Bimbo training – Bimbo hairstyling: “The basic elements of bimbo hairstyling”

Due to a question from one of my patrons (hi and thx guys!), regarding bimbo hairstyles and common bimbo hairdos, I’m going to address this topic in a series of lessons, starting with the “common bimbo hairstyle”, which will be posted in the next few days. But before we come to that, we have to take a closer look at the whole subject matter in general at first.

Being a bimbo is a matter of attitude, body shape, clothing, grooming, sex appeal, enhancements, behaviour, skill and styling. Something a bimbo has to deal with every day, is styling. This includes the overall look, make up, some clothing decisions, accessories and especially hairstyling! Unlike any “normal”, boring girl, who thinks it is enough to comb one’s hair, a bimbo has the duty to style her hair like a piece of art every day. Not only has her hairstyle to assort well with her clothing and overall look, but it is an opportunity to be creative and express a different shade of her bimbo persona every day. The hairstyle determines if a bimbo appears like some sort of “naughty little girl”, a “bimbo princess”, a “posh, elegant high society bimbo”, a “slutty bimbo” or something special like a “bimbo secretary”, or a “bimbo schoolgirl”. I have divided this topic into six different disciplines, of which every single one is important and has to be mastered to perfection by every bimbo trainee. We will take closer looks at each of this different disciplines in the near future, but we can make already some general statements about how bimbo hair should be:

1. Bimbos have to have long hair! The longer the better! It is about femininity and beauty.

2. Just because a bimbo has long, natural hair, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need extensions!

3. The hair of a bimbo has to be in a healthy, preferably perfect condition and has to be taken care of!

4. A bimbo doesn’t have to be blonde, but if she want’s her look to scream “I AM A BIMBO!” – then she can bleach the hell out of her hair!

5. A bimbo should make active styling decisions regarding her hair every day!

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2 thoughts on “Bimbo training – Bimbo hairstyling: “The basic elements of bimbo hairstyling”

  1. why on earth would anyone want to be a “bimbo?”

    Have some self-respect.

    I am not a bimbo but I style my hair and accessorize when it’s needed. When it’s not, I go about my life and invest my energy in more important things.

    The stupidity of this blog is breath-taking. No wonder men have such little respect for women. I don’t know any quality man who would data bimbo. Basically you’re just a dime a dozen, disposable piece of fluff who has a sell-by date. Why don’t you aspire to more? Pathetic.

    1. ‘Cause it’s fun, I enjoy the layers of artifice, I have a high sex drive, and I like boob so why not add more boob to the world?

      If someone doesn’t respect me as a human because they think I’m frivolous, why should I care? They’re clearly assholes anyway.

      I don’t think it’s for everyone, either aesthetically or the amount of effort required—my wife, for instance, is definitely more classically lesbian—but I like bringing my girliness to the point of parody. I am my own sculpture.

      And if someone is an asshole to me because of that, then they’re missing out as we’re poly, bi, and enthusiastically kinky. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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