The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 2. The 5 basic rules for bimbo make up

Before we come to all those details, general techniques, tutorials, special rules, manuals, looks, styles and items – we have to set a clear framework of rules as the base for all that. As we already established, applying make up is a possibility for each girl to express herself, get creative and to change her appeal in a very self-determined, personalized way. However, in order to maintain that special bimbo appeal and to respect the ideals of bimbofication and to simply be BETTER and look even more beautiful, sexy, feminine, girly and awesome than all those “normal girls applying make up”, every bimbo, gimbo and trainee has to pay attention to five (5) very clear and distinguished laws. These laws should be followed and respected at ALL times, without excuses or exceptions! You can remember these rules by internalizing the five keywords: “Always, heavy, complete, perfect and matching”! Following these rules ensures the special “bimbo appeal” and can be considered absolutely mandatory.

For the trainers: Many times, I heard men and even other trainers complain about the amount of time their girls need to apply their make up: “I’ve been waiting for hours for her – and she needs an eternity to get ready! Man, I hate that!” – Dude… for real: What do you want? Don’t you want a perfect, extremely sexy and beautiful girl? A doll with a PERFECT visual appeal? A doll that looks like a princess and/or a pornstar, with make up that could be considered a work of art? THEN DO NOT COMPLAIN! Good things take time to ripen! If it should look PERFECT – it HAS to consume time! NEVER rush her! NEVER complain about that! NEVER force her to hurry! NEVER! If you can’t deal with that or have to complain – DO NOT GET A BIMBO PRINCESS! Get yourself a boring, dull and ugly “normal girl” who needs 2 minutes in the bathroom to get ready. Have fun with that and shut up.

For all the other men and trainers: Consider yourself lucky and support and encourage your trainee/girl in her endeavours! Applying make up can be considered a holy and sacred ritual for girls and especially bimbos, all the more if they are in a group, getting ready and applying make up together – for example for a party. Respect that! And if you are clever – you enjoy it too. Apart from that: Always make sure your trainee follows these rules every day! Remind her of these laws and never let go! It is your responsibility to ensure she respects the framework or these rules in their entirety!

Let us now have a look at the rules one by one:

A) Always wear make up! The first rule is the most important one and is strongly connected to another basic bimbo rule: “ALWAYS dress to impress!” Like we already established, a bimbo always has to maintain her special, bimboish, sexy, girly, beautiful and feminine appeal – which also means, she always has to dress and style in a bimbo-suitable way. This also applies for make up! Every girl ALWAYS has to wear make up! There are no situations, circumstances or times in which she is allowed to NOT wear make up, apart from the phases in which she sleeps (we talked about this and the reasons in the introduction of our make up series!), is ill or deals with skin caring or beauty treatments. No matter if you are slacking off at home, going on errands, taking the garbage out, having sex, watching tv, partying all night, going shopping and no matter if you are alone, among friends, your partner, BBFs or thousands of people on a festival – NEVER BE WITHOUT MAKE UP! Self-lying idiots might say something like this when they see a girl with heavy make up in a club: “Ugh, imagine how she looks without make up”, “I don’t wanna know how she looks without that inch-thick layers of make up” or “now she looks great with that make up, but imagine waking up beside her the next morning…” – and idiocies like that, which are irrelevant for bimbos, because a bimbo NEVER intends to be seen without make up! My answer to horseshit sayings like the ones above is always the same: “I don’t CARE how she looks without make up – I don’t intend to see her without it!” – and a girl I used to know put it that way: “Please be aware that you will never see me without make up” – and I was like “Okay… sounds good”. The way a bimbo looks with her make up is her REAL self – the way she sees herself and the way she wants to be perceived. It is part of her personality and of the persona she gave HERSELF. How she looks without it does not matter and is absolutely irrelevant. THIS is true self-determination! Respect that! BE THE REAL YOU – ALWAYS wear make up!

B) There is never “too much” make up. It has to be heavy and strong. The reasons for this rule are fairly easy to understand and we talked about something similar before in our article about “the necessity of plastic“. Being a bimbo, among others, is about striving for perfection. Naturalness, by all general means, can’t be perfect. Organic formations do not care for abstract and artificially created concepts like aesthetics, beauty and meta-ideologies like “perfection” or “visual appeal”, which is why natural results will never comply with the uptown tastes and demands born from these ideas. This contradiction between naturalness and the bimbofication ideology makes it clear why anything “natural” can’t be tolerated within the bimbofication framework. Your skin isn’t perfect – it has skin pores, blemishes, damages, impurities and imperfections. It is not nearly as smooth, sleek, evenly and uniform as it should be, like your eyes are not bright enough, your eyelashes not long and dense enough, your lips not big and jazzy enough, and so on and so on. Following the ideas of “the plastic ideology” – your skin should be just that: Made of plastic. NO skin pores, no blemishes, no impurities, no imperfections! PLASTIC HAS NO PORES! By applying a minimum amout of make up, on every area, you have to ensure that everything organic and natural (aka imperfections) vanishes and is covered underneath a perfect, artificial representation of THE REAL YOU. This needs a certain amount of make up. In this case – the more – the better! By applying such amounts of make up, you are simultaneously making a statement: “I am a bimbo doll – and I want to be perceived that way! Look at me! I am perfect! THIS is the real me! I am irresistible!”. Likewise, the art of applying strong make up is always seen as something very feminine (we talked about that also in our introduction to this series), which is why drag-queens and drag-artists do it so often AND SO WELL! In order to express their persona or to create a perfect illusion, many of them perfected the heavy make up look, which is very understandable because they share a common goal with bimbo girls: The expression of hyper-femininity! Like I said in my FAQ, men have to overcome GIANT hurdles just to be perceived slightly as females – which is why those drag-artists have to make use of hyper-femininity and therefore very heavy make up. Bimbo girls strive for hyper-femininity too – which is why they should make use of heavy makeup likewise… only to get a far more impressive and feminine result without having to overcome those hurdles. In fact, 90% of all the girls out there, can learn from RuPauls candidates and RuPaul himself and take a leaf out of their book (or two) regarding make up. This is how it is done and this is about the correct amount you should apply! Another group you should pay attention to and take as a leading example when it comes to “how much make up is appropriate” consist of the very well known “Gipsy” Irish traveller girls, often wearing tons of make up, which is VERY bimbo suitable! We will talk about other looks too, like the “Essex look” which absolutely NEEDS multiple layers of make up, later in this series. Last thing regarding the second rule: There is a common claim, that a girl should always “accentuate ONLY ONE feature of her face with heavy make up” (f.e. only draw attention to your lips OR your eyes) – which is, of course, absolute bullshit. This may apply to boring, normal girls, but not for bimbos. A bimbo ALWAYS underlines EVERY feature and makes use of ALL possibilites!

C) Your make up has to be complete – always. Perfection can’t be achieved with only 75% commitment. A puzzle is never complete with a piece missing. A Lamborghini Countach can’t drive without wheels. Mozarts “Aria of the Queen of the night” wouldn’t be complete without a brass ensemble… In a masterpiece – EVERY detail and every aspect is important and plays a crucial role in the overall concept. Bimbo make up IS about perfection. Bimbo make up IS art – and should always be a masterpiece! To achieve this – you need to complete it, which doesn’t allow any retrenchments! The make up of a bimbo has to be complete – always, which means you aren’t allowed to “skip the lipstick today” or “leave out the eyeshadow this time”! A complete bimbo make up ALWAYS has to consist of a gapless covering and the uninterrupted use of ALL necessary utensils and objects of utility on all fitting aspects! This contains but is not limited to: Fake tan, foundation, concealer, primer, powder, rouge, blusher, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, make up, highlighter, bronzer and toner on all aspects like skin, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, cheeks, nose, forhead, chin, tits, etc. NEVER be lazy, NEVER be negligent! Remember: YOU are obliged to lead by example – YOU set the standards, with the duty to set them high! DO NOT leave anything out!

D) Your Make up has to be perfect. Like many of the other rules, this one is connected to a standard bimbo law too: Strive for bimbo perfection! Practice hard and often! Always try to improve and get better! As you already know, it is impossible to achieve true immaculacy – which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Always aim at creating the BEST and most perfect bimbo make up you can think of! Over time, execution, appeal, techniques and the overall result have to improve and approach bimbo perfection standards! NEVER be lazy, NEVER let yourself go, NEVER be sloppy, NEVER be careless! Every eyelid line, every stroke, every blend and every color always has to be PERFECT! Perfect make up also means, that you are not allowed to tolerate any damage done to your styling! Smeared eyeshadow after sex (something perpetually promoted by certain “bimbo”-sources… DISGUSTING – and NOT bimbo-suitable!), blurred lipstick, crumbling make up, etc. are NOT acceptable! Make sure things like this won’t happen in the first place! If the damage is already done – it is your major priority to fix it! Reestablish your perfect bimbo make up (without ANY flaws or damages!) ASAP and under all circumstances! Being a bimbo is about striving for perfection!

E) Your make up has to match your style! We often talked about the importance of cohesiveness, for example in our article about bimbo underwear. Not only do you have to make sure your make up results in a harmonious and homogeneous overall image – you have to see it in the overall context of your style! The general appeal of a bimbo consists of many different factors, like her body shape, her natural look, her phenotype, her way of dressing and styling, her make up (of course!) and all those small details we talked about so far. Take all those elements into consideration! NEVER mix your make up with inappropriate, improper or incompatible styles, clothing, accessories and looks! Always match up all these elements in order to get them support each other! The main goal is to achieve a bimbo suitable, harmonious, coherent, comprehensible and pleasing overall appeal. Make up your mind EVERY TIME you are about to dress up or style BEFORE you act! A consistent concept is vital and should be defining for your look each and every day! If you are together with your BBF or a fellow bimbo – make sure both of you match your make up together to achieve a consistent appeal! MATCH EVERYTHING!

Now we laid the foundation for all those things to come. Always remember these rules – they are an inherent part of ALL aspects of bimbos and make up and will always be the determining factor from now on for you, each and every day, when it comes to make up and styling. These rules ALWAYS apply!

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