New supporter lesson: The introduction to the bimbo slave archetype

First post of 2020 and I hope you are all alright and had a good start for the new decade. Like I said, my first post this year is just for my supporters on Patreon, who stay with me, support me and make all this possible. This time we deal with the next bimbo archetype, the “bimbo slave”, surely the most complicated and most difficult of all aspect-bimbos and the direct, diametrical opposite of the “bimbo princess archetype”. For a better understanding of some parts, read the article about fetish/BDSM-gimbos first! I hope you guys like it – I want to say thank you again, for all the support – you are the reason why I’m doing this, thank you!

To everyone else: Do not despair! New content is on the way and I bet you will love it. Next time we will have a general look at the PBA project in the current state and after that we will continue with our bimbo makeup series and more rolemodels. Until then – Wish you all the best for the new year! Cya!

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