The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 1. Introduction to bimbo makeup theory

EVERY girl looks better with makeup on! ALWAYS!

Welcome, to a new year on the Pink Bimbo Academy and welcome to our new, giant, multiple part series about bimbo makeup. I hope you had a great 2018, an awesome New Year’s Eve party and I also hope you all will have a fantastic new year! All you bimbos, gimbos and trainees out there better did make some New Year’s resolutions regarding how you can become even better bimbos in 2019, and hopefully you are prepared to improve your styling- and makeup skills, because that is what we are going to tackle over the coming months. Makeup itself and perfect makeup-skills are absolutely essential for every single bimbo and gimbo doll out there, and without these you can not achieve visual bimbo perfection. Within the framework of this series, we will discover what bimbo suitable makeup consists of, which aspects are important, which looks are bimbo suitable, techniques and procedures to achieve several, different bimbo styles, different items and products and special rules and lessons for applying said bimbo suitable makeup. You will learn everything a bimbo has to know about makeup and you will enhance your skills until they reach the necessary level of perfection. You will know about the importance of makeup for girls and especially bimbos, and of course, we will see some very special rolemodels which perfected those different makeup techniques and certain bimbo looks. In addition, we will have different tutorials, external links and sources and something very special for each article. So, before we continue talking about some necessary basics, let us have a look at our roadmap for this series:


1. Introduction to bimbo makeup theory

2. The 5 basic rules for bimbo makeup


3. Covering

4. Contouring

5. Fake tan with makeup

6. Making your eyes bigger and brighter with makeup

7. Smokey Eyes

8. Making your lips bigger with makeup

9. Contour your tits with makeup


10. Face shapes

11. Skin

12. Lips

13. Eyebrows

14. Eyelashes

15. Cheeks

16. Nose


17. Foundation / Makeup / Concealer / Primer / Powder

18. Rouge / Blusher

19. Lipstick / Lipgloss

20. Makeup-tattoos

21. Permanent Makeup

22. Fake Eyelashes / Semi permanent fake eyelashes

23. Eyeshadow

24. Eyeliner

25. Contact lenses

26. Ink Jets / Airbrushing

27. Accessories


28. The (standard) Essex-look / Jersey-look / Chav-look

29. The (girly) bimbo babygirl-look

30. The (classy) bimbo princess-look

31. The bimbo pornstar-look

32. The gimbo-look


33. Summary & Conclusion

These are the topics we will cover over the next months and the articles you’re going to read within this series will deal with these matters. But for now, we’re going to continue with some background information:

Make up history (A brief introduction)

The ancient Egyptians regarded beauty as a sign of holiness.” – Wikipedia about “Beauty and cosmetics in ancient Egypt“.

The history of cosmetics spans at least 7000 years and is present in almost every society on earth. Some archaeological evidence lead to the assumption that the use of mineral pigments and natural colors from plants as cosmetics and a form of face- and body decoration is as old as humanity itself. Not only was the use of those substances for cosmetic decoration a ritual element of different cultural happenings, like hunting, religious ceremonies and other proceedings, but seems to have had always a high level of importance for the female sex and the beauty standards of each epoch and culture: From prehistorical times in which women colored their faces with red paint (archaeological discoveries in Alicante and Lascaux indicate this), over ancient Indian and African peoples of which females used the practice of facepainting – to the first highly advanced beauty-culture in human history: 2000 years before the great pyramids were built, thrived a pronounced cosmetic heritage with distinct beauty standards and the idea of artificially perfectioning the female grace through cosmetics and bodypaint in ancient Egypt! Not only were ingredients used like red ochre, kohl, sycamore juice, carob grounds and honey to treat and cover scars, blemishes and wrinkles, or different ointments to protect the skin from the sun – no, just because of purely aesthetic reasons, women and girls used smeared kohl to darken the edges of the eyelids, similar to eyeliner. Likewise, females in ancient Egypt used rouge for their cheeks and even colors to paint their lips, although the accentuation of eyes had a special significance for them, because of its symbolic connection to Ra, deity of the sun, whose symbol is an all-seeing eye. This first cult of beauty, with a dedicated cosmetics industry, defined beauty standards for women, established makeup routines, mainstream styles and looks and countless consumables for every part and piece of the female body to make the female beauty stand out even more and perfect it, did never perish again. Since then, throughout history, females worldwide have used cosmetics, colors and makeup to enhance their beauty and to perfect themselves – from the Middle East, 3000 years ago, China, Mongolia, Japan to Europe, Ancient Greece with its pronounced culture of feminine beauty or native Americans and Aboriginals in Australia: The usage of cosmetics and makeup by women looks back on a history tens of thousands of years old, representing a proud and extremely strong heritage of the female sex. A legacy of idealization, aesthetics, femininity and beauty. Although there were times and cultures in which it was also acceptable or even reasonable for men to wear makeup, this never caught on and became mainstream or managed to survive a certain special cultural period, leaving this whole topic as something dominated by females and more or less solely belonging to women, which is strange in itself: Evolution led most species on this planet come to a different conclusion. For most creatures on this planet applies, that the sex that has to impress its counterpart with sophisticated, elaborate and attention-grabbing decorations, colors and trappings, is the male. Whether we are looking at male peacocks, with their impressive and colorful feathering, male and female guppies or birdwing butterflies (Ornithoptera), where the male specimen has far more colorful and splendid wings. However, against all odds, the practice of enhancing ones beauty with special materials, perfecting ones visual appeal and using colors and trappings to appear more desirable is considered feminine in all human societies. And this is not without a reason, looking back at the very long history of women using cosmetics, like we did above. This legacy is a cultural treasure, something females did for thousands of years proudly and definitive from male traditions. This is YOURS, girls, something you should treat with respect and awe. Generations of women did this before you, like your female ancestors. Be proud of that and always remember it. Every girl should use cosmetics and makeup every day, one of the most feminine things in society, and therefore an absolute MUST for every bimbo doll out there. Being a bimbo is about being as feminine as possible – femininity multiplied – and this is also valid for the traditional very feminine practice of using makeup and cosmetics.

Makeup is mandatory for girls and bimbos (About the benefits)

Now as we established the cultural heritage of women and girls using cosmetics and makeup, entrenching it as something deemed extremely feminine in our society today (which is a reason on its own to perform likewise), let us have a look at the practical reasons why makeup and cosmetics are absolutely mandatory for bimbo dolls and should be obligatory for every girl out there.

“Most “hot” girls look average without make up

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve thought somebody was so beautiful until I saw them without make up. Youtube is full of plain janes turning themselves into 10s like magic with their make up tutorials. A part of me is fascinated, part of me disappointed and the other part envious that there really isn’t an equivalent for guys.” OP on r/unpopularopinion by u/yobrox (01.08.2019)

Being a bimbo is not only about being as feminine as possible, but it is also about perfection. You don’t look as beautiful as you think. You are NOT perfect. Your natural beauty is not above any doubt. Your skin is flawed, your eyes are not as bright as you might hope, your tissue is deficient, your lips are dull, your complexion is poor, you have blemishes, pores, impurities and stains, maybe even scars or wrinkles – your face is anything but perfect or as beautiful as you might think or hope for. That is okay. In fact – it is only >>>natural<<<! Not a single woman on this planet ever had a perfect, natural face and maximal natural beauty. Being natural includes imperfection – there is no doubt about that. BUT: Everyone who says “you are beautiful as you are” or “your flaws define you” or “your natural you is the REAL you” or “your imperfections make you beautiful” is lying. It’s as simple as that. These are the lies that are being told and repeated by chumming up opportunists, cowards and ideologists who prefer to deceive oneself and others, either to feel better about themselves or to distinguish themselves in front of others. This phrasemongering, these pharisaic lies and these meaningless calendar mottos are disgusting. Accept that you are not a natural born Disney princess, you are NOT without flaws and those flaws are NOT beautiful, nor are they defining you or your persona. There is NOTHING sexy or beautiful about blemishes or skinpores. But even by accepting reality, you don’t have to agree with it. Yes, you are flawed (and like I stated: that is normal and natural), but that doesn’t mean you have to go with it. There is no use in making a virtue out of necessity – and declaring your imperfections to character-defining aspects or to a new generally missunderstood beauty ideal. This is window dressing! LIES for cowards! Stop eyewashing! You can change things. Bimbos strive for perfection and use every artificial method possible to achieve said perfection. We already discussed this in our article about the necessity of plastic:

“It is all about plastic perfection, artificial beauty and sexual enhancement! There are many girls in the bimbo community, declaring to strive for a preferred, artificial, plastic look, marking a departure from societies propagated “ideal of natural beauty” and the curse of living with what cruel nature has endowed them with. We are living in modern times, not only is it absolutely unnecessary for a girl to accept her body imperfections, but she can embrace the ideals she ever dreamed of! Every girl can become a pristine, perfect bimbo doll! And not only that! We embrace the possibility of human achievements, the power and might of modern technology, to create female ideals which are far more supreme, perfect and pristine “crafted” than everything nature comes up with! Plastic is the epitome and paragon of the bimbo paradigm, an embodiment for the pinnacle of feminine perfection and the artificial aesthetics of the ideal bimbo doll!

…and it doesn’t stop there. Makeup is the solution to these problems. By artificially enhancing what nature gave you, you are able to become that perfect, “10” – that stunning princess! There is NOTHING wrong with that! This is (one of) the privilege(s) of the female sex! Use it! Don’t be lazy and just accept these unsatisfactory conditions, instead: Be who you WANT to be! A PERFECT, flawless, beautiful and flawless bimbo princess!

In addition, there are multiple other benefits:

1. Every man (ever) will always favour girls with well done makeup (if he is honest). Like that guy on reddit said it above, even if he seems to feel quite uncomfortable by admitting it (like most men). So there will always be social benefits, from getting the right guy, more sex, that free drink up to getting that job or just being the most beautiful girl in the room.

2. Many women feel more confident in themselves while wearing makeup. Not only because they feel pretty by wearing makeup (not without a reason!), which is a huge confidence booster, but also because wearing makeup offers many possibilities to empower a girl by influencing herself, her mood and her own perspective on herself. Makeup makes flexible and is a creative way of changing your persona in a way YOU want.

3. Applying makeup is an actual art. People do not get good over night. Rather, it is constant practice. It is proof of your abilities, talent and skill, of your willpower and creativity. Furthermore, every girl has special peculiarities, techniques and ruses when she applies makeup, making it a highly individual and creative form of art. Express your individuality in your own unique way, not by accepting what nature gave you for free or punished you with.

4. Even if you are a natural beauty (though you surely aren’t perfect) you can still enhance your beauty with makeup and look even better. By applying makeup you are able to emphasize everything you like about your face and simultaneously tone down everything you don’t like. Some may have a nice cupids bow or a cute, thin nose, why not accentuate that? Makeup enhances the features you love even more and covers up the parts you may not like as much.

Specialists and professional dealings

As always, I like to suggest the following to you: Consult professional specialists before you do anything! Not only is it a good idea to make sure you don’t have any allergies against special ingredients or products (consult an allergy researcher or ask your doctor!) but it is VERY preferable to have knowledge of certain properties of your skin and tissue (consult a dermatologist and ask professionals in your local pharmacy and cosmetologists!). They will give you VERY valuable information about how dry your skin is, what tone you have, which products would be a good choice and many things more. We will talk about these things later – but make sure to get these information as soon as possible!

Basics about makeup and colors

Within this series we will talk about many different factors coming into play when applying makeup. It is a good idea to read our articles about bimbo color theory beforehand and to always keep them in mind! Makeup-art strongly relies on colors, and in order to work with the different effects and appeals, every bimbo/gimbo trainee has to understand them! We will have more articles in that category in the near future, so stay vigilant.

Basic practice (Cleaning, removing & storage)

Before we dive into actual lessons and rules, here are some very basic laws and procedures you have to follow:

1. Before you start applying makeup or touch your arsenal: ALWAYS wash your hands! Germs and bacteria love to thrive on your brushes, your lipsticks or in your dispensers! Always keep your tools and consumer items clean and sterile.

2. Keep your workplace clean! Always maintain order and clarity!

3. Keep your cosmetic articles correctly stored! Protect them from direct sunlight and keep them dry and under room temperature (not too warm!)! Do not store your articles in your fridge! If your lipstick or other articles became too soft, you can put them in the fridge for about 20 minutes – not any longer! Make sure all dishes, tins and vials are completely and correctly closed! Remember: Dry, dark, chilled and closed!

4. Remove your makeup before you are going to sleep! This is actually the only situation in which a bimbo shouldn’t wear any makeup, in fact has to take her makeup off completely and properly! While you are sleeping, your skin regenerates and cleanses itself. This is absolutely vital and any disturbance will lead to erythemas, skin irritations, infections, premature skin aging or something much worse! DO IT EVERY EVENING before you go to sleep (not before you go to bed, in case you are… not alone…)! Keep your skin clean and healthy!

5. Clean your utensils! Use mild shampoos to clean your brushes and sponges regularly. Use a wet, fine, cosmetic towel to wipe your lipsticks (you can use 70% alcohol for that). Sterilize your metal accessories (like eyelash curlers) regularly. Use clear water to keep everything clean.

So, this is the start of our new series. I hope you are ready for it. There will be a lot of stuff we have to go through, but I can promise you some surprises already 😉 – Let’s do this!

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