Blog News 08.29.2020

Hey guys, just a quick update here!

You surely all have noticed the recent and ongoing trouble with the server of the PBA – do NOT panic, I am on it, discussing with support what the problem is and what can be done (yes, I’ve tried turning it off and on again…). Recently hackers have tried to bring the PBA down – and we are still under attack, which might be connected to some threats I’ve received over Instagram and twitter, coming from the “uber political correct side of society” (who would have thought…). No matter what, the server is at its limit… but please be patient, I will solve this problem!

Next thing: Because we recently did break a record on the PBA Patreon, I will start a new multiple parts series soon – and my supporters on Patreon will be able to vote for different topics this future series will be about – so expect a survey there soon, and after that, a whole new series about a very bimbo related topic!

Last but not least for today: We have new products in the PBA merch shop! And this is something really useful: PBA Propaganda stickers! These are glossy vinyl stickers, water and UV resistant for outdoor and indoor use! So you can use them to pimp your stuff or the stuff of your bimbo trainee – or………. you can use it to spread the bimbofication propaganda and the bimbofication spirit… Maybe you know a place where many potential bimbos go in and out, where such a sticker would be really useful…

So have a look at the PBA merch shop, by buying my merch there you support the work of the PBA – Thank you VERY much, it is greatly appreciated!

One last thing: The propaganda motive will be uploaded as a mobile wallpaper for my supporters on Patreon

That’s it – there will be new content VERY soon, please stick with me and stay safe and healthy!

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