Bimbo Uniforms – Jewelry: Rhinestone Slogan Choker


The classy, distinguished, sexy bimbo wears her Swarovski crystal choker to every event where the elegant look is needed or appropriate. But while that crystal choker also can, and should, be worn in the bedroom, what does our bimbo wear, if she wants to combine this elegance and classiness with her inner slut and the need to express her true nature properly? What does she wear on a less formal party, where she is with her BBFs and/or some guys to impress and/or her trainer? What does she wear, when she wants to surprise her trainer in the bedroom with the classy look of a posh lady, combined with the contrast of a little, naughty girl? Well, there is a perfect alternative to the legendary swarovski crystal choker for these occasions: Rhinestone slogan collars with a simple and distinct message! The sparkling delicateness of a high society slut, with an expensive looking, glittering choker, combined with the message of her being a little sextoy is a thrilling view. There are many different variants of this jewelry, reaching from general slogans like “fuck” and “sex” to clear designations like “princess”, “slut”, “slave” or “whore”. Every bimbo should get at least one of those, namely the one best describing her character. If you are a trainer and want to equip your bimbo with one of these, pick the one, that describes her the best and how you want her to be. Everytime she wears this jewelry, she will internalize the message you picked for her. Not a bad way to increase some influence, isn’t it? For you bimbo trainees out there: There isn’t a better way, to express yourself with just one, precise word, glittering and sparkling for everyone to see. Wear it with pride and self-confidence, whenever possible!

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