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What a cute, sexy bimbo angel – I bet she’s British 🙂

It’s been a while since we had our last stylecheck, but here we are again! The overall appeal of this cute, little girl is just amazing. Fake looking, caked on, heavy make up, the sweet face of a sexy, naive, little girl, sweet accessories and sexy clothes. Have a look at her platinum blonde hair, those extremely long, beautiful fake extensions are a must-have for any bimbo girl out there. We often talked about big ribbons being a perfect hairstyle accessory, she wears a really big, pink one, giving her the look of a sweet, young doll. Her make up is done just perfectly! Heavy, caked on and just beautiful! Heavy eyeshadow, sensational, soft pink/rose lipstick, blushed cheeks and a beautiful, tanned skin. Her big earrings, looking like pink flowers with dozens of golden elements (imagine the jingling when she’s getting fucked), frame her dollface in a perfect manner. The pink top she’s wearing, is just some kind of a “basic piece” of a bimbos wardrobe, but regarding her small tits, it certainly wasn’t a bad choice to distract the view from her chest towards her face. Here again is the main problem with this bimbo doll: Way to small tits! The black miniskirt however, is a perfect choice: Worn extremely high under her tits and adorned with another ribbon, this piece pushes her boobs up, and brings some tension to the, mainly pink, color palette. Let us not overlook the fact, that this skirt is just barely covering her cute, little ass – Perfect lenght! She varnished her nails in a fitting, pink color and has some complementing bangles around her wrist. Very well done! Sadly, we can’t see the high heels she’s wearing, but I would suggest some glittering, silver, high heeled, stiletto sandals, or some soft pink YSL Tributes. This is a perfect “everyday” outfit for any bimbo. It let’s you appear cute, naive, young, sweet and sexy, and you will most definitely be the definite eyecatcher wherever you go. If someone knows who she is – please let me know!

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