Bimbo Uniforms – Dresses: Oh Polly, Bad Reputation Scoop Neck Vinyl Mini Dress in Pink

Maybe some of you have seen my tweet a few days ago, in which I assumed that a special, little, pink, vinyl mini dress seems to become pretty trendy at the moment, considering the fact that a whole lot of amazing, young bimbo trainees and dolls appear wearing this piece. And oh boy, did I see that pink piece of fashion often over the last few weeks, browsing through the different bimbo related sources – especially pretty young, bimboish girls seem to love it, and that is not without a reason! The “Bad Reputation Scoop Neck Vinyl Mini Dress in Pink” made by “Oh Polly” is an absolute PERFECT dress for every bimbo doll of every age! A MUST HAVE – so to speak. Skin-tight, very short, glossy and – of course – PINK! That’s how it is supposed to be. This little masterpiece flatters the figure of any well shaped bimbo and showcases her assets in the best way possible, if the correct size is chosen. By paying attention to the rules about the optimal size and the optimal length, this dress should wrap around the body of a doll absolutely skin-tight, letting her enhanced tits nearly burst the upper part, by simultaneously almost slipping over her ass. This looks best with some suitable high heels, like the “Louboutin – So Kate” pumps (in pink of course!), presenting her legs in the best way there is. The low-cut neckline helps to showcase your tits and to draw attention to them, like you always should. This dress can be worn to any occasion and to any event, although it is almost predestined to be worn in a club or on a party. To enhance the girly, bimboish impression even more, make sure to wear some big hoop earrings and a rhinestone choker, maybe some ankle chains – and of course – LOTS of makeup. I would really like to encourage every bimbo-curious girl out there to get this piece (really a must have for every girl and every bimbo) and take some pictures to get this trend rolling on social media – a very welcomed opportunity for the bimbo lifestyle to generate some attention and attract new girls. Not only is this piece of fashion perfetly suitable for a bimbo, expressing everything the bimbo lifestyle stands for, it is also extremely affordable: In contrast to many other bimbo fitting fashion brands and pieces, which are usually quite expensive, this pink dream can be yours for 40£ (about 45€ or 51$). Let’s have a look at what Oh Polly has to say about it:

Gotta bad reputation? There’s nothing but good vibes in our vinyl mini dress, designed for an extreme bodycon fit with an ultra-soft lining. It’s comfort meets total baddie!” – Oh Polly,Bad Reputation Scoop Neck Vinyl Mini Dress in Pink

Sounds pretty good for a bimbo, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for, get this bimbo must have, jump on the bandwagon and make this trend even more hip! Be the best bimbo you can be in this amazing, sexy dress! Although I (sadly) don’t get anything for that, here is a link to that product:

Get the Oh Polly, Bad Reputation Scoop Neck Vinyl Mini Dress in Pink!

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