Bimbo training – Bimbo hairstyling: “The slutty secretary bun”

There is something absolutely mandatory belonging to a proper office outfit for a true bimbo girl, apart from the stockings, the short and tight pencilskirt, the high, black, shiny pumps, the glasses and the white blouse that’s too tight (we spoke about all of these important fashion pieces for bimbo secretaries and bimbos who have a job in an office already before)… and that’s a very distinguished, special hairstyle: The “slutty secretary bun”! Of course, the technically correct term, if you are looking for it online or ask your hair stylist about it, would be: “The glamorous messy bun with bangs or strands”. If you would google the term “sexy secretary”, chances are high you would find pictures like this, sporting a sexy doll in a cheap costume (something a true bimbo would NEVER wear, instead, she would follow the PBA instructions precisely, to achieve a more believable, authentic look that’s even more sexy!) – with some form of updo hairstyle. Usually, I would now teach you a lesson about the history and the origin of this and the reasons why this hairstyle is connected to the sexy secretary so strongly, but not this time – because, I can’t explain it and there is nothing to be found! Normally, I am pretty proud of always offering my readers exact descriptions and reasons WHY something is bimbo suitable, WHY something has to be done like this or has to look like that… I always try to explain to you the ideas of bimbofication, instead of just stating “this is the way it is, deal with it”, coming up with background information, histories and origin-stories or scientific theories, hard facts or studies – but not this time. I couldn’t find any sources or explanations why this hairstyle is somehow connected to the idea of the sexy secretary, but only more indicators for it to be fact: Everybody is thinking about this style, imagining a porn-worthy secretary… so we just have to accept it and treat this idea as an established part of our culture. And this is reason enough for us to integrate it into our bimbo styling rules:

A bimbo that is dressing up as a bimbo secretary AND/OR that is working as a secretary AND/OR that is working in an office AND/OR that is dressing/styling in that “office look” – HAS to make use of this hair style and go for the “slutty secretary bun”!

Of course, a bimbo may make use of that hairstyle for other occasions too – but the beforementioned circumstances make it a must! The example picture above, showcases the obvious benefits of this hairstyle in combination with a proper bimbo secretary outfit: The whole appearance of the bimbo secretary looks more open, bright, accessible, approachable and available – exactly like it should be. Her tits are way more attention-grabbing and in focus, because there is no distracting hair falling down her shoulders. This is exactly the difference you are going for! For very good examples of bimbo suitable “slutty secretary buns”, check out the pictures above!

There are two versions of the “slutty secretary bun”:

1. Without bangs – useful video tutorial here: “MESSY BUN TUTORIAL” by Katryn Ann

2. With bangs – useful video tutorial here: “Sexy Hair The 2 Minute Bun | Ulta Beauty”

In both cases: Pay attention to the lesson paper above! Always make sure, you are achieving the correct balance between “messy” (slutty) and professional (austere/glamorous) with your hairstyle! In addition, be sure to read the PBA styleguide for the correct bimbo secretary outfit:

Bimbo Uniforms – Costumes: The secretary

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