Bimbo role model – Amy Anderssen

Bimbo role model number 20! Now I’ve got to bring someone special, someone you might question, why she wasn’t mentioned earlier, speaking of bimbo rolemodels: Untouched queen of bimbos, Amy Anderssen! Again, I don’t think I have much to say about her – anybody in the bimbo culture knows and loves her. Like Candy Charms and only a few others, she has an outstanding position in the scene and is somewhat defining the state of the art bimbo nowadays – even with dark hair (although she had some blond phases).
Amy’s popularity skyrocketed early, known for her massive 40HH tits and her perfect body, she became famous and is still well known, even if things became rather quiet around her, most likely due to some serious medical issues, forcing her to downsize her implants to 700cc (expanders). Nevertheless, Amy aims to expand to 1200cc again, a brave goal after her problems and something we wish her luck and all the best for. But lets have a look at Amy like we know and love her: A cute and naive face, long hair (black or blonde, a matter of discussion what fits her better), her massive, big, fake tits, a slim and propper body, long legs and a remarkable ass. Only thing for me to criticize is her style in many situations (not a fan of fishnet, bodies, a.s.o.), but these are some minor complaints regarding this perfect bimbo doll. Take a look at her journey, what a wallflower this girl was back in the days – and what she became during her years of training, ehancing and improving! She has done everyhing to become a perfect doll, an erotic dream and a flawless bimbo! In fact, she is one of the few bimbos, who have no problems with one of the most basic bimbo rules. Let us hope she will return and continue to be that fantastic, sexy bimbo rolemodel that influenced countless girls to get some big, fake tits! This is why she is our well deserved bimbo rolemodel number 20!

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4 thoughts on “Bimbo role model – Amy Anderssen

  1. I saw her clothes and make me remind.
    It would have been better if she was a blonde, but I think Jessica Rabbit is best Bimbo character.

    1. You are right. I wish she would go blonde again… and yes… I dont like Amys sense for styling so much too…. Her Jessica Rabbit cosplay was pretty awesome though…

  2. Jessica Rabbit has nice big boob and thin waist, duck-lip, a thick makeup stupid face.

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