The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 14. Aspects: Eyelashes

A pair of full, swung and sweeping eyelashes is as feminine, sexy and elegant, as sporting a pair of stilettos or as performing the swinging of one’s hips like Marylin Monroe did, walking down the street – every girl knows that. But it goes even further – far further: Expressive, expansive and beautiful lashes are not only a very strong support for the feminine presence of a girl – in some cases they are the only needed aspect to identify a character as female overall:

Add a pair of eyelashes to Mickey Mouse and you’ll get Minnie Mouse. Add eyelashes to Bugs Bunny, and you’ll get Lola Bunny. Similarly, the only facial difference between Disney’s incarnation of Robin Hood and his female counterpart Maid Marian was, you guessed it, her fluttery black lashes — and there’s a multimillion-dollar industry built on the (bizarre) notion that when you add eyelashes to your car, you suddenly have a lady car.” – The Cut, What Is the Point of Long Eyelashes (

There is no way in hell you haven’t experienced this effect, looking at cartoons, animated characters or artistic renditions of different creatures: If it has long, swung eyelashes – it most definitely is a female character! These experiences alone showcase how powerful and mighty eyelashes are, and how important it is for a bimbo to maintain the MOST elegant, dramatic, full, sweeping and healthy eyelashes possible! As always, within the PBA make up series, we are not dealing with every aspect of the body part we are talking about (this has to wait for its own dedicated series!) – but only about that body part in regards to make up, logically. So, again, let us just have a broad overview of eyelashes, why they are important for bimbos and how you can use makeup to let them appear as perfect and bimbo suitable as possible!

Again, like in the articles that came before this one, dealing with different elements of the eyes of a bimbo, everything is about the perceived size and openness of the eye. This is the main reason why girls should care about having huge, expressive lashes: They let the eyes appear bigger and more attention-grabbing! Big, open eyes are, like we already discussed in the article about “making your eyes bigger with make up”, neotenous – supporting the appearance of youthfulness (i.e. fertility) – like many other feminine beauty traits! This has many benefits and effects, which we already discovered in the beforementioned articles (here, here and here). But there are two more reasons why perfect lashes are a huge must-have for bimbos and females in general:

Something you also have already encountered is the aspect of healthiness. There are many diseases or undersupplies of important and essential nutrients which cause the lashes to fall out and become sparse or even disappear completely – so, full, expressive and strongly swung eyelashes are strong indicators for a healthy lifestyle and a strong, wholesome body. Especially sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis that do let the lashes fall out are nothing a bimbo wants to be associated with!

Last but not least, there are some associations many people have, looking at full, sweeping eyelashes, which are more or less all connected to “beauty” in one form or another: The flapping wings of a butterfly, the opening of a flower or the gentle fluttering of a fan… all of these imaginatons are bimbo suitable and support the general association of beauty with the bimbo doll.

Eye lashes in regards to make up

Like already said, a bimbo is constrained to care for the healthy condition of her body, her skin, her face and – of course – her eyelashes! Apart from basic rules she has to pay attention to in regards to cleaning routines, etc., she can support her lashes by using different products, like an “Eyelash Growth Serum”, coconut- or olive oil, Biotin or Vitamin E substitutes. In addition to it, following the 5 basic rules of bimbo make up, a bimbo ALWAYS has to enhance her lashes with the heavy use of make up (mascara, lash serum and eyeliner) and false eyelashes, to let them appear as long, sweeping, full, dramatic, expressive and swung as possible! Yes – the correct combination for bimbo suitable eyelashes -EVERY DAY- is the comprised use of huge, false eye lashes, mascara, lash serum and eyeliner – and with that, the whole goal is to let your lashes appear as full, big, sweeping, feminine and sexy as possible! That’s it! No magic technique, this time! Just this very simple combination of mandatory elements! Following this very easy to understand rule, the bimbo eye make up is completed in combination with these three, other steps:

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 6. Bigger and brighter eyes with make up

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 7. Smokey eyes for bimbos (the default bimbo eye makeup)

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 13. Aspects: Eyebrows

Combined, these four guides result in the perfect, basic bimbo eye make up, following the five basic rules of bimbo make up – make use of it, every day!

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