Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should have sex: The fundamental foot posture”

We already talked about, how important it is for a bimbo, to always appear as sexy and aesthetical appealing as possible. In nearly every other lesson, we already learnt, that it is fundamental, to stretch your legs, letting them appear as long as possible, in order to maintain this appearance. This already played a role in this, this and this lesson. Now you bimbo trainees will learn, that this rule also goes into effect while having sex. In fact, our new lesson teaches you how to stretch your legs and feet, while being fucked, but also applies in situations where you pose or tease someone. Really dedicated bimbos try to maintain these postures in every situation possible. Never let go! Never ease up or be lazy! Every trainer should immediately stop sexual intercourse, if his bimbo trainee lacks the needed spirit and dedication! Even if these postures are quite exhausting and require a good amount of concentration (difficult while being fucked) – you bimbo trainee will get used to it and you will enjoy this performance in the end.

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