox you had when you were a little kid. We are talking about something called “additive color mixing“. To make this more understandable: Basically, your LED-TV works with an array of sets of three different light-diodes in red, green and blue, called primary colors in the additive color mixing, meaning by just mixing these three colors you can achieve any other color. If all the diodes are shut off, no light from that area is emitted to your eyes and the area appears black to you (resembling no light being reflected by a black object). If only the red and the blue diodes are activated, with the green one still being deactivated, the colors mix and you see a purple (magenta) area appear (resembling an object that absorbes the “green parts of the wavelength of the visible spectrum”). If all three diodes are activated and glow with the same amout of energy, the colors do “add up” and equal white (resembling a white object reflecting all parts of the visible spectrum). Because white results from “adding more colors to the mix”, it is called additive color mixing, unlike the subtractive color mixing which results in black when more primary colors (in this case, cyan, magenta and yellow) are added, which is why you always need to buy new ink cartridges for your printer in these colors. You can try this out by mixing all those primary colors from the beforementioned paintbox. However, light and color perception doesn’t work like your deskjet, but, as I said, more like your LED-TV. So, as you can see, by reflecting the whole visible spectrum of colors to your eyes, any given object is perceived white and comes with all those subjective, symbolic meanings, influencing you in a way a bimbo can use to her advantage. Some words connected to this color were already been mentioned: Purity, innocence, virginity, chastity, immaculateness, cleanliness and virtue. But why do these connections exist? Well, most likely it has something to do with white being the direct opposite of black, which is the color of night, unseen dangers, evil, mysteries, forbidden knowledge, death, authority and shadows, something we examined in the article about black extensively, and humans tending to simplify issues and creating easy to understand polar opposites – the old “good vs. evil”-thing, light vs. darkness. But there is more to it: White surfaces are a metaphorical canvas, something blank and not yet painted. This also becomes important when you think about another property white surfaces have: They showcase every flaw, every stigma, evey blame and every stain. Of course, this is to be seen in a combinated way of metaphoric meaning and real properties: The tradition in many cultures of white bedsheets during the wedding night, to see if the girl was indeed a virgin before she consummated the marriage is well known… blood on white fabric has a deep meaning in our cultural mind, as well as white surfaces stained with mud, dirt or paint. There is a saying in German which goes like this “jemand hat eine weiße Weste”, literally meaning “somebody with a white vest” or more as an idiom: “someone has a clean slate”, someone with nothing to hide, without any flaws or dark secrets. A white vest would showcase every stain and every flaw perfectly, so the wearer doesn’t have to use another color, like black for example, to hide his stains, because there aren’t any. He is perfectly fine wearing a white vest for everybody to see him having no flaws or dirt smudges. Now we begin to understand some of the aspects we listed above. White is the color of Purity, innocence, virginity, chastity, immaculateness, cleanliness and virtue – but what does that have to do with bimbos?

“Innocent white” and bimbos

If you read my articles about bimbo schoolgirls and bimbo brides, you propably know where this is going. Basically it’s all about projections, contrast and depravity.

1. Projections
I already mentioned this in my post about bimbo brides: When a girl wears white, as the color of innocence, purity and light, these features are transferred to the girl herself by the subconscious. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why brides wear white wedding dresses at all. The color represents aspects which should be associated with the bride actually! A bimbo in the abstract is an idealized girl herself with such features: Bright, blonde hair, perfect skin, no flaws and an overall pure appeal. Wearing white does support these features and amplifies the perception of their symbolic meaning, further strengthening the cognition of perfection, flawlessness and celestial beauty – on the inside and outside. In addition to this effects, humans do interpret visual data in a way that allows them to draw conclusions about what they are seeing and more important what they have to expect most likely from what they are seeing. This is the famous “first impression”. Due to the cultural understanding of the color white and our way of conceiving it, we do make a general first assumption of the character we are looking at. A sexy, smiling bimbo girl, dressed in white is very likely to be perceived as a lighthearted, uncomplicated, graceful, unburdened and happy girl. Exactly the kind you want to hang out with, because she won’t make any problems or become something negative. All these effects we talked about, are simply projected on the girl, wearing a white outfit, because of the expectations we have regarding the color white.

So, there are these aspects we already covered: Lightheartedness, perfection, flawlessness, and so on, but what about the elements which seem to be the polar opposite of a bimbo girl? Well, the next two factors deal with that “discrepancy”:

2. Contrast
Imagine a bimbo bride wearing white with ALL those aspects we talked about projected onto her: Purity, innocence, virginity, chastity, immaculateness, cleanliness and virtue. The blonde bimbo with that white bridal dress, pretending to be the innocent virgin, that naive, tame and pure girl with nothing to hide… where in reality she is wearing no panties under her dress and a vibrator instead of it, during the ceremony… or where she had a last tryst with the chauffeur on her way to the church, which is why she is late and the ceremony had to begin 30 minutes later… or where she has way more experience than her future husband imagined, but is about to find out in the honeymoon suite… or where she realizes how much she loves being fucked in her ass, with the first night she tries it being her wedding night… All these narratives do work because of contrast. The virtues represented by the color white in direct contrast to the true nature of the girl underneath that white dress. This creates tension and sexual suspense – a surety for hot experiences. This contrast is the reason why another trope did skyrocket in the 60s and 70s: The trope of the sinful and voluptuous nun, with DOZENS of movies being spawned about this theme in those days, especially in Italy and Spain (F.e. One of my favorites: “The love letters of a portuguese nun”, by Jess Franco). Fear not: We will examine “the bimbo nun” in the near future… there I will talk some more about this topic ;). However, the effect is the same: Playing with contrasts between expectations, social values and standards and forbidden or sinful sexual adventures. A symbolic thing – but poweful!

3. Depravity
This one got mentioned in our article about bimbo schoolgirls:

Not only in the bimbofication scene, men tend to develop a wicked joy at corrupting and spoiling chasteness in a sexual way, which might have something to do with the relish of having power and might as an experienced authority, then again with the pleasure of teaching behaviour they deem right.

A girl wearing white, with no “slut” already under the white dress, is tempting for many men, to simply turn the innocent doll into the true slut, or better – reveal the true slut, she always wanted to be unknowingly. This is why our dresscode for bimbo schoolgirls DEMANDS for some stereotypic, bright, white cotton panties. They are a symbol for the naive, young, innocent and pristine school girl, which may be a reason why the so called “panty shots” in japanese animes are so common and popular (in addition to the whole schooluniform!). The idea of sexually corrupting the innocency-persona to lead her to her true nature is extremely powerful!

Pragmatic benefits for bimbos wearing “innocent” white

Did you ever wonder why wet T-shirt contest (in which ALL bimbos ALWAYS should take a part!!!) always involve white shirts (and COLD water?)? The answer is easy, of course, but I can’t finish this article without having mentioned the obvious benefits of the color white: No skin tone is brighter than the colors we would consider as white. This means, that every bit and area of the skin of a bimbo will show through the usually fairly translucent nature of most fabric. Especially nipples will show through in a much more visible way, because of their darker, more saturated color. Remember: Darker objects will always shine through translucent, brighter materials! But not only because of the difference in contrast this effect is much stronger with a white top – shadows and wrinkles will also appear much more visible on a white background, which is also why pierce-through nipples are shown off in a more effective way with a white shirt. This effect also has some benefits, even if a bimbo doesn’t currently take part in a wet T-shirt contest or is showing off her tits and nipples through her white shirt: Even wearing a bra underneath a white blouse has some advantages (remember this and this!)! This effect was mentioned in our article about bimbo secretaries, where I advised every bimbo doll to wear a bright, thin, tapered, tight and semi-translucent blouse in combination with the apropriate bimbo secretary outfit. Like your skin, a darker bra will also shine through the bright, white material and highlight your cleavage. This is especially effective when a sexy, elegant and tantalizing lace bra is worn, by catching everyones attention and stimulating their fantasies.

Other benefits

Much like the color black, white has some benefits when it comes to fashion related choices. As an “unsaturated color” white is not part of the regular color wheel and knows no true complementary colors. This means, that white can be combinated with every other color (including black!), without creating unappealing, disturbing, disruptive or absonous constellations. In fact, white in combination with its polar opposite black, can create an interesting, appealing look of high contrast without becoming troublesome. This is, of course, done in some of the best known and most amazing uniforms and outfits ever created, like the bimbo nun and the bimbo maid! Fantastic! But other combinations are also very powerful, like an outfit composed of white and pink, for example. By using the very feminine, girly, fun-emissive, sweet, cute and charming appeal of pink combined with the pure, innocent and more elegant nature of white, a new vibe is generated – even more innocent, naive, girly and pure.

As you can see, there are more than one reason for a bimbo to have some pieces of clothing in bright white in her wardrobe, at least some tight, thin shirts for these wet T-shirt contests, but also some tight and elegant dresses, some short, white miniskirts (think about those female tennis players), white lingerie and of course some white high heels – plain, modest, white, shiny pumps and white stripper heels at the minimum. And if you work in an office – maybe a thin, tapered, tight and white blouse is exactly what you need.

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